Coleman/Luxaire Heat Pump Prices and Reviews 2020

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Note: Before you dive into the specific brand review, we highly recommend you to read our elaborate Heat Pump Buying Guide in advance, there are several crucial steps you need to take before you even start to think about the brand.

Coleman and Luxaire brands are owned by Fortune Global 500 company Johnson Controls. These two brands sell identical lineups except for the name on the components. York HVAC is also an identical brand.

This Coleman and Luxaire heat pump buying guide provides complete research on each model, its efficiency, features and price. We include installed heat pump costs too, so you’ll have a clear idea of what to expect when you get written estimates. If you decide you like what these brands offer, dealers for Coleman and Luxaire are found in most large metro areas. This gives you options for hiring an experienced, high-quality installer. In smaller cities, you might find a dealer for one brand or the other.

Luxaire and Coleman Heat Pump Unique Features

These brands have several unique performance features to know about as you compare Luxaire and Coleman heat pumps to other brands you’re considering.

Luxaire Climate Sync and Coleman Climate Connect are identical technologies. They allow the installing technician to “tune” your heat pump for optimal performance in your climate. Luxaire’s literature says, “perfectly tuned to the outdoor environment in which they are located. Humid, dry or normal condition settings allow contractors to set up systems accurately [to] maximize overall efficiency and provide improved homeowner comfort.”  Any brand heat pump system can be set up in this way, if the technician is skilled. Luxaire and Coleman automatic set points for climatic conditions leave less to technician experience.

Coleman WhisperDrive and Luxaire SilentDrive are the terms used for the quieter performance of the brands’ top lines, Echelon and Acclimate. Sound reduction is achieved through a composite base rather than metal and swept-wing fans.

While the concept is not unique to these brands, their top models can be monitored and controlled remotely with a smart device and app and integrated into a smart home system. You’ll need the more expensive (about $400) WiFi Luxaire Acclimate or Coleman Echelon communicating thermostat control to do this.

The Acclimate and Echelon thermostats are communicating models. That doesn’t refer to their WiFi connectivity. Instead, it means that the thermostat, heat pump and air handler share data to determine how much heating or air conditioning is required for precisely balanced temperatures. See more about communicating HVAC components below in the Cons.

Warranties for the compressor in Luxaire Acclimate and Coleman Echelon Series cover the lifetime of the unit. Only Goodman and Amana offer lifetime compressor warranties like these. Most major brands offer 12 years (American Standard, Maytag) or 10 years (Lennox, Trane, Carrier, Bryant, Rheem, Heil and most others).

Cons for Luxaire and Coleman Heat Pumps

All top brands offer premium systems with communicating technology similar to Luxaire Acclimate and Coleman Echelon. Each system uses proprietary equipment; there is no universally accepted technology. The quality and reliability of the technology varies from brand to brand, and testing data is not available about whether any brand is more reliable than others. It is, however, understood that communicating systems are less reliable than non-communicating systems. Communicating components sometimes stop sharing data, and troubleshooting the issue can be difficult.

In short, we don’t recommend communicating systems at this point in their development. The Acclimate and Echelon models can be controlled with a standard thermostat, but the efficiency and climate control won’t be quite as high. Communicating systems offer the best indoor climate control and efficiency when they work properly, but at a premium cost and a higher risk of mechanical failure. The problem is often blamed on poor installation, and that might be part of it. Few technicians are experienced with these complex systems. But the negative results can be the same; the system doesn’t work, and getting it repaired is a challenge.

There’s more information in our Guide to Communicating vs. Non-Communicating systems.

Model Reviews and Recommendation

This table is a summary of all Luxaire and Coleman heat pumps. We’ve prepared tables like this for most major brands, so comparing them at a glance is easy.

Luxaire ModelColeman ModelSEERHSPFCompressorCommunicatingOther
Acclimate HL20Echelon HC202011VariableCompatible*Energy Star
Acclimate HL8BEchelon HC8B1810Two-stageCompatible*Energy Star
Acclimate HL6BEchelon HC6B169.5Single-stageNoEnergy Star
LX TH16LX CH16169Single-stageNo
LX THJFLX THJF14.58.5Single-stageNoEnergy Star
LX TH4LX TH4148.2Single-stageNo
LX THJDLX THJD148.2Single-stageNo

*Acclimate and Echelon models are compatible with the communicating thermostat. However, they can be run with a standard thermostat too. See the Unique Features

The hotter your climate is, the more efficient the unit should be. Acclimate and Echelon Series 18 SEER and 20 SEER units are ideal for heavy use where summer heat and humidity are extreme. The 16 SEER, 2-stage heat pumps combine efficient and indoor comfort that are higher than average.

If you want good efficiency at a lower cost and aren’t concerned with possible slight temperature fluctuations, the 16 SEER/9 HSPF LX TH16 and LX CH16 are good choices. They cut energy use by up to more than 35% when replacing a 10 SEER heat pump. These models are among the most popular from Luxaire and Coleman.

The LX THJF, LX TH4 and LX THJD are suitable for mild climates or for cold climates when they are paired with a gas furnace instead of an air handler. A heat pump/gas furnace combination is called a dual fuel system (electric heat pump and gas furnace). The gas furnace takes over the heating when outside temperatures drop below freezing. Dual fuel systems are most popular where winter temperatures are often freezing.

Your utility company might offer credits and rebates for the installation of Energy Star heat pumps. See its website, or you can search the Database of State Incentives for Renewables and Efficiency.

