Blueridge Mini Split Heat Pump/AC Reviews and Prices 2022

This is a Blueridge mini split review. It includes Tables that show the system options, sizes, efficiency levels, number of zones and the price – yes, see the Blueridge mini split price list below.

We’ve completed mini split reviews for many other brands including Carrier/Toshiba, Bryant, Midea, York, Bosch and more. Check them out to compare mini split brands head to head.

Who Makes Blueridge Mini Split Units?

Blueridge mini split ductless heat pump systems are made by Midea, a global leader in manufacturing home appliances.

Midea makes this brand exclusively for Alpine Home Air Products, a Chicago-based company that specializes in selling air conditioning and heating products online. Consumer ratings for Blueridge mini split systems are high for reliability.

Ductless Mini-Split Systems – Alpine Home Air Products

Features of Blueridge Mini Split Units

There are many features or benefits of the Blueridge mini split system that are desirable for homeowners.

  • Pro-installed and DIY systems: Blueridge is one of the few brands, along with Klimaire and MrCool, that produce true DIY systems that don’t need a certified technician to install. They are pre-charged with refrigerant. There is also a video available by Blueridge that will help walk you through the entire installation process. As And if you want pro installation, Blueridge makes less expensive systems that aren’t charged for professional installation.
  • Heating and cooling: These are heat pumps, so they are useful whether you need heat removed from the air to cool it or heat brought in to warm it.
  • A great range of sizes: With systems from 9,000 (.75 tons) to 60,000 (5 tons) BTUs, there is the right size Blueridge mini split system for your needs – from a small bedroom or office (or supplemental heating/cooling) to a whole condo or home.
  • Ductless convenience: Being ductless allows you to easily install a Blueridge mini split in any space or room in your home, whether it’s a new construction addition or a room that isn’t adequately heated or cooled by the central HVAC system.
  • WiFi and app: Blueridge mini split systems are WiFi enabled, so you can control them with your smart device – turn it on or off or adjust the temperature while you’re on your way home, for example, so the space is comfortable when you arrive. WiFi reduces energy costs too.
  • Remote control with lots of features: The handheld control which allows you to switch between the various features of the Blueridge mini split, such as, Quiet Mode, Turbo Mode, Sleep Mode, and Timer.
  • Quiet performance inside and out: The outdoor unit puts out around 52 decibels and the indoor unit puts out between 25 and 38 decibels. This is about as loud as a person whispering.
  • Energy saving: Another feature that is a major positive for the Blueridge mini split system is that it can lower your utility bills due to the fact that it uses inverter technology which delivers more efficient cooling than window air conditioners and most central ACs.

Blueridge Mini Split Systems

Here are your wall mounted mini split system options. The Table shows their capacity (size), SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating) rating, and HSPF (Heating Seasonal Performance Factor) rating. A few of these are Energy Star certified mini split heat pump systems.

Shopping tip: When you browse the Alpine Blueridge heat pump pages, check the Specs option – it shows a lot of good information including whether the specific unit meets Energy Star criteria.

These systems give you options for efficiency and, of course, for budget (see the Blueridge mini split price list table below).

 Products Introduce (Wall Mounted):

Hyper Heat9000 - 24000 Btu20 - 25 Seer10.3 - 12 HSPF
Mini Split DIY12000 - 36000 Btu16 - 22 Seer8.9 - 10 HSPF
Mini Split Kit9000 - 24000 Btu16 - 38 Seer8.1 - 15 HSPF
Mini Split Only9000 - 36000 Btu16 - 19 Seer8.1 - 10 HSPF
Ultra Heat9000 - 24000 Btu21.5 - 38 Seer12 - 15 HSPF

What size mini split systems does Blueridge make? 

The wall mount sizes are 9,000 to 36,000 BTU for most systems. Blueridge makes 1 48,000 BTU system and 1 60,000 BTU system.

What is the most efficient Blueridge mini split?

The Ultra Heat system offers up to 38 SEER cooling and 15 HSPF heating in its smaller sizes. It is the most efficient Blueridge system in all sizes.

Blueridge Wall Mount Mini Split Prices

This table lists the system names, their capacity options, whether they are the condenser and indoor unit only or includes the installation kit and their cost. If you want to know their efficiency, see the table above. Here is the Blueridge mini split price list for these systems.

Blueridge Wall Mounted Mini Split Prices By Series:

Hyper Heat9000 Btu, 12000 Btu, 18000 Btu, 24000 Btu$1350 - $2010
Mini Split DIY12000 Btu,18000 Btu, 24000 Btu, 36000 Btu$1380 - $2650
Mini Split Kit9000 Btu, 12000 Btu, 18000 Btu, 24000 Btu$1010 - $2460
Mini Split Only9000 Btu, 12000 Btu, 18000 Btu, 24000 Btu, 30000 Btu, 36000 Btu$730 - $1990
Ultra Heat9000 Btu, 12000 Btu, 18000 Btu, 24000 Btu$1550 - $2160

Blueridge Single Zone Mini Split Price by Capacity

Blueridge mini split heat pump systems are available in systems for a single zone and up to five zones. The table below shows the single zone mini split systems available by BTUs, capacity by tons, and the price range for each.

