AIRCARE Humidifier Reviews and Buying Guide 2021

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AIRCARE Humidifier

AIRCARE may not be a company most homeowners are familiar with, because they only make one product. This niche brand specializes in humidifiers, and they have an expansive collection of over 20 humidifiers. That includes a mix of personal and portable systems along with large humidifiers that can handle thousands of square feet with ease.

ModelStyleMist TypeCapacityCoverageRuntimeWarranty
AIRCARE Aurora AUV10AWHTUltrasonicCool Mist0.33 gallons360 sq. ft.12 hours1 year
AIRCARE Mesa MU320DWALUltrasonicWarm & Cool0.8 gallons750 sq. ft.12 hours1 year
AIRCARE Aurora AUV20AWHTUltrasonicCool Mist1 gallon750 sq. ft.12 hours1 year
AIRCARE OzarkUltrasonicSteam1 gallon750 sq. ft.12 hours1 year
AIRCARE Tabletop E3500EvaporativeCool Mist1.2 gallons800 sq. ft.50 hours1 year
AIRCARE Nova NU319BLK-ECUltrasonicCool Mist1.2 gallons750 sq. ft.45 hours1 year
AIRCARE Duet DU519WHT-ECUltrasonicWarm & Cool1.2 gallons700 sq. ft.48 hours1 year
AIRCARE Companion CM330ABLKEvaporativeCool Mist1.6 gallons1,000 sq. ft.48 hours2 years
AIRCARE Companion CM330DBLKEvaporativeCool Mist1.6 gallons1,000 sq. ft.48 hours2 years
AIRCARE Pillar PU320DDWD-ECEvaporativeCool Mist1.7 gallons750 sq. ft.21 hours1 year
AIRCARE Tabletop 7D6100EvaporativeCool Mist2 gallons1,000 sq. ft.70 hours2 years
AIRCARE Tower D46720EvaporativeCool Mist2 gallons1,250 sq. ft.50 hours2 years
AIRCARE Mini Console MA800EvaporativeCool Mist2.5 gallons2,600 sq. ft.36 hours2 years
AIRCARE Mini Console 5D6700EvaporativeCool Mist3 gallons1,250 sq. ft.90 hours2 years
AIRCARE Triangle EA1201EvaporativeCool Mist3.5 gallons2,400 sq. ft.45 hours2 years
AIRCARE Pedestal EP9500EvaporativeCool Mist3.5 gallons2,400 sq. ft.60 hours2 years
AIRCARE Console MA1201EvaporativeCool Mist3.6 gallons3,600 sq. ft.36 hours2 years
AIRCARE Horizon HD3120DCNEvaporativeCool Mist4.7 gallons3,700 sq. ft.45 hours2 years
AIRCARE Valiant EA1407EvaporativeCool Mist5 gallons4,000 sq. ft.55 hours2 years
AIRCARE Alliance H123OOHBEvaporativeCool Mist5.4 gallons3,700 sq. ft.45 hours2 years
AIRCARE Credenza 696400HBEvaporativeCool Mist5.6 gallons3,600 sq. ft.43 hours2 years
AIRCARE Executive 4DTS900EvaporativeCool Mist5.7 gallons3,600 sq. ft.48 hours2 years
AIRCARE Space Saver 831000EvaporativeCool Mist6 gallons2,700 sq. ft.70 hours2 years
AIRCARE Space Saver 836000HBEvaporativeCool Mist6 gallons2,300 sq. ft.70 hours2 years

AIRCARE Humidifier Collection

While AIRCAR may not have the brand name recognition of a company like Honeywell or GE, they make more humidifiers than several of their competitors combined. At this time, the company carries a mix of ultrasonic and evaporative systems, which we’ve broken down by size for our AIRCARE humidifier review.

AIRCARE Humidifiers for Small to Medium Rooms

ModelStyleMist TypeCapacityCoverageSpeedsControlsRuntime
AIRCARE Aurora AUV10AWHTUltrasonicCool Mist0.33 gallons360 sq. ft.VariableAnalog12 hours
AIRCARE Mesa MU320DWALUltrasonicWarm & Cool0.8 gallons750 sq. ft.3Digital12 hours
AIRCARE Aurora AUV20AWHTUltrasonicCool Mist1 gallon750 sq. ft.VariableAnalog12 hours
AIRCARE OzarkUltrasonicSteam1 gallon750 sq. ft.1Analog12 hours
AIRCARE Tabletop E3500EvaporativeCool Mist1.2 gallons800 sq. ft.2Analog50 hours
AIRCARE Nova NU319BLK-ECUltrasonicCool Mist1.2 gallons750 sq. ft.3Digital45 hours
AIRCARE Duet DU519WHT-ECUltrasonicWarm & Cool1.2 gallons700 sq. ft.5Digital48 hours
AIRCARE Pillar PU320DDWD-ECEvaporativeCool Mist1.7 gallons750 sq. ft.3Digital21 hours
AIRCARE Tabletop Humidifier E3500