Prices by Models

Here are heat pump cost ranges for the 7 models each brand produces. Unit cost is just for the heat pump. The installed cost includes labor and all supplies: Line set, refrigerant and thermostat.

System Only
System Installed
Acclimate HL20 Echelon HC20 20 $3,695-$4,700 $5,695-$7,800
Acclimate HL8B Echelon HC8B 18 $3,365-$4,285 $5,365-$7,485
Acclimate HL6B Echelon HC6B 16 $3,125-$4,200 $5,125-$7,300
LX TH16 LX CH16 16 $2,675-$3,435 $4,475-$6,435
LX THJF LX THJF 14.5 $2,215-$2,975 $4,015-$6,075
LX TH4 LX TH4 14 $1,385-$2,355 $3,185-$5,555
LX THJD LX THJD 14 $1,335-$2,285 $3,135-$5,385

Prices by Size

It is crucial to have the right capacity heat pump installed in your home to get the highest possible efficiency and durability. Having one installed that is larger than you need, “just to make sure,” is a waste of money and will negatively impact indoor comfort. Instead, your HVAC sales person or technician should do a load calculation, a Manual J for example, to determine the precise size needed. If you’d like more information on sizing a heat pump, see What Size Heat Pump Do I Need in our buying guide.

Acclimate and Echelon heat pumps are produced in four sizes, 2, 3, 4 and 5 tons. Each ton equals 12,000 BTUs of heat moved per hour – into your home when heating and out of it when air conditioning.

The LX models are produced in 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, 3.5, 4 and 5 ton sizes.

Because Acclimate and Echelon models are not made in half-ton sizes, the half-ton prices in the table refer to LX Series heat pumps only, so they are lower than 2, 3, 4 and 5-ton sizes.

Heat Pump Size
Home Size
System Only
System Installed
1.5 ton 600-1000 sf $1,120
2 ton 1001-1300 sf $1,270
2.5 ton 1301-1600 sf $1,350
3 ton 1601-1900 sf $1,555
3.5 ton 1901-2200 sf $1,760 $5,590
4 ton 2201-2600 sf $1,955 $5,775
5 ton 2601-3200 sf $2,560 $6,020

Remember that the Acclimate & Echelon models are not available in half-ton sizes. Home size is a rough estimate only. Have a load calculation done to determine the size/capacity heat pump that is right for your home.

Submitted Prices and Reviews

Brand & Model & Size
Home Location
Home Size
$5,200 Echelon HC8B Denton Texas 3800 sqft
I have been using this unit for the last four years now, and it’s as quiet as the first time I purchased it. The remote operates without faults, and the thermostat is highly accurate. There haven’t been any issues at all, and it hasn’t seemed to run excessively. I have not kept exact records of my heating bill, but I am absolutely confident that it went down after replacing purchasing this Coleman piece of work. I would suggest this model to anyone who needs to replace their unit by any top notch unit. The only advice I would give the manufacturer is to suggest that the future versions include controls so that if you cannot locate the remote or it is destroyed then you will still be able to operate your unit.
$5,680 5 ton HC6B 9.0 HSPF Mississippi 3600 sqft
We have had experience with our Coleman Echelon heat pump for about ten years now. At first, I wasn’t sure of what type of heat pump it was when we first thought of having one. After this ten years, though, I like how it functions and can’t buy any other heating or cooling units. It does a regular job of heating and evenly cooling. We are yet to repair or replace our unit. However, we keep up with some series of maintenance, which is like a must and normal for all heat pumps in order keep your heat pump functioning properly. I would confidently recommend this brand to anyone, and I would also purchase heat pumps from Coleman repeatedly.
$4,200 LX Series THJF Wilmington 3000 sqft
I purchased my unit last month, and the unit performs perfectly well. If this unit is durable, it might help in knowing whether to buy this similar brand or not to. I do not mind paying for any expensive product provided that it will last long enough to give value for my money and with minimal replacements
$3,200 LX Series THJD Virginia 2000 sqft
I Installed my Coleman LX Series in November 2000. It works correctly each day from when it got installed. It is very effective, and it always heats the house to desired temperatures during the very cold days and cools to the needed temperature on the scorching days. The unit has not been repaired after all these years, and the fan runs throughout filtering and circulating the air. I am somehow irresponsible for not getting it serviced though I have changed the filters from time to time. I could not imagine any better system.
$3,900 5 ton THGF Houston 1900 sqft
I am completely satisfied with the minimal noise of my Coleman Comforteer unit. It is quite a comfort itself. My unit dealer understood the craft too well, and the controls are easy and straightforward to use, better than the old unit I replaced. I will purchase this brand again and highly recommend it to my friends. The installer was well experienced and did a perfect job, and I am very satisfied with the equipment. The price is reasonable compared to the durability and high efficiency.
$3,800  THJF Cincinnati 2700 sqft
The repair costs would have been quite high, since the warranty had already expired. What’s more the labor fee super high. abosuletly replace it with other brands.


How to Get the Best Coleman/Luxaire Heat Pump Prices?

  • Firstly, keep in mind that installation quality is always the most important thing for heat pump project. So never sacrifice contractor quality for lower price.
  • Secondly, remember to look up the latest tax credit and rebates.
  • Thirdly, ask for at least 3 bids before you make the decision. You can click here to get 3 free estimates for your local contractor, and this estimate already takes rebates and tax credit into consideration and filter unqualified contractors automatically.

At last, once you chose the right contractor, remember to use the tactics from this guide: homeowners tactics when negotiating with HVAC dealer to get the final best price.

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