Trane Oil Furnace Prices and Reviews 2021

While Trane is one of the largest manufacturers of residential HVAC equipment, it has made the decision to scale back its presence in the oil furnace market. Trane oil furnaces are available mostly in the Northeast where home heating oil offers cost and availability advantages over natural gas and propane.

Before we look more closely at Trane oil furnace models, features and prices, it’s worth noting that we’ve completed a general Oil Furnace Buyers Guide that is a one-stop source for researching oil furnace basics, brands and average costs per brand. Also, if a gas furnace is an option, our Trane Gas Furnace guide will be useful.

Introduction to Trane Oil Furnaces

Trane makes two oil furnace models. Neither are Energy Star rated for efficiency, and they aren’t feature-rich units. What Trane oil furnaces offer is basic reliability and quality that is above average. American Standard is a sister brand to Trane and makes oil furnaces too, despite them not showing on the company’s website. Trane and American Standard oi furnaces are identical apart from the branding. We mention this because we believe that the quality of the installation of any furnace is as important as the brand. If you’ve had a good installation experience with an American Standard dealer in the past, that contractor might have oil furnaces available. It’s likely the models available will be identical to these.

For further research and comparison of features, efficiency and cost, consider reviewing our oil furnace guides to:

Trane Oil Furnace Models and Parameters

Trane Models
Blower Speed
BTUH Capacity
Recommended Controls
XV80 (high-boy)85% Variable87,000ComfortLink, XL
XP80 (low-boy)82.70%4-speed70,000-114,000XL, XR, XB

1). A high-boy furnace is upright like a standard gas furnace; a low-boy model is compact and shorter, ideal for installation in a crawlspace or other space-limited location.

2). Trane oil furnaces also work with third-party thermostats from leading brands like Honeywell, White-Rodgers, Emerson, Nest and Ecobee.

Trane Oil Furnaces Features Analysis

The Trane XV80 oil furnace is made in just one size – 87,000 BTUH. This further shows that Trane is unwilling to invest significant resources in its oil furnace line.

The XV80’s variable-speed blower is equipped with Trane’s Comfort-R technology, a fan-only mode that improves dehumidification with air conditioning. The fan continues to run at low speed between cycles to continue to condense and remove moisture from the air using the indoor coil.

The hot-rolled steel heat exchangers are made from a single piece of seamless steel to resist cracking.

Trane Oil Furnace Prices

Trane’s quality is good, and the brand’s prices are higher than average.

Trane Models
BTUH Capacity
System Price

These costs are for the furnace. Installation costs range from about $1,100 to more than $2,000 when the furnace plenum and the exhaust vent stack must be added or changed. Setting an oil tank and running an oil line are additional expenses in the range of $100-$400 for most homes. It’s also possible that your supplier of home heating oil will cover these costs.

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