Englander Pellet Stove Reviews and Prices 2022

Notwithstanding the Continental name, Englander Pellet Stoves have been proudly manufactured in Virginia since the USA’s Bicentennial year, 1976! Bob and Ron England’s American-made stoves are made to be safe, affordable, good for the environment, and DIY-friendly.

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Englander Stove Overview

Easy to operate, Englander Pellet Stoves generate powerful and efficient heat.

Welded stainless steel bodies and cast-iron doors should guarantee years of flawless operation. Englander Pellet Stoves meet Environmental Protection Agency, or EPA, guidelines for installation almost anywhere including in manufactured housing units.

The EPA Certification, afforded to all Englander Pellet Stoves, guarantees efficiency of operation, compared to non-certified stoves.

Wide distribution in Big Box stores and traditionally modest prices make Englander one of the best-selling brands of pellet stove in the U.S.

What Englander Pellet Stoves Have in Common

Besides the welded stainless steel bodies and cast iron doors, there are

Straightforward and simple designs conceal modern technological features.

Auto-Start One-Touch Igniter

The full name is a mouthful – Auto-Start One Touch Multi-Fuel Ignition. It is designed to Auto Ignition ensure safe, effective lighting of even materials like corn and cherry pits that aren’t normally fast lighters.

Digital Control Board

With the Digital Control Board, consumers set pellet feed rates and blower speeds for the most comfortable heat. The result is accurate heating and minimal temperature imbalance. It improves efficiency too.

Automatic Pellet Feed System

Automatic pellet feeders auger fuel into the firebox as required by the Digital Control Board. As they say, set it, and forget it until you want to adjust

Check out how it works in this video.

Attractive Good Looks

All three models include stylish satin black steel bodies, contrasting trim, and timeless nickel handles that look nice in any home. Big glass doors and air wash systems give good fire views.

All models include access panels for easy maintenance. Hardware for the required outside air hook-up, and 3” standard rear vents, are also included, at no additional charge – valued by Englander at $60 for the kit.

Airwash System for the Window

Like most wood pellet stoves, Englander models feature a top baffle that diverts fresh air onto the glass to keep it from fogging up with smoky residue – at least ideally. All airwash systems are imperfect. You’ll eventually have to give the inside of the glass a cleaning. The glass will stay cleaner longer if you burn top-quality pellets without resins, etc., that will stick to the glass and collect debris.

Operation and Service DVD

The manufacturer wants homeowners to know exactly how to use and care for their Englander pellet stove, so a DVD is included with all the information fully explained.

Englander Stoves has two sister brands, also widely distributed and priced similarly. Summers Heat and Timber Ridge brands are identical to Englander. The purpose is to brand them differently for a separate set of retailers.

Englander Pellet Stove Reviews

Englander manufactures three different models of pellet stoves. Descriptions, specs, and prices are included.

ModelMaterialHopper MaxHeatingMSRP
Englander 25 ¨C PDVCStainless Steel40 lbs1,500 sq. ft.$1,199
Englander 25 ¨C CBEPStainless Steel45 lbs2,000 sq. ft.$1,499
Englander 25 ¨C CBPAHStainless Steel120 lbs2,200 sq. ft.$1,699

#1 Englander 25 – PDVC 1,500 Sq. Ft. Pellet Stove

Englander 25 PDVC

The smallest Englander wood pellet stove is a tremendous value. It delivers good heating capacity for a very large zone or home in the small-medium range. The Englander 25 – PDVC has no trouble burning through the night with a full hopper, even in the coldest weather.

A full hopper lasts an average of 10-16 hours in most conditions, but 24 hours is possible in milder weather.

Hopper Capacity: 40 lbs.

Burn Time Up to 24 hours

Specs: 291lbs, 9”x9” glass door, Adjustable 140 CFM blower.

Estimated Retail Price: $1,199

A simple and compact freestanding unit, cleverly designated for spaces up to 1,500 square feet, this pellet stove is super-efficient when heating small areas. It may also be the best-selling pellet stove of all time, according to Englander…!

The least expensive of the three Englander offerings, its economical price, fuel efficiency, and ease of use save consumers hundreds of dollars over comparable brands. The Englander 1,500 Sq. Ft. / 25 – PDVC includes Auto-Start One-Touch Ignition; Digital Control Board; and automatic pellet feeder.

This is a good-looking pellet stove with its window and nickel-finish handles that make a nice contrast with the satin black steel body.

If you are interested in other smallest wood stove, read best small pellet stoves and guide for more info.

#2 The Englander 25 – CBEP 2,000 Sq. Ft. Pellet Stove

The Englander 25 CBEP

This is the brand’s most attractive stove with a 3-panel “bay” style door with a steel cutout-profile for visual interest. Like all the Englander pellet stoves, the Englander 25 – CBEP is built in the United States.

Hopper Capacity: 45 lbs.

Burn Time up to 30 Hours

Specs: 310lbs, 3-panel glass door, Adjustable 140 CFM blower

Estimated Retail Price: $1,499

A classic 3-panel pellet stove, the Englander 2,000 Sq. Ft. Pellet Stove / 25 – CBEP bay window design creates an open firebox which is efficient and easy to clean.

Wrap-around views of the firebox maximize the natural beauty of the fire. Consumers can expect up to 30 hours of burn time per filling. The Englander 2,000 Sq. Ft. Pellet Stove / 25 – CBEP includes Auto-Start One-Touch Ignition; Digital Control Board; and automatic pellet feeder.

#3 The Englander 25 – CBPAH 2,200 Sq. Ft. Pellet Stove

The Englander 25 CBPAH

The largest Englander pellet stove has a huge hopper able to hold three bags of pellets and burn several days. If you regularly leave your home for a few days and want to know the heat will “be on” when you get back, the Englander 25 – CBPAH is an ideal choice.

Hopper Capacity: 120 lbs.

Burn Time up to 76 Hours

Specs: 308lbs, 9”x9” glass door, 150 CFM adjustable blower.

Estimated Retail Price: $1,699

With the largest heating capacity of the three Englander pellet stoves, the Englander 2,200 Sq. Ft. / 25 – CBPAH still takes up less space than comparable units.

It does include a large 120 lb.-capacity hopper, for consumers requiring up to 170 hours of trouble-free operation between pellet reloads. The Englander 2,200 Sq. Ft. / 25 – CBPAH includes Auto-Start One-Touch Ignition; Digital Control Board; and automatic pellet feeder.

NoteBoth 76 hours and 170 hours of burn time are given by Englander. It’s unclear what the Englander metric is for determining this number, but the more heat that needs to be delivered due to outside air temperature and the space’s insulation, windows and other energy-efficient features, the fewer hours a pellet stove can burn before refilling.

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  1. Who do I contact to leave a complaint? I bought a Englander Pellet stove back in 2017 from Terrace Canadian tire, the auger did not work properly, Canadian tire told I had to contact the manufactor. This was a problem for me ,I paid a protection fee on my card but it was no use. I got a person in Terrace to look at it he fix the problem but now the auger is acting up again. I paid $2200.00 for this stove and it cost me $1185.45 to get it fixed. I also had to pay $200 for transport because we live about 100 km from Terrace.BC The model is #55-SHPEP and the serial # 010191. It will be more if I have to take it back to Terrace.


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