Note: BTU and tons – 12,000 BTUs equal 1 ton.

Blueridge Single Zone Mini Split Price by Capacity

Capacity By BTUCapacity By TonPrices
blueridge mini split 9,000 Btu0.75 Ton$730 - $1,840
blueridge mini split 12,000 Btu1 Ton$850 - $1,950
blueridge mini split 18,000 Btu1.5 Ton$1,050 - $2,210
blueridge mini split 24,000 Btu2 Ton$1,260 - $2,460
blueridge mini split 30,000 Btu2.5 Ton$1,670 - $1,970
blueridge mini split 36,000 Btu3 Ton$1,990 - $2,650
blueridge mini split 48,000 Btu4 Ton$3,000 - $3,600
blueridge mini split 60,000 Btu5 Ton$3,600 - $4,200

Blueridge Mini Split Price by Zone

The table below breaks down each of the single zone, dual zone and other multizone Blueridge mini split systems. It shows the number zones and the price range for each one.

Blueridge Mini Split Price by Zone

blueridge mini split Single Zone$730 - $2,650
blueridge mini split 2 Zone (Dual  Zone)$2,050 - $4,950
blueridge mini split 3 Zone$2,610 - $5,500
blueridge mini split 4 Zone$3,180 - $6,300
blueridge mini split 5 Zone$4,130 - $6,880

Blueridge Systems with Other Indoor Unit Options

Like all major mini split heat pump manufacturers, Alpine/Blueridge makes more than just systems with wall mount indoor units.

If you prefer the indoor unit to be mounted low on the wall, on the floor, in the ceiling or concealed in an existing duct, here are your choices with their capacity and efficiency for heating and cooling.

Note that these are all single zone systems. Blueridge multizone ductless mini splits such as dual zone and three zone systems are all wall mount systems.

Other Type Options

TypeCapacityZoneCooling EfficiencyHeating Efficiency
Ceiling Cassette9000 - 18000 BtuSingle Zone20 - 2510.3 - 12
Concealed Duct12000 - 36000 BtuSingle Zone19.6 - 20.510.6 - 11
Floor Ceiling18000 - 60000 BtuSingle Zone16 - 208.7 - 10.6
Low Wall12000 BtuSingle Zone20 - 20.510

Cost of Systems with Optional Indoor Units Price

The table above shows your options for systems with other indoor unit designs. Here is the price list.

Systems with Other Indoor Unit Types

Ceiling Cassette$1,510 - $2,150
Concealed Duct$1,630 - $2,500
Floor Ceiling$1,770 - $3,620
Low Wall$1,440 - $1,730

Where can I Purchase Blueridge Ductless Mini Split

Blueridge mini split systems can be purchased directly from the Alpine Home Air Products website. Alpine Home Air Products offer free shipping, free returns, and technical support. You can also purchase the Blueridge mini split system by using a monthly payment system, rather than paying for the system all at once.

Compare Blueridge to other Brands

  • Blueridge Mini Split vs Mitsubishi – When comparing the Blueridge mini split systems to Mitsubishi mini split systems, the Mitsubishi is considered a premium brand while Blueridge is designed to be good quality with proven reliability and affordable too. The Blueridge product is less expensive, but the most efficient systems don’t quite match the high efficiency systems made by Mitsubishi. Even though Blueridge systems are pretty quiet, the Mitsubishi mini split systems are among the quietest of all mini split brands.
  • Fujitsu vs Blueridge Ductless Systems – Fujitsu and Blueridge mini split systems are very comparable, in terms of capacity and size. Fujitsu has a higher SEER rating than the Blueridge model, but it is pretty similar. The Fujitsu mini split systems are more expensive than the Blueridge mini split system.

Research Tip: Remember to see the Pick HVAC Mini Split Reviews of other leading brands to compare them against one another in price, system size, zones, etc.


Is a Blueridge mini split system pre-charged?

Yes – Blueridge some heat pump systems are.

Others are not. Let’s explain.

Blueridge makes two types of heat pump systems – those that require pro installation (vacuum the lines, add refrigerant charge, test and run), and those that are true DIY. As you browse the Alpine Home Air Blueridge page, it’s easy to distinguish the two.

If you’re handy, consider one of the DIY systems. Install the outdoor unit and indoor unit, connect the refrigerant lines, power wiring and drain. That’s it!

You’ll notice that the DIY systems are a few hundred bucks more expensive than comparably sized pro-install systems. It is because they are pre-charged with refrigerant.

Should you leave a mini split on all the time?

They can be left on – and should be during seasons when you want heating or cooling. Mini split systems are designed to run all the time or 24/7. By running all the time, mini split systems keep the temperature consistent. This enables the homeowner to not need any adjustments in order to maintain your desired temperature. Just make sure your fan is set to “AUTO.”

You can be sure the system won’t overly heat or overly cool the space because of their effective thermostat control.

If you won’t need heating or cooling for a few weeks or months in the spring or fall, then sure, turn off the system.

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