AIRCARE Tabletop Humidifier E3500

Humidifiers from AIRCARE that fall into this category are machines listed with a coverage range of under 1,000 square feet. The largest system in that regard is the AIRCARE Tabletop Humidifier E3500. While you definitely won’t confuse this one with a Dyson humidifier, this evaporative humidifier has a 1.2-gallon tank that will last for around 50 hours before needing to be refilled. Its coverage range is 800 square feet, and it has two speeds.



On the opposite end of the sizing scale is the AIRCARE Aurora Mini, an ultrasonic machine that resembles the droplet lineup from Crane. The AUV10AWHT is the company’s smallest humidifier with a range of 360 square feet, but a respectable runtime of 12 hours. It’s a variable speed machine like it’s twin, the 1-gallon AIRCARE Aurora AUV20AWHT. Both of these systems have an LED nightlight feature, analog controls, and essential oil diffusers.

A similar set of features are found on the Meda Humidifier from AIRCARE. It has the same runtime and coverage range, can diffuse essential oils, and has a refill indicator. This system can put out warm or cool mist, however. The design is more modern as well with a wood grain pattern, and it comes with a remote control.

AIRCARE Pillar Humidifier

AIRCARE Pillar Humidifier

If you like the look of the Mesa, you’ll definitely appreciate the design behind the AIRCARE Pillar Humidifier. It’s an ultrasonic cool mist system geared to fit into small, narrow spaces with a design reminiscent of a tower fan. Despite its height and the large 1.7-gallon tank, the company rates it for rooms up to 750 square feet. That’s the same range as the AIRCARE Nova, which has a 1.2-gallon tank and 3 speeds.

You can add essential oils directly to the water of this system, and it has a large digital display, humidistat, night mode, and a runtime of 45 hours. The AIRCARE Ozark is rather simple by comparison as there’s a nightlight, but no remote, and the runtime is only 12 hours. It uses steam, however, and has an easy to use top-fill tank.



The last system from this tier is the AIRCARE Duet DU519WHT-EC. It lives up to its namesake as a dual-purpose machine that can produce warm or cool mist for up to 48 hours. It’s one of the companies few systems to have control lock and a built-in timer as well. This humidifier has five speeds, a digital control panel, an LED nightlight, and an essential oil diffuser.

AIRCARE Humidifiers for Medium Rooms to Large Rooms

AIRCARE Companion CM330ABLKEvaporativeCool1.6 gallons1,000 sq. ft.3Analog48 hours
AIRCARE Companion CM330DBLKEvaporativeCool1.6 gallons1,000 sq. ft.3Digital48 hours
AIRCARE Tabletop 7D6100EvaporativeCool2 gallons1,000 sq. ft.4Digital70 hours
AIRCARE Mini Console 5D6700EvaporativeCool3 gallons1,250 sq. ft.4Digital90 hours
AIRCARE Tower D46720EvaporativeCool2 gallons1,250 sq. ft.4Digital50 hours
AIRCARE Triangle EA1201EvaporativeCool3.5 gallons2,400 sq. ft.9Digital45 hours
AIRCARE Pedestal EP9500EvaporativeCool3.5 gallons2,400 sq. ft.9Digital60 hours
AIRCARE Space Saver 831000EvaporativeCool6 gallons2,700 sq. ft.3Digital70 hours
AIRCARE Space Saver 836000HBEvaporativeCool6 gallons2,300 sq. ft.3Analog70 hours

When you start to move into humidifiers built to handle rooms 1,000 to 3,000 square feet, you will begin to see more features from AIRCARE. That said, the smallest and simplest machine in this class is the AIRECAIRE Companion, which is available in two styles.

The Companion CM330DBLK and CM330ABLK are incredibly similar, aside from the fact that the latter has a digital control system. Both are easy to use and can run for up to 48 hours on a 1.6-gallon tank. The AIRCARE Tabletop 7D6100 is a level above those models with a rating of 1,250 sq. ft. and a 2-gallon water tank. It has an adjustable digital humidistat, a control lock function, and four speeds with an impressive runtime of 70 hours.

