Crown Royal Stoves Outdoor Furnace Prices and Reviews 2022

This Crown Royal Stoves outdoor boiler review includes information about models, specifications and price. We review the Crown Royal boilers that meet 2015 EPA guidelines for wood-burning stoves. Tables below give overviews of features and heating capacities along with Crown Royal stove prices.

Like Heatmor and Central Boiler, Crown Royal outdoor wood boilers are made in Minnesota – in Great Falls, one of the coldest cities in the US. It’s a great place to test wood furnaces! Crown Royal’s national distribution network isn’t as large as Central Boiler, but is on par with other leading OWB (outdoor wood boiler) brands. Crown Royal is a division of Greentech Manufacturing.

New to Wood Furnaces?

We’ve created a comprehensive Outdoor Wood Furnace guide for those that want an introduction to these products. Wood furnaces is a name given to wood boilers that heat and circulate water and also to units that heat air only. The name “wood furnace” applies to both. We often use the term wood boiler or outdoor wood boiler (OWB) to refer to units that heat water.

Our focus in the Outdoor Wood Furnace guide and in reviews of leading brands is on wood boilers. The guide contains information on features, capacities and outdoor wood boiler cost.

EPA Certified Residential Series

In 2015, as the use of wood furnaces was growing rapidly, the US EPA issues new guidelines for emissions for these products. Learn more about these regulations in this guide.

The Crown Royal Pristine Gasification Series is the only series to meet EPA standards. The Multi-pass Series does not, but it can be purchased as a coal burner and then used to burn wood. This might not be legal in your state, so check the laws. We provide details about these series below and then give briefer overviews of furnace series that use coal and those that burn biomass materials. They might meet state and local standards for outdoor stoves in your area.

Crown Royal Outdoor Furnaces Features

Not all these features are unique to Crown Royal, but we’ll mention them when they are.

Domestic Hot Water

With very little extra wood, your Crown Royal OWB can provide you with hot water for your home, spa, hot tub or pool. Using a plate-style heat exchanger, heat from the water circulating from the furnace can be transferred to your home’s hot water heater or other water-heating devices.

When a Crown Royal stove, or any brand unit, is tied into your domestic hot water supply, your existing water heater won’t need to fire up – perhaps never again.

Stainless Steel

Many furnace brands tout how much better they are than their competition because they use stainless steel fireboxes, water jackets and exhaust flues.

Well, they are all using it now, so there is no clear advantage to any brand.

Like the others, Crown Royal uses 409 stainless steel that is a stainless steel and titanium alloy. The titanium adds strength to the stainless that is impervious to corrosion. The longevity of stainless steel is twice as long, at the minimum, to mild/carbon steel. Crown Royal only uses 409 stainless steel manufactured in the US. There is a concern that the material manufactured elsewhere does not have the integrity of US steel, and welds might not hold.


Both the Pristine Gasification and the Multi-pass Series are gasifiers. This means that they use secondary combustion to ignite smoke and other gases that would otherwise escape the flue unburned.

Gasification wood boilers get more heat from the wood they burn, so less wood is required. Crown Royal claims that its Pristine Gasification boilers burn 60% less wood, though we’d put the range at 35% to 50% less than most standard wood furnaces.

The process is explained in our Wood Furnace Buying Guide. Crown Royal also has a video on its site explaining how a gasification boiler works.

20-year Warranty

Several other brands have “lifetime” warranties, but when you dig into them, you find the warranty after 20 years is only 10% of the original cost – and NO labor.

In this regard, Crown Royal is more honest than the rest. They are clear that their 20-year furnace is prorated in years 6 to 20 and then remains at 10% beyond 20 years. This is essentially identical to the “lifetime” warranties offered by Heatmor, and it is better than HeatMaster SS’s warranty covers 10% starting in year 16, not year 20.

Push and Pull Heat Exchanger Cleaners

Twisted 409 stainless steel ribbons attached to a pull rod make it easy to clean the exchanger tubes in Pristine Series furnaces. During combustion, the cleaners fit snugly in the tubes to reduce airflow speed and enhance the transfer of heat into the water jacket. This is a unique Crown Royal feature.

