Crane Humidifier Reviews and Buying Guide 2021

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Crane hasn’t been in business as long as other companies in the air care world, but they have made a significant impact since their inception in 2005. They currently produce a range of goods that include dehumidifiers, diffusers, air purifiers, and heaters, but for this review, we are going to focus on their humidifier collection.

Crane Humidifier Collection

Crane EE-5950UltrasonicCool MistN/AN/AN/A10 hours
Crane Personal EE-5951UltrasonicCool Mist0.2 gallons160 sq. ft.18 hours
Crane Personal EE-5951ADUltrasonicCool Mist0.2 gallons160 sq. ft.Variable8 hours
Crane Personal EE-5953ADUltrasonicCool Mist0.35 gallons200 sq. ft.112 hours
Crane Droplet EE-5302UltrasonicCool Mist0.5 gallons250 sq. ft.315 hours
Crane Classics EE-5202Warm Mist0.5 gallons250 sq. ft.213 hours
Crane Personal EE-5400UltrasonicCool Mist0.5 gallons250 sq. ft.Variable15 hours
Crane Classics EE-5956UltrasonicCool Mist1 gallon500 sq. ft.Variable24 hours
Crane Drop EE-5301UltrasonicCool Mist1 gallon500 sq. ft.Variable24 hours
Crane Adorables EE-3191UltrasonicCool Mist1 gallon500 sq. ft.Variable24 hours
Crane Classic EE-7002EvaporativeCool Mist1 gallon500 sq. ft.324 hours
Crane Classic EE-5201Warm Mist1 gallon500 sq. ft.224 hours
Crane Classics EE-5203Warm Mist1.2 Gallons500 sq. ft.224 hours
Crane Top Fill EE-6909UltrasonicCool Mist1.2 gallons500 sq. ft.124 hours
Crane Classics EE-6913UltrasonicWarm & Cool1.3 gallons500 sq. ft.Variable24 hours

While some companies classify their humidifiers by size or type, Crane does things a bit differently. On their official site, their systems are listed by collection, which currently includes Personal, Drops, Droplets, Classics, Adorables, and Top Fill. It’s a different approach from the competition, but one that can make finding models challenging if you’re interested in a certain type of system.

Crane Personal Humidifiers

The smallest humidifiers available from Crane are in their Personal Humidifier Collection. There are seven systems at this tier, including a corded steam inhaler, which we didn’t include in our table. It’s not a true humidifier, but the Crane EE-5950 certainly is. Despite its small size, the Crane Personal Travel Humidifier can run for up to 10 hours, and you only need to supply a cup.

This ultrasonic cordless system won’t take up much space in your back, comes with a portable tank, and is BPA-free. With a capacity of 0.2 gallons, the Crane Personal Cool Mist Humidifier EE-5951 is the next step up when it comes to size. It can hold 0.2 gallons of water, has a 360° nozzle, and a runtime of up to 8 hours.

The bottom fill tank is on this humidifier is removable, and it has an automatic shutoff feature like all of the companies systems. The Crane 2-in-1 Humidifier & Aroma Diffuser EE-5951AD is a variant of that machine, with the same general design, but with variable speeds, a diffuser, and a multicolored nightlight. The aptly named Crane Cube EE-5400 Humidifier is another small system with a larger 0.5-gallon tank and a runtime of 15 hours.

Crane designated this humidifier as BPA-free, and it’s capable of handling rooms around 250 square feet. Another aroma diffusing humidifier in this class is the Crane EE-5953AD. It’s essentially a larger version of the EE-951AD with a runtime of 12 hours and a 0.35-gallon tank. It also has a nightlight feature and is geared towards rooms up to 200 sq. ft.

Crane Drop and Droplet Humidifiers

While you can find humidifiers in dozens of sizes with runtimes from 6 to over 60 hours, there’s not a lot of variance when it comes to colors. Most are White, Black, or Silver, but Crane’s Drop and Droplets line aim to bring a bit more color into your home.

