Air Innovations Humidifier Reviews and Buying Guide 2021

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Air Innovations is a company that produces a variety of systems that can improve the indoor air quality in your home. That includes compact air purifiers, aromatherapy diffusers, and fans. Their current catalog is largely dominated by humidifiers, however. With several interesting options available, we thought it was time to take a closer look at their collection with our Air Innovations humidifier review.

Air Innovations Humidifier Collection

Air Innovations AI-110N/AVariesN/A1NoNo
Air Innovations MH-105Varies14 hours150 sq. ft.3NoNo
Air Innovations AI-1000.7 gallons12 hours150 sq. ft.1NoNo
Air Innovations XJ-75030 ounces16 hours300 sq. ft.VariableNoNo
Air Innovations MH-4081.1 gallons70 hours400 sq. ft.VariableNoNo
Air Innovations MH-5131.1 gallons70 hours400 sq. ft.VariableNoNo
Air Innovations AI-22501.3 gallons70 hours400 sq. ft.44No
Air Innovations MH-5121.5 gallons80 hours400 sq. ft.VariableYesNo
Air Innovations MH-6021.6 gallons80 hours500 sq. ft.4YesNo
Air Innovations MH-519A1.7 gallons80 hours500 sq. ft.5YesNo
Air Innovations MH-505A1.37 gallons70 hours400 sq. ft.4YesYes
Air Innovations MH-701BA1.7 gallons96 hours600 sq. ft.4YesYes
Air Innovations MH-702A1.7 gallons96 hours600 sq. ft.4YesYes
Air Innovations MH-602A1.6 gallons80 hours500 sq. ft.4YesYes

While the number is subject to change, Air Innovations has over a dozen humidifiers on the market at any given time. From their official site, you can browse their systems in a variety of ways, but we’ve broken them down into three categories for our Air Innovations humidifier review with personal, room, and aromatherapy systems.

Air Innovations Personal Humidifiers

Personal humidifiers have grown in popularity in recent years as consumers look for new ways to humidify the air wherever they roam. The company currently has four systems in this class, the most versatile of which is the Air Innovations AI-110 Personal Cool Mist Travel Humidifier.

The Air Innovations AI-110 is small enough to fit in a purse or glove box at only 6.3” long. It’s designed to work with any water bottle that’s 12 ounces or larger, so you simply need to fill something up and press the start button. There are no real features to speak of, although it does offer continuous or intermittent mist output and will automatically shut itself off after 2 hours.

This system is rechargeable and available in three colors with Pink, Violet, and Blue. The Air Innovations MH-105 Ultrasonic Humidifier is another extremely portable system. It’s rated for areas up to 150 square feet and requires a traditional power adapter. The MH-105 resembles a small box measuring 3.2”H x 2.7”W x 4.2”D, but has a port at the top that accepts water bottles.

A universal adapter allows you to use this humidifier with almost any bottle, which can provide a runtime of up to 14 hours on low. As a bonus, the MH-105 has a built-in UV light to keep the water reservoir clear of bacteria. This humidifier comes with a carrying bag and is available in three colors, including a leopard print humidifier.

Air Innovations AI-100 Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

Air Innovations AI-100

The Air Innovations AI-100 Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier another portable system with a retro design. It’s rated for 150 square foot rooms like the MH-105 but has a 300ml tank, and a color-changing LED light. The Air Innovations AI-100A is a variant of that humidifier that’s available in a few additional colors. Both of these humidifiers are USB powered and have an automatic safety shutoff feature.

While not in the personal class, the Air Innovations XJ-750 Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier is a small system with a nightlight and a 30-ounce reservoir. It has a dial that allows you to fine-tune the humidity to suit your needs, and a built-in ionizer to keep the air fresh. It can handle slightly larger rooms with a rating of 300 square feet and has a runtime of 16 hours.

Air Innovations Room Humidifiers

Air Innovations MH-408

Air Innovations MH-408

For humidifiers with an extended runtime, the company has four models under 1.5 gallons. All of these systems are rated for 70 hours of usage on low and for rooms up to 400 square feet in size. The Air Innovations MH-408 is a budget-friendly ultrasonic humidifier in the desktop class. It has a manual dial on the front for variable mist control to go along with a 360° rotating mist nozzle on top.

Air Innovations MH-513 humidifier

Air Innovations MH-513

This humidifier has a larger 1.1-gallon tank, just like the Air Innovations MH-513 humidifier. With a similar design and set of features, this ultrasonic system is suitable for small to medium rooms. The first system from the company with a digital control panel is the Air Innovations AI-2250 Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier.

This humidifier is rated for rooms up to 400 square feet but is a top fill humidifier with Air Innovations SensaTouch Control Panel. Other features to note on this machine include their 360° rotating mist nozzle, a 1.3-gallon tank, and four speeds. When you need a humidifier that offers a finer level of control over the humidity in a room, the Air Innovations MH-512 is an interesting alternative.

At 15” tall and 10” long, this humidifier requires a bit more space but has a runtime of 80 hours and a 1.5-gallon tank. The digital control panel allows you to dim the display, set the humidity level and mist levels, or turn on the timer. It’s capable, but a bit basic from a design standpoint when compared to the MH-602 humidifier.

