Carrier/Bryant Oil Furnace Prices and Reviews 2021

Carrier oil furnaces are identical to Bryant oil furnaces because both brands are produced by United Technologies. The regional demand for oil furnaces, rather than national demand, makes it cost-effective to produce a single line shared by the brands. If you’re still researching the basics of oil furnaces, our Oil Furnace Buying Guide is a useful overview of oil furnace basics, leading brands and a cost comparison for each.

Introduction to Carrier and Bryant Oil Furnaces

Carrier offers four oil furnace models, and Bryant makes an additional three. They’re designed to work with Carrier and Bryant central air conditioners in split systems, though they are compatible with other brands of equipment too.

If you’re familiar with the brands, you’ll notice that none of their oil furnaces are branded as part of their top lines, Carrier Infinity or Bryant Evolution. This is due to lower efficiency and fewer performance features.

In addition to Bryant and Carrier oil furnaces, we have created guides to the other most popular oil furnace brands too. They make comparing brands’ features and prices easy:

Carrier Model
Bryant Model
Blower Speed
Performance 80 OVLPreferred OVLVariable86.60%Low-boy
Performance 80 OVMPreferred OVMVariable86.00%High-boy
N/APreferred CVMVariable85.70%High-boy
Comfort 80 OBLLegacy OBLMultispeed86.60%Low-boy
Comfort 80 OBMLegacy OBMSingle86.00%High-boy
N/ALegacy CBL/CBMMultispeed82.40%-86.00%High-boy, Low-boy


1). A high-boy oil furnace has an upright design like a standard gas furnace that is suitable for installation in a basement, attic or closet. A low-boy oil furnace has a squat design suitable for use in a crawlspace or other location where vertical space is limited.

2). All Bryant and Carrier oil furnaces are single-stage, which means they heat at full capacity whenever on. None of the major HVAC brands make two-stage units.

3). While we list recommended controls, these oil furnaces can be controlled by thermostats from most major brands including nest, Ecobee, Honeywell and others. Our Thermostat Buying Guide can help you select a compatible thermostat.

Carrier and Bryant Oil Furnaces Features Analysis

  • Models listed with stainless steel & aluminized steel heat exchangers have two heat exchangers, a primary stainless steel unit and a secondary heat exchanger made from aluminized steel to transfer heat from exhaust gases and maximize efficiency.
  • Beckett and Riello burners are the two brands found on 80%-plus of the oil furnaces from all brands. There is no clear preference among HVAC professionals.
  • OVL, OMB, OBL and OBM models are dual-fuel compatible, called Hybrid Heat by Carrier, which means they can be installed in a split system with a heat pump. While a dual fuel system costs more than an AC/furnace split system, it’s the most economical way to heat a home where winter temperatures often drop below freezing.
  • Carrier models have a 22-gauge galvanized steel cabinet with a powder-coat, appliance finish. Bryant models feature a slightly thicker 20-gauge steel cabinet.

Carrier and Bryant Oil Furnace Prices

Here’s a list of current Bryant and Carrier oil furnace prices. The ranges reflect the different capacities for each model.

Carrier Models
Bryant Models
Unit Price
Performance 80 OVLPreferred OVL
Performance 80 OVMPreferred OVM$1,765-$2,215
N/APreferred CVM$1,650-$2,145
Comfort 80 OBLLegacy OBL$1,615-$2,155
Comfort 80 OBMLegacy OBM$1,575-$2,035
N/ALegacy CBL$1,625-$2,100
N/ALegacy CBM$1,485-$1,835

These prices include the furnace only. The installation cost for an oil furnace ranges from about $1,000 to $1,750 when replacing an old oil furnace. If the plenum and exhaust chimney must be changed, the price might exceed $2,000. If a line must be run from the oil tank, and your oil supplier doesn’t cover the cost, expect a charge of $125-$200 depending on the distance from the tank to the furnace.

Remember to see our other oil furnace buying guides to compare prices and features of brands you’re considering. If you’d like the most competitive prices on oil furnaces and installation in your area, our Free Local Quote tab will help. The dealers/installers in the service are pre-screened for experience, and they know they are competing for your work.

After your purchase, consider returning to use our Share HVAC Price option to let other readers know what you bought and how much the system cost installed. That will assist them in their oil furnace purchase decision. Thank you for your time, and if you think your friends and followers would benefit from this information including Bryant and Carrier oil furnace prices, please share this link on social media.

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