Rheem/Ruud Oil Furnace Prices and Reviews 2021

Rheem and Ruud are sister brands with identical oil furnace models made in the same factory and given Rheem or Ruud badging. There are just three models, but each is made in a variety of versions, as shown in the table below. If you’re shopping for an oil furnace, you are likely replacing an older oil furnace and live where natural gas and propane is expensive or not available. Otherwise, see our Gas Furnace Buying Guide to compare oil and gas. You’ll see the advantages of a gas furnace over oil.

If you’re starting your research on oil furnaces, the Oil Furnace Buying Guide we produced includes general information about oil furnaces, their pros and cons, top brands and average costs for those brands.

Introduction to Rheem/Ruud Oil Furnaces

Rather than make one Energy Star furnace and one near the low end of the efficiency spectrum, as other brands do, Ruud and Rheem make three models with similar efficiency, 86.5% to 85.9% AFUE. Each comes in standard, high-boy (upright) and low-boy compact models to suit your installation needs.

Here’s an overview of the Ruud oil furnaces and Rheem oil furnaces to compare with the tables we’ve created in the other brand oil furnace reviews.

Blower Speed
BTUH Capacity
Recommended Controls
ROCB-E86.50% Variable70,000-105,000EcoNet, 400 Series
ROCB-P86.50%4-speed70,000-105,000EcoNet, 400 Series
ROCA-E85.90%Variable/4-speed85,500-175,000EcoNet, 300 Series
ROCA-P85.90%Variable/4-speed85,500-175,000EcoNet, 300 Series
ROLA85.90%4-speed85,500-175,000EcoNet, 300 Series


  • 1). A PSC motor is a permanent split capacitator motor that has been “standard” for decades. They cost less but use more energy than ECM motors, or electronically commutated motors.
  • 2). Since oil furnaces are single-stage heating appliances, almost any thermostat including those from other brands will support them. If you pair the furnace with a two-stage air conditioner, the thermostat must support two stages of cooling.
  • 3). Rheem groups these oil furnaces with its Classic Series; Ruud places them in the Achiever Series. Those are the second-best series from each brand.

Rheem and Ruud Oil Furnaces Features Analysis

ROCB models use a primary and secondary heat exchanger. They pass combustion gases over the heat exchangers three times to transfer a higher percentage of the heat created before it is exhausted via the chimney.

The 10-gauge primary heat exchanger and 14-gauge secondary heat exchanger are among the thickest and most durable made. This is important because cracked heat exchangers sometimes cause carbon monoxide leaks and they are so expensive to repair that it typically means furnace replacement instead.

Ruud and Rheem offer the widest range of burner options in the industry: Beckett AFG, Carlin EZ or Riello F3, F5, BF3 and BF5 burners. All perform similarly and are highly rated, so ask your HVAC installer about which burner will work best for the size and performance your furnace is capable of providing.

Ruud and Rheem Oil Furnace Prices

Rheem and Ruud oil prices are slightly lower than those from Trane, Lennox and Carrier. Their affordability, good efficiency and good quality make them a good value.

  • Model: ROCB-E    Unit Price: $1,785-$2,135
  • Model: ROCB-P    Unit Price: $1,650-$1,995
  • Model: ROCA-E    Unit Price: $1,665-$2,335
  • Model: ROCA-E    Unit Price: $1,525-$2,185
  • Model: ROCA-P    Unit Price: $1,600-$2,265
  • Model: ROCA-P    Unit Price: $1,425-$2,015
  • Model: ROLA        Unit Price: $1,385-$1,875

Oil furnace installation averages $1,400-$1,800 but can be as low as $1,000 or as high as $2,000. Installations in crawlspaces and attics are more difficult than installing a furnace in a basement or first-floor location. When the sheet metal plenum must be replaced or a new chimney vent installed, costs can be higher. In spite of the cost, oil furnace installation isn’t something you want to cut corners on because an improperly installed unit can be unsafe, run inefficiently and have early mechanical failure.

To get competitive estimates from experienced installers, consider using a service like our Free Local Quote service. The installers are licensed, insured and pre-screened for experience, and the companies know they’re competing for the work. There’s no cost to you, and you’re not obligated to accept any of the estimates. You’ll appreciate how convenient and time-saving it is.

Thanks for researching your next oil furnace here while comparing Rheem/Ruud to Trane, Lennox and Carrier/Bryant. When you do choose a furnace or entire HVAC system, other readers would like to read about what you chose and its cost. Using the Share your HVAC Price tab will help them make their buying decision. If the information has been useful to your research, consider sharing it on social media for the benefit of others looking for reliable information on oil furnaces!

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