While a bit bland, the AIRCARE Mini Console 5D6700 is an interesting evaporative humidifier. It’s a top-fill unit that uses two of the company’s Super Wicks and can humidify the air for up to 90 hours thanks to a 3-gallon tank. This system has three speeds and works with an optional air filter that can help purify the air.



The AIRCARE MA800 is another system labeled as a Mini Console Humidifier, but with a coverage range of 2,600 square feet. It’s the largest machine in this class, although it only has a 2.5-gallon tank and can run for 36 hours. If you prefer something taller, the company has another large system in the AIRCARE Tower D46720. It’s another dual-wick system that’s 26” tall with a range of 1,200 square feet.


AIRCARE Pedestal EP9500

This system has two water tanks and two vents to go along with four fan speeds. It can run for 50 hours before you’ll need to top it off, which is right behind the AIRCARE Pedestal EP9500. While these humidifiers have a similar runtime, the EP9500 and the Espresso-colored EP9800 are more in-line with a piece of furniture and cover 2,400 square feet.

AIRCARE Triangle EA1201

AIRCARE Triangle EA1201

These machines are 27” tall and 18” wide with an insert in the top that allows it to be used as a piece of furniture. There is a small digital display on the front, caster wheels, and reminders for the filter and water tank as well.  It’s also tied with the AIRCARE Triangle EA1201 for the system with the most speeds. Both units provide nine levels of control, but the Triangle can use three wicks, which means more moisture, and it has a small touchscreen display.

From a cost to coverage ratio, the best AIRCARE humidifiers in this range are their space-saving models. The AIRCARE Space Saver 831000 is the largest model with a 70-hour runtime, 2,700 square foot coverage range, and a digital control system. The Space Saver 836000HB is analog and rated for 2,300 square feet, but has essentially the same specifications.

AIRCARE Humidifiers for Large Rooms 

AIRCARE Console MA1201EvaporativeCool3.6 gallons3,600 sq. ft.4Digital36 hours
AIRCARE HorizonEvaporativeCool4.7 gallons3,700 sq. ft.3Digital45 hours
AIRCARE ValiantEvaporativeCool5 gallons4,000 sq. ft.3Digital55 hours
AIRCARE AllianceEvaporativeCool5.4 gallons3,700 sq. ft.4Analog45 hours
AIRCARE CredenzaEvaporativeCool5.6 gallons3,600 sq. ft.9Analog43 hours
AIRCARE Executive 4DTS900EvaporativeCool5.7 gallons3,600 sq. ft.9Digital48 hours
AIRCARE Console MA1201

AIRCARE Console MA1201

AIRCARE uses a variety of designs on their systems built for small to large rooms, but most of their high capacity humidifiers have a distinct look. The one machine that stands out from the pack is the AIRCARE Console MA1201. It has a rather basic design, and four speeds with a runtime of 36 hours. A self-adjusting mode and digital humidistat are two other advantages to this system.

AIRCARE Valiant HD1409

AIRCARE Valiant HD1409

The AIRCARE Alliance can hold 5.4 gallons of water, has four speeds, and uses an air filter along with the company’s Super Wick. It has an adjustable humidistat with a runtime of 45 hours, but the controls are analog, not digital. It’s available in three wood-look colors with Oak Burl, Copper Night, and Light Oak. The Valiant is another humidifier with multiple styles, including the sleek AIRCARE Valiant HD1409.

Horizon HD3120DCN

Horizon HD3120DCN

AIRCARE’s Valiant humidifier is a whole-house system with the highest range of any machine at 4,000 square feet. It can run for 55 hours per fill and has digital controls to go along with the same features found with the rest of this range. It only three speeds, but the removable dual water tanks are certainly a nice touch. The Horizon HD3120DCN humidifier has a similar vibe, but a pour-in water reservoir with a capacity of 4.75 gallons. Coverage for this system is listed at up to 3,700 square feet.

Executive 4DTS900

Executive 4DTS900

While you can’t use the AIRCARE Credenza Humidifier as a piece of furniture, the two-tone design and attention to detail may fool the neighbors. It’s a dual-tank system rated for 45 hours, and it can hold 5.6 gallons of water. The controls are analog, but there is a digital display, and it has 9 speeds. That puts it on par with the Triangle EA1201, and the Executive 4DTS900.

