Floor Mounted Mini Split Reviews: Price, Installation and Best Brands

This page gives information about floor mount mini split cost for the equipment, labor cost for installation, cost factors to help you narrow your cost estimate, best brands like Fujitsu and Daikin, FAQ and much more.

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Floor Mount Mini Split Price

How much does a floor mount mini split cost?

Floor mount mini split heat pump system price is $1,600 to $11,700 for the equipment. The labor adds $900 to $4,700 to the total cost based on the number of zones and other installation cost factors that are discussed below.

Breaking that down, floor mount systems start at about $1,600 for a single zone 9,000 BTU mini split and top $11,500 for a 60,000 BTU multizone system.

Terminology Tip: Floor mount mini splits are also called floor mounted mini splits, floor standingon floor mini splits, ground mount and floor vent mini split systems since the air is distributed from a position near the floor. They are also called low wall mount mini split systems because the indoor unit can be installed on floor pads or hung very low on the wall.

Floor Mount Mini Split Cost

Single Zone:

Single Zone SizeEquipment CostLaborTotal Cost
9,000 BTU$1,585 – $3,100$900 – $1,750$2,500 – $4,900
12,000 BTU$1,750 – $3,275$900 – $1,750$2,700 – $5,100
15,000 BTU$2,025 – $3,450$1,100 – $1,900$3,150 – $5,400
18,000 BTU$2,250 – $3,625$1,100 – $1,900$3,350 – $5,600
24,000 BTU$2,475 – $3,750$1,100 – $1,900$3,600 – $5,700

Multi Zone:

Zone SizesEquipment CostLabor CostTotal Cost
Dual Zone1.5 – 3 Ton$3,450 – $6,700$1,400 – $2,600$4,900 – $9,300
3 Zone3 – 4 Ton$4,300 – $8,800$1,700 – $3,400$6,000 – $12,200
4 Zone2.5 – 5 Ton$6,600 – $10,200$2,400 – $4,200$8,600 – $14,600
5 Zone3 – 5 Ton$8,100 – $11,700$3,000 – $4,700$11,100 – $16,400

Those are equipment and labor costs. This table shows floor mount mini split cost for common system sizes and configurations – meaning the size of the outdoor unit and the number and size of the indoor units. For your convenience, the mini split cost is broken down into equipment, labor and total installed cost.

Note: Both AC-only systems and heat and cooling heat pump systems are included. The extra cost of a heat pump vs an air conditioner from the same brand, series and size is $300 to $550 based on the brand and capacity. See the Cost Factors for additional information.

What’s included in a mini split system? What’s in the box, in other words?

The Equipment Cost column covers the following:

  • Outdoor Unit: Sizes range from 9,000 to 60,000 BTU, which is the same as saying 1 ton to 5 tons of AC or heat pump capacity.
  • Indoor Unit: Most systems include 1 to 5 floor mounted indoor units, aka evaporator units.
  • Remote: A remote is standard with most equipment packages.
  • Wall Control/Thermostat: This is an option on some mini split AC and heat and cooling heat pump packages.
  • Refrigerant Line Set: This set of two lines carries refrigerant back and forth from the outdoor unit to the indoor unit – and the refrigerant carries heat out of the house during air conditioning and into the house in heat pump heating mode (heat pumps only).
  • Wiring for power and control: An electrical bundle connects the outdoor and indoor unit.
  • Drain: Since the indoor unit also collects moisture to dehumidify the air during air conditioning cycles, a drain is included to carry condensed moisture out of the house to dump outside.


How much does a mini split cost to install?

Total cost ranges from $900 to nearly $5,000 depending on the number of indoor units and the difficulty of the installation.

Here are the details.

Installation cost has been separated from equipment cost in the above chart, so you’ll know where your money is going.

When you hire a contractor to install your mini split system, here are average cost estimates broken down by the equipment.

  • Outdoor Unit / Condensing Unit Installation: $400 – $800
  • First Indoor Unit: $500 – $900 to install the indoor unit, cut the hole in the exterior wall, run refrigerant lines, drain and wiring, charge (if needed) and connect, and test-run the system.
  • Each Additional Indoor Units: $400 – $750 per unit.

Cost Factors

What are mini split installation cost factors?

The total cost of a mini split heat pump or AC system is determined by these obvious aspects of the project. Mini split cost factors are related to both equipment and installation costs.

