Lennox Mini Split Heat Pump/AC Reviews and Prices 2022

Lennox makes efficient HVAC equipment including a range of quality mini split heat pumps and air conditioners.

This Lennox mini split review covers your system options, their efficiency ranges, features and more.

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Who Makes Lennox Mini Split Units?

The Lennox Corporation is based in Richardson, Texas, and the company has manufacturing and distribution facilities all over North America. The Lennox company was founded in 1895 by Dave Lennox. The Lennox family privately owned the company for 104 years. In 2000, the Lennox company became a publicly traded stock on the NYSE.

Features of Lennox Mini Split Units

Lennox manufactures four mini split heat pump systems. Each provides heating and AC. Like most Lennox products, its mini split systems offer you features for indoor climate control that make Lennox one of the most popular brands in North America.

  • Ductless: Yes, you knew that. This makes Lennox mini split units easy to install in new construction or to add supplemental heating and AC where needed – but no ductwork required. These systems are ideal for existing homes and buildings where it is impossible to install or add ductwork.
  • Pro installation required: These are not DIY units like MrCool makes – or Klimaire, which also manufactures a few single zone DIY ductless systems.
  • System control options: All the systems include a wireless remote control and can be controlled by a wall-mounted thermostat.
  • Certified Energy Star systems: Lennox mini split systems are energy efficient. Two of the four options are Energy Star Qualified. They can reach up to a 24.5 SEER (seasonal energy efficiency ratio) and 11.5 HSPF (heating seasonal performance factor).
  • Low-noise systems: Due to the inverter compressor technology, the Lennox mini split systems are quieter than standard split systems – all except for variable capacity ACs and heat pumps, which use the same compressor type. The indoor unit can be as quiet as 24 decibels, which is as loud as a whisper. The outdoor unit produces around 52 decibels, basically as loud as a normal conversation.
  • Single and multi zone options: Two of the Lennox ductless systems serve up to five indoor zones. The details are given in the chart below.
  • Wall mounted indoor units: All the systems give you just one option for the indoor unit – wall mounting. Lennox does not offer ceiling cassette, floor mounted or ducted / concealed options.
  • Indoor unit sizes: The wall mount evaporator units for indoors come in popular sizes including 12000 BTU, 24000 BTU and others.
  • WiFi: Each Lennox mini split system has WiFi capability and allows you to manage the unit via an app on a smartphone or tablet.
  • Warranty coverage: Three of the systems are covered by a 7-year compressor warranty and 5-year parts warranty. These systems also offer a 12-year extended warranty. However, we do not recommend buying an extended warranty because they are expensive, and warranty coverage is often denied for issues that make it difficult for the homeowner to fight the denial. The fourth system, the least expensive, is backed by a comprehensive 5-year parts warranty. Lennox warranties are average at best. Many other brands offer longer standard warranties.

Where to Buy Lennox Mini Split Ductless Systems

Lennox mini split systems can be purchased in several ways.

First, they are available from the popular big box warehouse, Costco. Costco is pushing the Lennox brand and offers consulting and installation for the Lennox brand via their website and in the store. This is something new for Lennox, but it’s the way the mini split market operates compared with how most major brands sell standard split system HVAC equipment – by having a salesperson in your home.

Lennox Mini Split System Options

Lennox carries four different models of mini split units. Each one is fairly similar, but with some differences. Read on to find out what Lennox mini split unit may be best for your home.

The tables below show the model name, SEER rating, the HSPF rating, the number of zones available, and warranty information.

MLA Series

The MLA mini split heat pump can be a single zone unit or can be used with up to five zones. This product is very efficient in very cold temperatures. In fact, it can actually keep your home warm in temperatures as cold as -22 degree Fahrenheit. The MLA model is Energy Star Qualified and comes with a limited warranty that can be extended for up to 12 years, as long as you register your product.

MPB Series

Another model of mini split systems that Lennox manufactures is the MPB mini split heat pump. The MPB is the most efficient mini split system that Lennox carries. The MPA is Energy Star Qualified. This system can be used in single zones or up to five multi zone locations. The MPB system, like the MLA system, comes with a limited warranty that can be as long as 12 years, with the proper product registration.

MHA Series

The third model in the Lennox mini split line is the MHA mini split heat pump. Out of the three mini split systems discussed, the MHA is the least expensive model. The MHA model provides a warm and cool air to a single zone and comes with a limited warranty of up to 7 years on the compressor and up to 5 years on the covered components.

