WaterFurnace Geothermal Heat Pump Prices and Reviews 2022

WaterFurnace has been an innovator in geothermal heating and air conditioning since 1983. Today, WaterFurnace heat pumps have a reputation for outstanding efficiency in top lines and trusted performance.

This WaterFurnace heat pump review provides you with research for all WaterFurnace series and their specifications. Compare the series to one another or to other brands we’ve reviewed including Bosch, Carrier and ClimateMaster to find a model with the features, efficiency and performance you want. If you’d like to learn more about this growing sector of the HVAC market, our Geothermal Heat Pump Buyer’s Guide has a wealth of information including pros and cons of geothermal heat pumps.

Introduction to WaterFurnace Heat Pumps

The residential ground-source/water-source WaterFurnace heat pump lineup is impressive in scope. It includes several models certified by Energy Star that significantly reduce your heating and cooling costs and environmental impact when compared with air-source heat pumps and conventional gas furnaces and central air conditioners.

While the US tax credit program has expired for most products, it remains in effect for geothermal systems. The current credit is a robust 30%. This isn’t a deduction. The 30% comes off the top of your total tax burden rather than reducing your taxable income.

Here is an overview of the WaterFurnace geothermal heat pump models.

SeriesEfficiencyEnergy StarSystemTypeDHW*CapacityPerformanceBlower motor
7 Series 700A1141.0 EER/5.3 COPYesPackageWater-to-airOptional36-60MBHVariable7-speed ECM
5 Series 500A1128.0 EER/4.8 COPYesPackageWater-to-airOptional12-60MBHSingle & dual5-speed ECM
3 Series 300A1122.3 EER/4.1 COPYesPackageWater-to-airNo24-60MBHDual5-speed ECM
Synergy 3D SDV25.7 EER/4.2 COPYesPackageAir or hydronicYes38-72MBHDual3-speed ECM
5 Series 500W1117.5 EER/3.1 COPNoPackageHydronicYes 18-75MBHSingleN/A
5 Series 504W1116.1 EER/3/3 COPNoPackageHydronicYes 40-66MBHSingle N/A
Envision NDW22.0 EER/NoPackageHydronicYes100-180MBHSingleN/A
5 Series 500R1125.3 EER/4.4 COPNoSplitWater-to-airPartial24-60MBHSingle & dual5-speed ECM
5 Series Outdoor25.3 EER/4.4 COPNoSplitWater-to-airNo26-72MBHDual5-speed ECM


  1. DHW = Domestic hot water. In addition to conditioning (heating or cooling) the space in your home, these units produce hot water for everyday purposes, reducing or eliminating the need for a conventional water heater.
  2. MBH = 1,000 BTUH, so a 36MBH unit produces 36,000 BTUs of heat per Hour.
  3. Dual-capacity compressors run on low capacity to maintain balanced heating or cooling; They run on high-capacity when a boost in heating or air conditioning is needed. In air-source heat pump terminology, this is called two-stage performance.

WaterFurnace Heat Pumps Features Analysis

Premium technology goes into WaterFurnace geothermal heat pumps including these notable features:

The 7 Series heat pumps are built with one of the geothermal industry’s first and highest-rated variable-speed compressor from Danfoss. The compressor pumps water at capacities from 20% to 100% to move heat at a rate that allows the system to precisely hit the heating or air conditioning target temperature in your home. Heat removed when the unit is in air conditioning mode can optionally be used to heat or assist with heating hot water. These heat pumps also use an energy-efficient ECM variable-speed blower motor.

The 5 Series heat pumps are outfitted with the Copeland UltraTech scroll compressor used widely in air-source heat pumps from Amana, Goodman and other brands. It gets high marks for durability and performance.

The ECM blower motors on Series 7, 5 and 3 units can be digitally set using the Aid Tool that allows a technician to set the blower speed separately for each function such as blower-only mode, low and high compressor modes and auxiliary heat mode. This feature ensures optimal performance in indoor comfort across a range of functions.

The 5 Series 500W11 and Envision Series NDW heat pumps are hydronic units that can be used in high-volume applications including spas, pool heating, aquaculture and ice melt in roofs and driveways in addition to radiant floor heating.

The 5 Series 500R11 is designed for indoor installation in a split system with a 5 Series SAH air handler or with a gas furnace for dual-fuel heating. The 5 Series 500R011 is the outdoor version of this unit.

All 7 Series and 5 Series WaterFurnace heat pumps are supported by the Aurora Control thermostat. It features a microprocessor control that sequences each system component to optimize efficiency and indoor climate control. A handheld interface allows you to monitor and control the system remotely, track energy use and control loops and pumps. The Aurora Weblink app gives the control Wi-Fi connectivity.

WaterFurnace Heat Pump Prices

These current WaterFurnace geothermal heat pump costs are for the units only and do not include installation labor and materials. Expect installation estimates to be in the range of $10,000 to $25,000 depending on whether the installation is horizontal (less costly) or vertical (costlier), the size of the loop system and other factors. Note that WaterFurnace heat pumps are not sold by wholesalers. They are only available through dealers that sell them as part of a complete installation package.

