Climatemaster Geothermal Heat Pump Prices and Reviews 2021

ClimateMaster pioneered geothermal heating and cooling in the 1950s, tapping into the enormous reserves of solar energy stored in the earth. The company has been an industry leader in the ensuing decades and is on the forefront of the green living movement. But does that mean that a ClimateMaster geothermal heat pump is the right choice? Or is a unit from brands we’ve reviewed including WaterFurnace, Carrier, Bosch a better option? If you’d like to get more familiar with geothermal heat pump technology and options, see our Buyer’s Guide that contains a complete overview.

Here’s something to consider from the beginning: All these brands make quality equipment; The quality of the installation is just as important. We discuss installation below, but the key is to find an experienced installer with a reputation for doing the job right. We can help you find that installer in your area.

Introduction to ClimateMaster Heat Pumps

ClimateMaster doesn’t make the broadest lineup in the industry, but its available models cover most of the bases with its Trilogy and Tranquility Series.

Several models are certified Energy Star geothermal heat pumps. Though the US tax credit program expired a few years ago for air-source heat pumps, 30% credits are available for geothermal systems. Because it is a credit, the 30% of your total geothermal costs reduces your total tax burden rather than lowering your taxable income.

SeriesEfficiencySystemTypeDHW*CapacityPerformanceBlower Motor
Trilogy 45 Q-Mode45 EER/5.1 COPPackageWater-to-airYes9-60 MBHVariableVariable-speed
Tranquility 30 Digital (TE)29.6 EER/5.0 COPPackageWater-to-airPart-time21-72 MBHTwo-stageVariable-speed
Tranquility 22 Digital (TZ)23.7 EER/4.1 COPPackageWater-to-airPart-time19-64 MBHTwo-stageVariable-speed
Tranquility 20 (TS)21.9 EER/4.3 COPPackageWater-to-airPart-time18-60 MBHOne-stageSingle-speed
Tranquilty Digital Indoor (TES)26.3EER/4.6COPSplitWater-to-airNo21-58 MBHTwo-stageN/A
Tranquilty Digital Outdoor(TEP)26.3EER/4.6COPSplitWater-to-airNo21-58 MBHTwo-stageN/A
Tranquility Brazed Plate (TBW)17.3 EER/3.1 COPPackageHydronicYes30-113 MBHOne-stageN/A
Tranquility Coaxial (TCW)23.1 EER/4.0 COPPackageHydronicYes36-120 MBHOne-stageN/A

Notes: The Trilogy system can be configured with components for full-time and part-time domestic hot water generation.

ClimateMaster is distinguished by having all its systems certified as Energy Star heating and cooling equipment.

ClimateMaster Heat Pumps Features Analysis

There are several system features that make this one of the highest-rated geothermal brands. Here’s the most notable features to consider when comparing ClimateMaster vs WaterFurnace and other brands.

The Trilogy 45 system is built with a variable-capacity VFlow compressor, which ClimateMaster calls a modulating compressor. The compressor circulates water for transferring heat at a rate from 30% to 100% to heat (transferring heat into your home) or cool (moving heat out of your home) at a rate to keep temperatures at the desired setting.

ClimateMaster’s heat pumps are equipped with the variable-speed Emerson UtraTech fan motor, a unit that gets top rating from HVAC professionals.

The ClimateMaster Trilogy heat pump and Tranquility 30 and 22 Series are supported by the iGate thermostatic control that is Wi-Fi enabled for monitoring, adjusting and correction when notifications are received by you or your installer when you allow them access. The control is suitable for zoned performance and damper control to maximize efficiency and indoor comfort.

ClimateMaster Heat Pump Prices

This list of prices is for the geothermal heat pump. Installation costs range from about $10,000 to $25,000. Horizontal installation of pipe is more cost-effective than having to drill well holes or active wells where space is limited. Here are ClimateMaster heat pump prices to compare with other brands we’ve reviewed and you might be considering for your home or office space.

  • ClimateMaster Trilogy 45 price: $8,600-$10,300
  • ClimateMaster Tranquility 30 Digital (TE) price: $5,600-$8,200
  • ClimateMaster Tranquility 22 Digital (TZ) price: $4,400-$6,200
  • ClimateMaster Tranquility 20 (TS) price: $3,300-$4900
  • ClimateMaster Tranquility Indoor (TES) price: $2,600-$5,900
  • ClimateMaster Tranquility Outdoor (TEP) price: $6,200-$8,200-
  • ClimateMaster Tranquility Brazed Plate (TBW) price: $5,500-$10,100
  • ClimateMaster Tranquility Coaxial (TCW) price: $7,400-$12,000

The geothermal industry has grown rapidly in the last decade, and there are two important results. First, there are many inexperienced installers that might bid low but not install the geothermal heat pump properly. Secondly, installation costs from qualified contractors have come down due to competition. That means your best approach is to get geothermal heat pump prices for the unit and installation from several installers in your area.

Choosing our Free Local Quotes tab is a free, no-obligation way to get written estimates from proven, pre-screened geothermal HVAC installers in our area.

Finally, if you have a geothermal system installed, we and our readers would love to hear your total expenditures. Come back to, and use our Share Your HVAC Price tab to input your costs and a few details about the project. If this information has helped you narrow your heat pump options, please pass it on to friends and followers using out easy Share buttons.

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