  • Number of indoor units: This is often the biggest factor. A 4-zone 36,000 BTU system will cost more than a 36,000 2-zone system and a 36,000 BTU single zone system of the same brand and series. This is because each zone requires its own indoor unit plus the installation required.
  • Size of the system: The more capacity it has, the more it will cost. A 24,000 BTU single-zone system will cost more than a 12,000 BTU system of the same brand and series. A 48,000 4-zone (quad zone) system will cost more than a 36,000 BTU quad of the same brand and series.
  • Refrigerant line set length: You’ll find options from 10 feet to 50 feet for most systems, and the cost can range from about $175 to $400+ for the line set (aka lineset).
  • Efficiency: SEER ratings for AC cooling efficiency start at about 16 SEER for mini split and rise to 38 SEER or above. That huge difference in efficiency is reflected in cost.
  • Brand: Some brands offer higher quality or for other reasons cost more. Fujitsu and LG, for example, cost more than Durastar and Pioneer.
  • Installation difficulty: The challenges faced by the installer, especially in multi-zone ductless systems, significantly affect installation estimates.

Floor Mounted vs Wall Mount Mini Split

These are your two most common options. Each has its pros and cons and best use.

Wall mount indoor units: This is the popular type. They cost less than floor mount indoor units. In fact, standard wall mounted indoor units are the most affordable. The best use of a wall-mounted indoor unit, i.e., mounted high on the wall, is when floor space is limited and when you will run AC more than heating mode. Why is the second reason included? Because cool air sinks while warm air rises. If you’re using AC, a wall mounted indoor unit will distribute cooled air more effectively, and it will settle into the space people occupy.

Floor mount indoor units: These units cost a little more, though not as much as ceiling mount indoor units. Their best use is when heating is also included, since heat rises. Having a floor mounted indoor unit will distribute it to a wider area in the zone before it rises, keeping the area near the floor warmer.

Tip for climate comfort and energy efficiency! Regardless of the heating system type you choose, it makes sense to use ceiling fans when ceilings are 10 feet or higher. This will keep the most comfortable air in the lower part of the room – the space people occupy. And remember to switch fan direction when you change the mini split heat pump from AC to heating and back again. This will keep the air effectively circulated for optimal comfort and energy efficiency.

Best Brands – Floor Mount Mini Split AC and Heat Pumps

Here are the top brands that make floor mount, aka low-wall mount, indoor units.


Fujitsu is near the top of all lists for the best mini split brand. Quality and efficiency are the two major factors. The Fujitsu Halcyon mini split systems are premium options for AC and heating.

Currently, Fujitsu makes two lines of floor mount / ground mount / floor vent units in single zone and multizone options. Outdoor units from 18,000 to 48,000 BTU are made by Fujitsu for these systems.

The universal Halcyon system is more affordable but less efficient, a good choice for milder climates without extreme heat and when you want a secondary source of air conditioning and/or heating. It’s produced in indoor units of 18,000 and 24,000 BTU.

The Fujitsu Halcyon XLTH (extreme low temperature heating) is the top line and ideal for extreme weather. The system can produce sufficient heat from outside air down to -15F or 15 degrees below zero. Indoor units are available in 9K, 12K and 15K BTU (9,000 to 15,000 BTU).


Daikin is often credited with inventing and developing much of the technology used in today’s ductless mini split systems. The brand offers a solid option for low-wall / floor mount units. The 12-year parts warranty is one of the industry’s best.

Auror​​​​a is Daikin’s best-selling series with efficiency up to about 20 SEER and 11.7 HSPF. Indoor floor units with capacities of 9,000, 12,000 and 15,000 BTU are produced.


Mitsubishi offers both AC-only and heat pump options for wall mounted indoor units.

The Mitsubishi M Series can be used with either type of outdoor unit – AC or heat pump. 9,000 and 18,000 BTU models are produced. Efficiency ratings up to 28 SEER and 13.0 HSPF make this an Energy Star certified system. The M Series consists of single-zone and multizone configuration options.


What are the other top brands?

In addition to Fujitsu, Mitsubishi and Daikin, other brands to consider include Gree, Samsung, LG and Pioneer.

What about Mr Cool?

MrCool is known as a DIY brand. However, the brand doesn’t make any systems with floor mount indoor units.

Are floor mounted ductless systems DIY?

There is currently no DIY floor mount mini split system.

What are the alternatives to floor mount heat pump indoor units?

There are several to consider – wall mounted, ceiling, ceiling cassette and concealed duct indoor units.

How much does a single zone wall mount mini split cost?

The range is from $2,500 to $5,700 installed.

How much does a dual zone wall mount mini split cost?

Installed cost is $4,900 to $9,300.

What is the difference between a floor mount and low-wall mount?

The indoor unit is the same. You have the choice of resting it on the flooring or raising it a few inches above the baseboard. There’s no difference in performance. It’s really about the look you want – and if it is raised off the floor, it doesn’t present a problem if you want to change the flooring in that room.

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