ICP Heil Oil Furnaces Prices and Reviews 2020

Heil makes one of the largest lineups of oil furnaces available. The brand has impressed in recent years with a renewed commitment to energy-efficient equipment that delivers optimal indoor climate control and convenience. Heil is manufactured by International Comfort Products (ICP), which also makes regional brands Arcoaire, Day & Night, Comfortmaker, KeepRite and Tempstar.

HVAC pros refer to any of the brands as ICP, since they are identical except in the name badge on the equipment. If you browse these brands, you’ll see they have slightly different names but identical model numbers. For example, all these oil furnaces are identical:

  • Heil QuietComfort 87 OLV
  • Tempstar QuietComfort 87 OLV
  • Arcoaire DuraComfort 87 OLV
  • Day & Night 87 OLV
  • ComfortMaker SoftSound 87 OLV
  • ProComfort 87 OLV

With that lengthy introduction out of the way, let’s explore these ICP oil furnaces.

Introduction to ICP/Heil Oil Furnaces

Like most brands, Heil makes high-boy/upright models and low-boy (lowboy, low boy) models too. Several ICP oil furnaces are Energy Star rated, and these brands offer excellent warranties. For example, if the heat exchanger on the OLV, OMV or NOMV furnaces fail in the first ten years, the entire furnace will be replaced. The heat exchangers have lifetime limited warranties beyond the ten-year No Hassle replacement coverage.

This table shows the models and their main features. We created a table for Lennox, Carrier/Bryant, Trane and Rheem/Ruud too that allow you to quickly compare the features and efficiencies of the brand. The price table below is like price tables found in the other guides too. To view the other guides, see:

Blower Speed
BTUH Capacity
Recommended Controls
OLV 86.60%  Variable 70,000-154,000 Observer, TSTAT0408
OMV 86.30% Variable 70,000-154,000 Observer, TSTAT0408
NOMV 85.70% Variable 70,000-154,000 Observer, TSTAT0408
OMF 86.40% Fixed ECM 70,000-154,000 TSTAT0408, TSTAT0406
OLR 86.40% Fixed ECM 70,000-154,000 TSTAT0408, TSTAT0406
OUF 86.00% Fixed ECM 70,000-159,000 TSTAT0408, TSTAT0406
OLF 85.10% Fixed ECM 168,000-210,000 TSTAT0408, TSTAT0406


1). Not all models of the Energy Star-certified oil furnaces qualify due to slightly lower AFUE ratings. It’s common that in high-efficiency furnaces, not all models achieve the full possible efficiency.

2). Variable-speed ECM motors boost air conditioning efficiency by about 1 SEER point.

ICP/Heil Oil Furnaces Features Analysis

There are several features that set the ICP oil furnaces like Heil apart. All models have an electronically commutated motor (ECM). ECM motors use about 1/3 the energy that standard PSC (permanent split capacitator) motors do.

All Heil oil furnaces (all ICP oil furnaces) are dual fuel compatible. A dual fuel system includes a heat pump and an oil furnace. The system will automatically switch from heat pump heating to oil furnace heating when the outdoor air temperature reaches a programmed set point, usually in the mid-30s when heat pumps lose efficiency. A dual fuel heating system in which the heat pump does as much heating as possible has the lowest operating cost of any split system.

Like most oil furnaces, Heil and other ICP models can use burners from several brands, in this case Beckett and Riello, the two most popular makers of oil-fuel burners. One brand might come standard with an oil furnace, but it can be switched. Or, you can order the furnace with the burner of your choice. Your HVAC dealer can assist you in selecting the burner for your oil furnace that will optimize efficiency and comfort.

ICP/Heil Oil Furnace Prices

Heil and other ICP brands have pricing that is in the middle of the pack. Coupled with good durability, excellent efficiency and some of the best warranties of any oil furnace, Heil and its sister brands of oil furnace represent a good value.

  • Model: OLV        Price: $1,815-$2,335
  • Model: OMV       Price: $1,725-$2,185
  • Model: NOMV    Price: $1,595-$2,085
  • Model: OMF       Price: $1,565-$2,135
  • Model: OLR        Price: $1,580-$2,100
  • Model: OUF        Price: $1,575-$2,065
  • Model: OLF        Price: $1,450-$1,785

The table shows the cost of furnaces outfitted with oil burners. Installation cost is additional, usually $1,100-$2,000 for Heil and other ICP brands. Your exact cost will be determined by the complexity of the installation and whether a new plenum and/or exhaust vent must be installed.

When you look for an installer, make sure the company you choose is licensed, insured and experienced. The quality of the installation is just as important as the brand of oil furnace, especially when comparing leading brands like Heil/ICP, Trane, Lennox and Carrier/Bryant. If you’d like free estimates from several of the top installers in your area, use our Free Local Quote tab. There’s no obligation, and the experienced installers you’ll get estimates from know they are competing for the work.

For basic information, see our Oil Furnace Buying Guide with oil furnace pros and cons, major brands and average prices for each. When you select your next furnace or HVAC system, other readers would benefit from knowing what you bought and what it cost. Feel free to let others know by using our Share your HVAC Price tab. Thanks for reading our Heil oil furnace buying guide. You’ll find our guides to other leading brands just as useful, and perhaps your friends and followers would too if you passed along this post via social media.

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