MCA Series – AC Only

The MCA is an air conditioner and does not provide heat to your home. The MCA unit has a seer rating of 20. This air conditioner can cool a single zone and comes complete with a 5-year limited warranty.

Lennox Ductless Systems Introduction

ModelSeerHSPFZoneWarranty On Compressor
MLA Mini-Split Heat Pump24 Seer11 SeerSingle And Multi12-Year
MPB Mini-Split Heat Pump24.5 Seer11.5 SeerSingle And Multi12-Year
MHA Mini-Split Heat Pump19 Seer10 SeerSingle7-Year
MCA Mini-Split Air Conditioner20 SeerN/ASingle5-Year

Lennox Mini Split Price and Installed Cost

The various Lennox mini split units, including the MCA air conditioner, range in price from as low as $2,000 to up to $5,500 for only the mini split. The more zones and the higher the efficiency, the more costly the mini split. The total installed price of the Lennox mini split units range from $3,300 to $7,600. Refer to the table below for more detailed information about the unit price and the installed for each of the four Lennox mini split products.

Lennox Mini Split Price and Installed Cost Prices By Model

ModelUnit PriceInstalled Cost
MLA Mini-Split Heat Pump$3,000 - $5,500$5,100 - $7,600
MPB Mini-Split Heat Pump$2,800 - $5,000$4,800 - $7,000
MHA Mini-Split Heat Pump$2,500 - $4,200$3,300 - $6,000
MCA Mini-Split Air Conditioner$2,000 - $3,800$3,700 - $5,500

Lennox Mini Split Price by Capacity

Lennox mini split systems are also available in a number of different sizes or capacities. The lowest, or smallest, capacity is 9,000 BTUs or 0.75 tons. You can expect to between $2,000 and 3,000 for this size of mini split unit. The total installed cost for this size of mini split system starts from $3,700 and goes up to $5,100.

The largest mini split system that is manufactured by Lennox is 48,000 BTUs or 4 tons. This size of mini split will cost between $3,800 and $5,500 for the actual unit and the total installed cost is between $5,500 and $7,600. Look at the table below for the various capacities and the prices for each mini split system available from Lennox.

Prices By Capacity

Capacity By BtuCapacity By TonUnit PriceInstalled Cost
9000 Btu0.75 Ton$2,000 - $3,000$3,700 - $5,100
12000 Btu1 Ton$2,450 - $3,510$4,300 - $5,500
18000 Btu1.5 Ton$2,820 - $3,900$4,650 - $6,050
24000 Btu2 Ton$3,170 - $4,620$4,970 - $6,720
36000 Btu3 Ton$3,520 - $5,150$5,200 - $7,150
48000 Btu4 Ton$3,800 - $5,500$5,500 - $7,600

Where can I Purchase a Lennox Ductless Mini Split

Lennox mini split systems are available for purchase in a number of different ways. Some big box stores, such as Home Depot carry the Lennox brand. You can also set up an appointment and consultation with Costco to meet your heating and cooling needs with a Lennox representative. Finally, Lennox mini split systems are available for purchase via online on the Lennox website or through a heating and cooling specialist.

Compare to other Brands

  • Lennox vs Mitsubishi – Both Mitsubishi and Lennox mini split systems are well known for their quality. Mitsubishi is rated a bit higher than the Lennox system. The prices for both are very similar, but Mitsubishi has a better warranty if the system is installed by a licensed HVAC technician. Lennox is based out of Texas, so their parts may be easier to access when compared to Mitsubishi.
  • Lennox vs Carrier Mini Split – Lennox and Carrier are two mini split systems that are popular in the United States, although Carrier is now manufactured in Mexico. Between the two, Carrier is a little more efficient and has a higher SEER ratings than Lennox. However, the Lennox mini split units are a little less expensive and go up to 4 tons, and the Carrier brand only goes up to 3 tons.
  • Lennox vs Daikin Mini Split – When comparing Lennox to Daikin, the Daikin brand comes out a little bit on top due to the more advanced technology and the options that are available. Lennox does have a higher top-end SEER rating of 26 compared to 24.5 SEER rating for the Daikin model. The prices are similar, but Daikin is a bit less expensive than the Lennox brand.
  • Fujitsu vs Lennox Mini Split – Fujitsu and Lennox are comparable mini split units. Both are energy star qualified and come with a number of similarities, such as WiFi and inverter technology. The Lennox brand has a higher BTU capacity, but the Fujitsu brand is a little cheaper. The Fujitsu mini split has an incredible SEER rating of up to 33, whereas the Lennox tops out at a 24.5 SEER rating.

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