Cooper & Hunter Mini Split Heat Pump/AC Reviews and Prices 2022

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This is a review of single zone ductless mini splits made by the Cooper & Hunter company. Models from 9,000 to 36,000 BTU with 3 different types of indoor units are in this review. 

The page begins with quick overviews of each system and a link to more details and the opportunity to purchase if you want.

Down the page, you will find full reviews of each Cooper & Hunter ductless mini split heat pump system.  

Buying Tip: Cooper & Hunter make a full range of mini split systems including 115V 9,000 and 12,000 BTU systems and 230V systems of 9,000, 12,000, 18,000, 24,000, 30,000 and 36,000 BTUs.

Choose any of the links below, and you can select the right unit to fit your needs. 

Full Reviews

This section digs deeper to give you more information about these high-quality mini split heat pumps that deliver air conditioning and heating. You can also select the link to get more information or make a purchase and get on with your day.

#1 Cooper & Hunter 9,000 BTU 19 SEER MIA Series Pre-Charged Inverter Heat Pump


  • Inverter Technology
  • WiFi Ready
  • Auto Swing
  • Follow Me Remote Function


  • An Amazon Best Seller with 92% high ratings
  • Good SEER at a lower cost


  • Not a DIY system; professional installation needed

Bottom Line: This 9K BTU model is in the MIA lineup of Cooper & Hunter’s wide array of ductless mini splits. This economical MIA Series is available in 9K, 12K, 18K, and 24K Btu/h capacities. Only requiring 115 V, this unit will also save money by requiring smaller circuit breakers and supply wire for its electrical connection.

#2 Cooper & Hunter 9,000 BTU Concealed Slim Duct Mini Split AC, Built-in Water Pump


  • High Density Filter
  • Mute operation
  • Double level air flaps
  • Turbo Operation


  • Concealed Duct indoor unit for a barely noticeable profile
  • High SEER means lower utility bills


  • Installation is more involved than other types of indoor units
  • One purchaser reported initial difficulty with thermostat (resolved)

Bottom Line: This Cooper & Hunter 9K with concealed duct indoor unit is a great choice for those who want the advantages of a ductless mini split, but don’t like the idea of an indoor unit mounted on their wall. Primarily designed to be installed in a bulkhead, the C&H Slim Duct can also be mounted in an attic with a ceiling diffuser. The installation process is significantly more difficult, but the reward of a hidden indoor unit may be worth the effort. 

#3 Cooper & Hunter Hyper Heat 12,000 BTU 22.5 SEER 12 HSPF Mini-Split Heat Pump


  • Freeze Protection
  • Extra Low Temperature Heating
  • Built In Heater Base
  • Turbo Function for faster heating and cooling


  • Low ambient heating down to -22°F
  • Optional WiFi Control


  • Installation by licensed technician required to validate warranty 

Bottom Line: C&H’s most recently added Dakota Series features higher efficiency and superior performance with improved heating capacity at very low ambient conditions. The Dakota outdoor unit is compatible with 4 indoor units of the Sophia Series: Wall Mount, Ceiling Cassette, Concealed Duct, and Ceiling Console. This 12,000 BTU model has many home and small business owners saying it is as good as the better-known brands at a much lower price. 

#4 Cooper & Hunter Hyper Heat 18,000 BTU 20 SEER 10.3 HSPF Ductless Heat Pump


  • Follow Me Remote keeps the air comfortable where the remote is
  • 9 Modes: Cool, Heat, Dry, Fan, Auto, Turbo, Eco, Sleep, Heating Setback (46F)
  • Fully Modulating Fan Speeds
  • Louver Control – Up & Down (Fixed or Swing)


  • HVAC techs report that these models are easy for them to install
  • Gathers heat from outside in sub-zero temperature


  • Not a DIY model, and special tools are needed to install

Bottom Line: This 18K model is the bigger brother to the 12K model listed above. The Dakota Hyper Heat Series is a welcome part of the C&H lineup for people who live in cold climates. This particular model is compatible with 5 different Sophia indoor units: Wall Mount, Ceiling Cassette, Concealed Duct, Ceiling Console and the Universal Floor and Ceiling unit. This gives the homeowner more flexibility when it comes to the final indoor appearance. 

#5 Cooper & Hunter 24,000 BTU Ceiling Cassette Ductless Heat Pump


  • 360°Air Flow Panel
  • Built In Drain Pump
  • 12 Indoor Fan Speeds
  • Mute Operation


  • Non-obtrusive ceiling panel installs in the middle of the room for excellent air distribution 
  • Cons:
  • In-Ceiling mounting means more labor and cost involved for installation than wall mount 

Bottom Line: The Ceiling Cassette indoor air handler is perhaps the most streamlined and unnoticeable option for ductless mini split systems. They are compatible with many of Cooper & Hunter’s outdoor units, including this 24K model in the Sophia Series. Installation is more involved, but not having a wall or floor mounted indoor unit is a more satisfying option for many people. 