Firebox Air Panels

The Pristine Gasification furnaces are equipped with stainless steel air panels in the firebox that hang on hooks rather than being fixed in place. This allows them to expand and contract without cracking or damaging other stove parts. The panels are easily replaced when they age, reducing repair costs and extending furnace life. Most other brands do not have comparable technology.

Triple-pass Heat Exchanger

The Multi-pass Series has a three-pass heat exchanger for more complete transfer of heat into the water jacket.

Roller Latch Door System

Both the wood-fill door and the secondary combustion chamber door are fitted with a unique door system. It is designed to evenly pull all four corners tight and prevent air leaks.

Where to Find Crown Royal Furnaces

Crown Royal doesn’t have a searchable map or a list that populates when you input your zip code, as other brands do. This makes it more difficult to find your local dealers.

Instead, you have two options. There’s a form on the Crown Royal find a dealer page that requires your name and address and optional phone. That means you’ll get a mailing or be contacted.

The second option is, of course, to search for Crown Royal furnaces “near me” or by location such as “upstate New York” or “Vermont.”

Model Analysis

Here are the models and specifications for the two lines we’re reviewing – Pristine Gasification and Multi-pass.

Pristine Gasification:

SeriesPristine Gasification
Weight (1)1,750lbs2,500lbs3,200lbs
BTU Output125K225K390K
Forced Draft3,000rpm3,450rpm3,450rpm
Heating Area (sq.ft.)2,000-3,0004,000-5,0008,000-10,000
Water Capacity190G240G290G
FuelWood onlyWood onlyWood only
Firebox Length28 inches32 inches34 inches
Workmanship20 years20 years20 years
Corrosion20 years20 years20 years


Weight (1)1,400lbs1,800lbs2,500lbs5,000lbs
BTU Output165K275K400K750K
Forced Draft150cfm150cfm150cfm300cfm
Heating Area (sq.ft.)2,000-3,0004,000-6,0008,000-10,00018,000-20,000
Water Capacity140G180G320G600G
FuelWood onlyWood onlyWood onlyWood only
Firebox Length30 inches38 inches48 inches60 inches
Workmanship20 years20 years20 years20 years
Corrosion20 years20 years20 years20 years

We’ve created similar tables for other leading brands for easy comparison. See our reviews of these brands for features, tables and prices:

Best 7 Outdoor Wood Furnaces Reviews and Buying Guide

Central Boiler


HeatMaster SS

Other Crown Royal Furnaces

The brand also makes coal and non-residential furnaces. Here’s an overview of those options.

  • Outdoor Coal Shaker Grate Boiler Series: These coal burners are efficient due to the injection of air above and below the coal grates to produce the maximum burn. The firebox and outer rim are constructed of 409 titanium stainless steel. A shaker grate and removable ash pan provide easy cleaning. RS7300 with 200G capacity heats up to 5,000 square feet and RS7400 with 380G capacity has twice the heating power.
  • Wood Chip Biomass Boiler: The one model in this line burns wood chips, wood pellets, coal and corn. The BIO950 has a 950K BTU capacity but can be turned down to create as little as 300,000 BTU per hour.

Crown Royal Furnace Prices

Furnace cost from most dealers matches the MSRP, but you might find slightly lower or higher costs. The range is based on dealer competition, cost of living you your area and other factors.

ModelFurnace OnlySupplies & InstallationTotal Installed Cost

Installation cost varies based on distance to the location it is heating, number of lines used and the heat exchanger number and types.

Find Rebates

Wood is a renewable energy source, so some states and local organizations offer rebates on wood furnaces. Your dealer should be aware of rebates, or you can contact your state’s energy office. If you can’t get the information, search the Database of State Incentives for Renewables and Efficiency.

Save Money on your Wood Stove Purchase

Rebates are a good start.

You might also save part of the installation cost by doing some of the work yourself. For example, if you dig the line trench and pour the concrete pad, you might save up to $500.

Very handy homeowners install their own furnace entirely. You should have plumbing and electrical experience to even consider this option. See online tutorials. Crown Royal doesn’t produce how-to videos, but other brands do.

Share your Experience

If you own a wood boiler of any brand, consider providing a review with brand name and model, cost and what you think of the furnace. We’ll all appreciate your input!

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