  • 700A11 WaterFurnace 7 Series price: $5,700-$8,100
  • 500A11 WaterFurnace 5 Series price: $3,200-$7,000
  • 500W11 WaterFurnace 5 Series price: $3,000-$6,700
  • 504W11 WaterFurnace 5 Series price: $3,400-$7,500
  • 500R11 WaterFurnace 5 Series price: $2,300-$6,100
  • 500RO11 WaterFurnace 5 Series Outdoor price: $2,600-$6,500
  • 300A11 WaterFurnace 3 Series price: $3,300-$6,300
  • WaterFurnace Synergy 3D SDV price: $5,200-$7,900
  • WaterFurnace Envision NDW price: $6,400-$10,500

There are a growing number of geothermal heat pump contractors, so prices are becoming more competitive. You’ll get the best geothermal heat pump installation prices when you request estimates from several contractors that know they must deliver fair prices to get jobs. Since the quality of the installation is as important as the brand, make sure the installer you select has years of experience installing the type of loop system you need. After you’ve had the geothermal heat pump installed, consider returning to PickHVAC.com to share your costs with readers using the Share Your HVAC Price tab at the top of the page. Other readers will benefit from knowing the actual costs you paid for the unit and installation and project details.

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Rene has worked 10 years in the HVAC field and now is the Senior Comfort Specialist for PICKHVAC. He holds an HVAC associate degree from Lone Star College and EPA & R-410A Certifications.

7 thoughts on “WaterFurnace Geothermal Heat Pump Prices and Reviews 2022”

  1. Are the ranges you provide for installation inclusive of federal, state tax incentives and utility incentives? And what size system do they correlate too:
    $5,100 corresponds to X ton system? $8,100 to Y ton system?
    $25,000 install corresponds to vertical loop – how deep? 500 ft?
    What geographical area is assumed? I’m in upstate New York – more or less expensive?

    Thank you.

    • Don’t purchase it. We have a Series 5 installed in 2018 and are currently consuming an average of $36.11/day in electricity during winter months. Runs on Auxiliary heat 24/7. Had a technician from a dealer look at it and said everything is working as intended. I am located in Michigan about 4 hours north of Detroit. The system STRUGGLES to maintain a temperature above 65 degrees in the house. Currently have a HVAC company scheduled to rip the system out and go back to forced air LP system. Absolute waste of money in locations that have severe weather and temperature spikes. Feel free to leave your email I will send you scanned copies of my Consumers Energy bill for the last billing period so you can see the proof of a $1,000 residential electric bill. My business doesn’t even have $1,000 electric bills during its busiest months. We went from $200-ish electric bills to $1,000+ with the system. And a 500/gal propane tank is $470-ish a fill. Which means back on an LP system we would be able to fill our tank almost 11 times for the cost of running this Geothermal system this winter. And we aren’t even to the coldest months yet!!!!!!!!!!

      • Thanks so much for sharing your experience. I was hoping it would be good for cooling in AZ in the summer…might be much the same, and at that cost!!!
        Was that cost literally solely for running the waterfurnace? Or were there other mitigating factors involved.

      • Zac, my experience was the same, but I understood that my situation was the exception than the rule. I had my 4 ton Envision system installed 12 years ago, in my home in Galena, Ohio. Now 2 years after warranty (which is for 10 years) I am told that I need a new furnace / AC, at a cost of $18K. Remember, I already have the ground loop in place and auxilliary het; the cost is still at $18K. Looking at this article, I am not sure why it needs to be that high. My system would heat the house using the auxilliary electric resistance heat inappropriately, with very high electric bills. They blamed the thermostat and changed it to another water furnace thermostat. Then we changed it to a Honeywell, and now I am on my Fourth thermostat with Honeywell T10. The latest is that they feel that the expansion valve is messed up, but the recommendation is not to replace that, but to change to a new Series 5. I had requested Water Furnace to change the unit while under warranty, but they didn’t. Now of course they won’t honor it, 2 years out of warranty.I am yet to see any savings on the system. It looks like I am not alone in my poor experience with this system.

        • Kottil, I have a DX style geothermal, which is broken currently and don’t make anymore, sigh. I had super high electricity Bill’s at the start, then I just turned the breaker off for the auxiliary heat so it doesn’t come on anymore. The unit works fine without it, just maybe takes longer to warm up. Went from $800 to $200 dollars per month. Conclusion turn off breaker for auxiliary heat.

      • Obviously the system was not installed correctly I wouldn’t blame it on the Waterfurnace unit they’re the best units out there I would have somebody else look at it if you need some one in your area I can find somebody let me know

  2. We have similar problems to the above comments relating to replacement costs. With the open loop in place, our quote for a 2-speed series 5 – without humidifiers or ozone – and a ten-year warranty is $23,500.00, in April of 2022.

    That is a second quote after we objected to a higher initial estimate.

    I think they have not gotten the message in Northwest Indiana


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