The AIRCARE Executive humidifier has a brushed nickel front panel that adds a touch of class. This whole house system can handle areas up to 3,600 square feet and has dual water tanks that can hold 5.7 gallons of water. That’s good for a runtime of 48 hours, and it’s one of only a few systems from the company with touchscreen controls.

AIRCARE Humidifier Features

When you have as many humidifiers as AIRCARE, it pays to switch things up. While they do great with that when it comes to design, their features mainly tied to the tier or size of the machine. That limits things to a degree, especially when you begin looking into their larger humidifiers.

Auto shut-off is a standard feature regardless of the size. Notification systems that let you know when the tank is empty or the filter needs to be changed are mainly found in systems in the medium to large class. Most of their ultrasonic systems are made to work with essential oils, but you won’t find any high capacity machines that use a warm mist.

Nightlights are common with small to medium-sized machines and we found several humidifiers with remotes scattered amongst their collections. The same goes for digital controls, although they have a number of analog models as well. With their larger humidifiers, notification systems and dual tanks are the most common features along with systems with filters or ones that can use multiple wicks.

AIRCARE Humidifier Reviews

Finding verified reviews for AIRCARE humidifiers wasn’t difficult. There are an abundance of options when it comes to the company’s larger systems, but reviews are a little more sparse with their ultrasonic humidifiers. That said, homeowners seemed to prefer the company’s systems that are built for medium to large-sized rooms. Pricing is part of the reason, as humidifiers like the AIRCARE Mini Console MA800 received high marks on a variety of sites.

The AIRCARE Space Saver 831000 and 836000HB were also popular choices with solid reviews along with their pedestal humidifier. On the downside, there were plenty of models with less than stellar reviews as well. Many of the company’s high-capacity systems had mediocre reviews, and there were complaints about some humidifiers being difficult to use or in regards to reliability and performance.

AIRCARE Humidifier Warranties

Wrapping your head around the warranty policy from AIRCARE is simple. Their ultrasonic systems come with a 1-year guarantee, which is unfortunate as most use essential oils and rated for under 1,000 square feet. That’s common for cheaper humidifiers, but some of the machines in this class aren’t exactly cheap.

Humidifiers rated at over 1,000 square feet, which comprise over half of their catalog, have 2-year guarantees from AIRCARE. While we would have liked to have seen a standard 2-year warranty from the company, their range of replacement parts is quite expansive.

With a quick search, we were able to find replacement parts for most of their humidifier systems, including water bottle assemblies, replacement casters, and plastic floats. Pricing is extremely reasonable for most parts, although a few will have you debate the price of picking up a replacement humidifier instead.

Pros and Cons of AIRCARE Humidifiers

When compared to similar brands, we found that AIRCARE has a lot more in common with a manufacturer like Crane than a company like Aprilaire or Dyson. Most of their humidifiers have a basic, but useful set of features. They have more models with digital controls and different designs than comparable brands, although not nearly as many ultrasonic machines.

The biggest con to purchasing a humidifier from AIRCARE is the lack of options if you want a larger ultrasonic system or one with all the bells & whistles. Features like remote controls and removable tanks are nice as well but scattered across their lineup, which can make finding the right model difficult.

AIRCARE Humidifier Pricing and Availability 

Overall, the cost of an AIRCARE humidifier is competitive, but higher than many brands when if you’re just looking at the capacity or runtime. There are only a handful of systems under $50, so most of their humidifier collection falls into the mid to premium class.

If you have a Home Depot or Lowes in your area, you should be able to pick up an AIRCARE humidifier locally. Both of those stores allow you to shop online as well. Walmart and Amazon carry a few models from AIRCARE, but the selection is limited compared to Home Depot and Lowes online storefronts. Most of the units we touched on in our AIRCARE review are also available through the company’s online shop.

AIRCARE Humidifier FAQ 

Q: When do I need to replace the wick on my AIRCARE humidifier?

A: The company recommends changing the wick every 1 – 2 months. Those numbers are apt to change, however, based on the type of water you use with your humidifier and how well it’s maintained. The wicks are not washable and should always be replaced.

Q: Where should I place the bacteriostat in my humidifier?

A: You’ll want to place bacteriostat into the tank or water reservoir according to the manufacturer’s directions.

Q: Is there an ideal operating range or a humidifier from AIRCARE?

A: Their humidifiers will work at levels between 25% to 65%.

Q: Can I use an AIRCARE humidifier with a water softening system?

A: While you can use hard or soft water in a humidifier, distilled water is the best option if you want the system to maintain its performance.

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