Lennox Oil Furnace Prices and Reviews 2021

Lennox equipment is among the most efficient in the industry, and the top Lennox oil furnace fits that mold. The second is a quality oil furnace with average efficiency to offer customers price options. If you’d like to compare Lennox oil furnaces to Trane and other leading brands, we’ve created guides like this for:

Oil furnace basics, top brands and the average oil furnace cost per brand can be researched in our Oil Furnace Buying Guide.

Introduction to Lennox Oil Furnaces

Lennox’s best oil furnace, the Signature Collection SLO185V, is an 87% AFUE, Energy Star-certified model. It has a variable-speed motor that starts at slow speed and ramps up and down as the furnace heats up and ends the cycle. This allows for the most comfortable heating without blasts of unheated air at the beginning and end of a cycle. The SLO185V is equipped with a Beckett NX single-stage burner.

Note: If you research this model on the Lennox site, it is listed the main SLO185V page as an 85%-efficient furnace. That information is incorrect. It has been upgraded to an 87% model. If you select “View Full Product Specifications,” you will see the updated information.

The second model is the Elite Series ELO183 with up to 83% efficiency. It features a Beckett AFG burner and a PSC blower motor. This table gives the details and is useful for comparing with similar tables in our other oil furnace guides.

Lennox Oil Furnace Models and Parameters:

Blower Speed
BTUH Capacity
Recommended Controls
SLO185V (Upright & Low-boy)87% Variable105,000-140,000iComfort
ELO183 (Upright & Low-boy)83%Multispeed86,000-150,000ComfortSense


1). Furnaces like Lennox Upright furnaces are called high-boy furnaces by other brands. They’re tall oil furnaces that look like standard gas furnaces. Low-boy models are compact and suitable for installation where space is limited.

2). Lennox oil furnaces will work with any thermostat brand and model including White-Rodgers, Honeywell, Emerson, Ecobee and Nest.

Lennox Oil Furnaces Features Analysis

The SLO185V’s blower motor is a variable-speed electrically commutated motor (ECM) that uses less than 35% of the power consumed by PSC motors like those in the ELO183. It’s a variable-speed blower that will add 1 SEER rating point to the efficiency of a central air conditioner or heat pump it supports.

The fan-on mode in Lennox oil furnaces isn’t unique to Lennox, but it’s worth noting because it can improve air filtration by cycling airflow more consistently through the filter. The fan-on mode also assists in humidity control whether removing excess humidity while cooling or adding moisture to the air with a built-in humidifier during heating.

Both Lennox models feature a heavy-duty fuel oil pump that quickly shuts off when the thermostat stops calling for heat, a feature that reduces unnecessary heating and temperature spikes.

Lennox Oil Furnace Prices

The SLO185V is one of the most efficient and high-performing oil furnaces made by any top HVAC brand. It’s also one of the priciest. The ELO183 is priced in the middle of the pack among similar furnaces.

  • Lennox SLO185V: $1,675-$2,415
  • Lennox ELO183: $1,500-$2,255

Costs listed are for the furnaces only. The cost range reflects that each furnace is available in several capacities. Installation is extra, typically running $1,000-$2,000 based on the complexity of the installation and how much new material such as a new plenum or exhaust chimney must be installed. Not only can installation cost as much as the furnace, it is essential to its long-term durability and efficiency. It makes sense to hire an experienced oil furnace contractor for the work. If you’ve like to receive estimates from three of the top oil furnace installers in your area, use our Free Local Quote Tool. There is no cost or obligation. The licensed and insured contractors are pre-screened for experienced, and they know they are competing for the work. It’s a great way to find an expert installer and a competitive price.

We hope this Lennox oil furnace buying guide has been useful as your research the brand’s models and compare them with those from other leading manufacturers. If so, perhaps your friends on social media would appreciate you passing it along. When you make your HVAC decision, other readers will benefit if you use our Share Your HVAC Price tab to provide information about what you bought and its cost.

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