The Crane Droplet EE-5302 is the smaller of the two systems with a 0.5-gallon tank. It’s listed with a runtime of 15 hours on high, and while it doesn’t have a nightlight or sleep mode, the lights on the machine turn off after 10-seconds. It’s rated for small to medium rooms up to 250 square feet. The Droplets also have a vapor pad slot, three speeds, and a mist lid with 360° coverage.

This system is available in four basic colorways, but the Crane Drop Humidifier series brightens things up with solid Green, Aqua, Pink, and Orange systems. The Crane Drop EE-5301 has a larger 1-gallon tank and an extended runtime of 24 hours. It also provides double the coverage, and has variable speeds, but doesn’t have a slot for vapor pads.

Crane Adorables Humidifiers

It’s not unusual to see manufacturers of humidifiers and dehumidifiers design systems specifically for children’s bedrooms or a nursery. There are a variety of approaches they take to help these systems blend in, and Crane accomplishes that with their Adorables Humidifier lineup.

There are currently 19 of Cranes adorable humidifiers to choose from. Each one resembles a different animal, so there is a design for every child, whether they prefer Lily the Ladybug, Curtis the Cow, or Freddy the Frog. The Crane Train is the one exception, and while it doesn’t look like an animal, it does have a working smokestack.

All of the humidifiers from this line have the same set of features. They include the 360° misting lid, variable settings, and a 1-gallon removable water tank. These systems will run for up to 24 hours before needing to be refilled and are good for rooms up to 500 square feet. All of these humidifiers are in the ultrasonic class and have an automatic shutoff feature. 

Crane Classics Humidifiers

The Crane Classic collection is where the first warm mist humidifiers come into play, and it’s also where you’ll find the company’s largest humidifier systems. All hold at least 1 gallon of water or more, except for the Crane Classic EE-5202.

There are two versions of this humidifier, although both have the same specifications and design. The EE-5202 is a 2-in-1 warm mist humidifier that comes with a personal steam inhaler. The 0.5-gallon tank can last for 13 hours and comes equipped with a medicine cup. If you prefer the humidifier without the steam inhaler, there is a slightly cheaper version of this system as well in the Crane EE-5202H.

While an older model, the Crane EE-5956, is a humidifier that can still be found in stock through some retailers. It’s a simple cool mist humidifier with variable speeds and a runtime of 24 hours. It’s similar to the 1.2 gallon Crane EE-5203 warm mist humidifier, which is also older but can still be found online. The Crane Classic EE-7002 is just as effective with a runtime of 24 hours but is an evaporative cool mist system.

The EE-7002 is also the only system from Crane that works with their HS-1940 conversion kit. This attachment transforms your humidifier into an air purifier in a matter of seconds. You can purchase it separately or pick up the entire package with the Crane EE-7003 humidifier system. If you’re looking for a humidifier that can disperse your choice of hot or cold mist, the EE-6913 may be the best option for your home.

The Crane Warm and Cool Mist Top Fill Humidifier EE-6913 has a unique design with a large digital display across the front. It has a metal top with their adjustable 360° mist lid and a removable 1.3-gallon water tank with a handle. It also has a couple of flagship features to go along with its top-fill capabilities like a UV ionizing light that kills bacteria and a remote control.

While the Crane EE-6909 also allows you to fill the humidifier from the top, it’s a cool mist system with an extra feature. This 1.2-gallon humidifier has a built-in aroma diffuser, so you can use essential oil, but it also doubles as an oversized nightlight. It’s also one of the company’s easiest humidifiers to clean, considering it has several dishwasher safe parts.

Another option medium to large rooms from this tier is the Crane EE-5201GR with a 1-gallon tank and an output rate of 2.1 gallons of moisture each fill. It can run for 24 hours and has two speeds to go along with an illuminated control switch. You can use steam-based medications with the Crane Classic Warm Mist EE-5201GR, and it has a tip-over switch for additional safety as well.

Crane Humidifier Features

Every company that makes humidifiers generally has a range of features for their systems. More expensive machines tend to have better bells & whistles, and those rules apply to humidifiers from Crane as well.