The Air Innovations MH-602 Ultrasonic Humidifier is a slightly larger variant of the MH-512. It’s rated for 500 square foot rooms with a 1.6-gallon water tank. It has a programmable humidistat, however, and a more modern design. The display is dimmable, the mist level is adjustable, and there’s a handle on top of the tank that makes it easy to carry.

A digital display and programmable humidistat are also found on the Air Innovations MH-519A Ultrasonic Humidifier. It sports a large 1.7-gallon water tank that can last for 80 hours on low and has a timer feature. This humidifier also has more speeds than their other systems, with five including a high-powered Turbo Mode. The extension nozzle is a nice touch as well, along with the dual directional mist nozzle.

Air Innovations Aromatherapy Humidifiers 

Air Innovations MH-505A

Air Innovations MH-505A

At this time, Air Innovations has four aromatherapy humidifiers. The smallest is the Air Innovations MH-505A, which has a room rating of 400 square feet and a 1.37-gallon water tank.  It can run for up to 70 hours before needing to be refilled and has the same digital display and humidistat found on the MH-519A and several of the company's top-tier systems.

Air Innovations MH-602A

Air Innovations MH-602A

It has all the same features found on those models, but with a built-in vaporizer tray in the back. The Air Innovations MH-602A has a similar design, but a larger water reservoir listed at 1.6 gallons. The machine will operate for 80 hours and has a dual directional mist nozzle compared to the 360° mist nozzle found on the MH-505A.

Air Innovations MH-701BA

Air Innovations MH-701BA

The Air Innovations MH-701BA and MH-0702A are two more systems that have more similarities than differences. Both are rated for 96 hours of runtime on low, have 1.7-gallon tanks, and cover areas up to 600 square feet. They both have remotes, and aromatherapy tray and an extension wand as well. Delayed start and stop through a timer is also an option on these humidifiers.

The MH-701BA differs from its twin in two ways – it’s cheaper and has a slightly different design. It has a dual directional mist nozzle on top, whereas the Air Innovations MH-701A humidifier has a 360° rotating mist nozzle. It also has a large water window on the front that allows you to quickly check the level in your machine.

Air Innovations Humidifier Features

While we have seen other companies with a variation of Air Innovations rotating or dual mist nozzle, it’s a nice feature to have compared to humidifiers that offer little to no mist control. The company also has a few features that are found on almost every system in their arsenal. One of those is a permanent ceramic filter that never needs to be replaced.

You will find those filters on the company’s larger systems, but almost all of their humidifiers have tanks made from an antimicrobial material that inhibits bacteria growth.  Features like dimmable displays and variable controls are found on their more expensive systems but are sparse on the low end. If you are interested in better features, you will want to consider one of their systems with a digital humidistat.

Humidifiers with Air Innovations newer digital display all have built-in timers. You can dim the display, dial in the humidity level, or get a notification when the tank gets low. They are more expensive, but well worth the upgrade if you need a timer or an adjustable humidistat.

Air Innovations Reviews

Air Innovations has an expensive collection of humidifiers, especially once you factor in their older systems that are still on the market. With their more recent humidifiers, how well they perform is up for debate based on consumer reviews.

We couldn’t find many reviews on humidifiers in the personal class, but they were less than stellar on the MH-105 and AI-100. That’s not uncommon with smaller, however, with small budget-friendly humidifiers. Things are better in the mid-range with the Air Innovations MH-408, MH-502, and MH-602, all receiving high marks.

The company’s aromatherapy models have mixed reviews as well, although the MH-602A and MH-701BA receiving positive reviews. Overall, there wasn’t a great deal of verified reviews from consumers compared to other brands. Most of the problems consumers had with their systems were of the operational variety. Some can be written off as quality control issues, while others may be because of poor design choices.

Air Innovations Warranties 

You normally don’t get long warranties with products like humidifiers, air purifiers, and dehumidifiers. With Air Innovations, you’ll receive a 1-year warranty regardless of the price of the machine. The company has a handful of replacement parts available as well. There are dual directional nozzle replacements, extension wands, and replacement remotes. The selection is sparse but affordable.

Air Innovations Humidifiers Pros and Cons

Air Innovations has a line of attractive machines. The models with digital humidistats and the features that come along with those systems are a good value from the money as long as you check the reviews beforehand. Their systems are a bit more vibrant than other brands as well, so you won’t be stuck with a drab grey or white system if you choose Air Innovations.

Having permanent ceramic filters and antimicrobial tanks standard on the larger machines is also a perk, but there are some negatives as well. The company only makes cool mist ultrasonic systems. That means you can’t use essential oils with their machines or experience a warming mist in the cooler months. As mentioned, the reviews are scattered and mixed, so you will definitely want to dig through reviews if a particular model catches your eye.

Air Innovations FAQ

Q: Why is the water level sensor on when the tank is full?

A: You may need to loosen the lid or tank cap to allow water to flow freely into the base of the humidifier.

Q: Do humidifiers from Air Innovations contain harmful chemicals like BPA?

A: Air Innovations are all BPA-free.

Q: Why is there white dust around my humidifier?

A: That’s because of the mineral content in your water. It’s common with ultrasonic humidors, but the dust can be easily cleaned up, and the situation remedied in the future with the use of distilled water.

Q: Are the ceramic filters in Air Innovations humidifiers really permanent?

A: Yes. While you need to rinse them off regularly, the company’s ceramic filter will never need to be replaced.

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