#6 Cooper & Hunter 36,000 BTU Sophia Series 208/230V


  • Multiple indoor fan speeds
  • Louver position memory function
  • Auto restart
  • Timer
  • Too many features to list


  • WiFi Ready
  • Powerful cooling and heating for your home


  • Larger 36K unit comes with lower efficiency rating
  • Must be installed by a licensed contractor for valid warranty

Bottom Line: This 36K ductless mini split is the largest in C&H’s Sophia Series. The fan on its indoor wall mounted unit can move up to 850 cubic feet or air per minute on the High setting. This will ensure that the cooled or heated air will reach every corner of your room. But don’t think it’s noisy – on High, it’s about the same as a household refrigerator (55 dB), while on Low, it’s only slightly above a whisper (36 dB). 

About Cooper & Hunter 

Cooper & Hunter is a company that is quickly becoming more popular in the mini split industry. Founded in 1996, the company now has grown into a leading HVAC market player. Cooper & Hunter is dedicated to developing new products that are both innovative and driven by what consumers need. Their products meet the highest quality standards in the industry and provide reliable, energy-efficient, and cost-effective air conditioning solutions. 

Since 2017, C&H has been teamed up with a manufacturing company in Zhuhai, China and has taken on the new name: Zhuhai Vino – Cooper & Hunter Environmental Technology Equipment Co. LTD. Their U.S. corporate office is in Doral, Florida. In addition to ductless mini split systems, Cooper & Hunter make portable room air conditioners, packaged terminal air conditioners, dehumidifiers and more. 


Cooper & Hunter make feature-rich mini split systems. Most are Energy Star certified for energy efficiency. Their inverter compressor technology runs quietly and produces outstanding temperature and humidity control.

Most units come with a remote control, and WiFi connectivity is available on some systems.

You might like the Follow Me remote. It has a sensor in the remote, so the air temperature at the remote is sent to the unit. If you keep the remote near you, then the unit will keep the air around you at the desired temperature.

Indoor Units

Most Cooper & Hunter ductless heat pumps include a wall mounted indoor unit. These are the most affordable types.

However, there are two other options.

Slim duct indoor units fit into existing ductwork or can be hidden easily in a wall.

Ceiling cassettes offer, in our opinion, the best air distribution because they are centrally mounted on the ceiling.


While not the absolute best, the Cooper & Hunter 7-year compressor and 5-year general parts warranty is at least average for the industry. 

Installation of a C&H Mini Split 

At the time of this writing, Cooper & Hunter does not offer any DIY mini split systems. At the bottom of each page on their website is the following notice: “Attention! The installation of our equipment should be performed by a licensed HVAC installer.”

When registering your C&H product online, one of the items that needs to be provided is the name and zip code of the dealer, technician, or contractor who installed your equipment. 

Many individuals who are fairly handy and enjoy the challenge of money savings choose to install their ductless mini split system themselves. If you are one of them, here are some general steps that you should follow. These should be supplemented by a careful following of the instructions that are included with your system. 

  1. Unboxing – remove all parts and packages that you received with your system. Look at the parts list in the instructions to be sure that all parts are there. 
  2. Determine the location for both indoor and outdoor units. Make sure that the refrigerant lines will be able to reach between the two units. 
  3. Prepare the mounting method of your choice and mount the outdoor unit in position. This may be on a solid surface/pad, or on an Outdoor Mounting Bracket (purchased separately). 
  4. Mount the indoor unit according to enclosed instructions and drill the hole through the exterior wall for the refrigerant lines and control wires to pass through to the outdoor unit. 
  5. Carefully thread the refrigerant and control lines through the wall and connect them to the outdoor unit. Care must be taken so as to not kink the refrigerant lines. These lines should be secured to the exterior of the building and protected by means of a line set cover or other product. 
  6. The system must be vacuumed down at this point, meaning that special equipment must be used to remove the air from the refrigerant lines. It is recommended that a licensed HVAC technician perform this operation. After the lines have been vacuumed, the refrigerant can be released from the outdoor unit into the lines. 
  7. Connect the appropriate electrical power (115 or 230 volts) to the outdoor unit, including a disconnect box close to it so it can be shut off for servicing. The indoor unit receives its power from the outdoor unit via the control wires that were run through the exterior wall. 
  8. After carefully checking the entire installation for any leaks, your ductless mini split system should be ready for full operation.

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