When it comes to “standard” features you’ll find on every system from Crane, auto-shutoff is the only one we found across the board. It’s important as it will shut off your system when it runs out of water, which prevents damage to the machine. Most of the company’s humidifiers also have something called Clean Control Antimicrobial Material. While details are vague, it’s said to reduce bacteria and mold grown by up to 99%.

A large number of humidifiers from the company make use of a 360° nozzle or lid, and most have more than one speed. Several systems have variable speed controls, although we didn’t notice any humidifiers with a timer. Nightlights and BPA-free parts and systems that allow you to use essential oils are also found on a handful of humidifiers from Crane.

Crane Humidifier Reviews

While the company has several humidifiers on the high end like the Smart Drop and Smart Droplet, those systems weren’t very well received by consumers. You won’t find those or any other systems that are hard to find or discontinued on our list. Whenever a company pulls a listing from their official site, there’s usually a good reason for that decision.

On that note, the regular Drop and Droplet are two of their more popular humidifiers with thousands of reviews across several sites. The larger Drop is one of the more highly regarded units from the company, along with their Adorables line and 2-in-1 humidifiers like the Crane EE-5951AD, which has received plenty of positive reviews as well.

We didn’t notice any particular model that stood out as having poor reviews across the board, aside from the aforementioned Smart Drop series and a few random units. Overall, consumers were pleased with the price tags on these systems and felt they provided quite a bit of bang for the buck. There were some complaints in regards to quality control, but that’s par for the course with these types of systems.

Crane Humidifier Warranties

The one thing every Crane humidifier has in common besides an automatic shutoff feature is the warranty. Unfortunately, it’s a standard 1-year guarantee, so an extended plan should be on the table for their more expensive systems. While their warranty policy could be better, they do not disappoint if you need replacement parts for your humidifier.

Whether you need a power cord or a cap for your humidifier, Crane has you covered. We were impressed by the overall selection of humidifier replacement parts and felt like most were affordable. That includes parts for their Adorables humidifiers, so you can pick up a spare tank for a Hello Kitty humidifier or a new beak for Oscar the Owl.

Crane Humidifier Pricing and Availability 

The first word to come to mind once when considering the cost of humidifiers from Crane is affordable. Compared to similar brands, we felt their units are often cheaper, even if some are light on features. You can purchase several of their smaller humidifiers for the price of one premium system from larger brands, although there is a drawback to that as well, which we’ll touch on below.

Their Adorables line and their Drop humidifier are the most easy to find systems from Crane, while certain models from the Classics and Personal collection can be harder to track down. Locally, your best option to purchase Crane humidifiers is from stores like Target, Lowes, and Home Depot. There are more alternatives online through those same retailers and online sites, including Amazon.

Pros and Cons of Crane Humidifiers

The biggest reason to pick up a humidifier from Crane, in our opinion, is the price. We noticed plenty of older models with solid reviews marked at a deep discount, and even their larger systems are affordable. We liked their overall selection of systems and felt they have a range of features given the price.

Unfortunately, the sizes are limited with Crane humidifiers, so you won’t find anything that can run for over 24 hours without needing to be refilled. That’s a minor drawback, but the coverage is limited to 500 square feet. Their premium features are scattered as well, with only a few systems that can really do it all.

Crane Humidifier FAQ 

Q: What’s the best way to clean my Crane humidifier?

A: Crane designed their humidifiers to be easy to clean, so a few tables of white vinegar in the water tank should suffice. If you need to deep clean your humidifier or want more maintenance tips, be sure to check out our cleaning guide.

Q: Which humidifier is the quietest?

A: While Crane doesn’t provide a decibel rating for their systems, ultrasonic machines with multiple speeds are usually quieter than an evaporative system.

Q: Are humidifier from crane BPA-free?

A: Yes. According to the company, all of their humidifiers are either made from PP, ABS, or SAN. Their systems are all free of Phthalate as well.

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