Carrier Geothermal Heat Pump Prices and Reviews 2021

Carrier makes a large and comprehensive line of HVAC components. However, the number of residential Carrier geothermal heat pumps produced is fewer than made by brands specializing in geothermal.

In this Carrier geothermal heat pump guide, the essential specifications, features and prices are included for you to review and compare with those from other brands we’ve reviewed. These include ClimateMaster, WaterFurnace and Bosch. Our Geothermal Heat Pump Buyer’s Guide has more useful information about geothermal systems and the pros and cons of geothermal heating and air conditioning.

Introduction to Carrier Geothermal Heat Pumps

There are three packaged Carrier geothermal heat pumps and one split-system model, and all are forced-air systems. Carrier makes a single hydronic/water-to-water geothermal system.

While geothermal systems are significantly more expensive than air-source heat pumps, mainly due to installation costs, they remain covered at this writing by the US Energy Efficiency tax credit program. The credit is 30%, so your tax burden is reduced by 30% of the system’s total cost.

Here is an overview of the five Carrier geothermal heat pump systems with notes. Feature analysis and prices are found below

SeriesEfficiencyEnergy StarSystemTypeCapacityPerformanceBlower Motor
Infinity GC37 EER/5.2 COPYesPackageWater-to-air24-72MBH2-stageVariable-speed
Infinity GZ29.1 EER/5.2 COPSome sizesSplitWater-to-air24-72MBH2-stageN/A
Performance GP30 EER/4.6 COPYesPackageWater-to-air24-72MBH2-stageVariable-speed
Performance GW25.7 EER/3.8 CopYesPackageHydronic24-60MBH2-stageN/A
Comfort GB28.1 EER/5.2 EERYesPackageWater-to-air18-60MBHSingle-stageMulti-speed
  1. MBH=1,000 BTU/hour, so a 24MBH heat pump produces 24,000 BTU of heat per hour.
  2. Efficiency levels in the table are for open-loop systems. Efficiency is less when installed in a closed-loop system, though the Energy Star designations apply to both types.
  3. Carrier uses the term 2-stage for compressors that have two levels – low for maintaining heating/cooling and high for boosting it. WaterFurnace and other brands refer to 2-stage models and dual-capacity or similar.
  4. Carrier geothermal heat pumps use the refrigerant called Puron, which is branded R410-A, the refrigerant used most widely in the residential HVAC industry.

Carrier Heat Pumps Features Analysis

Carrier is known for innovation in air-source heat pumps, but not in geothermal heat pump technology. Instead, it offers the basics – package systems that contain all components apart from the loop, split systems with separate condensing unit and separate air handler and a single hydronic unit for radiant heat.

Split system Carrier geothermal heat pumps can work with existing air handlers and some furnaces. A package system is ideal for new construction or if you’re replacing an entire HVAC system.

All Carrier geothermal heat pumps meet efficiency requirements to be certified by Energy Star.

The Infinity GC package heat pump and Infinity GZ split system is supported by Carrier’s best thermostat, the Infinity Control series that is Wi-Fi enabled.

Two-stage heating and air conditioning is the top performance in Carrier models. The brand does not make a variable-capacity geothermal heat pump like the WaterFurnace 7 Series 700A11 and the ClimateMaster 45 Q-Mode.

Carrier Geothermal Heat Pump Prices

It’s a challenge to get an independent price for any Carrier product since they are sold almost exclusively through registered Carrier dealers. That’s why most Carrier geothermal heat pump costs you see online are not accurate. Here are current prices we’ve obtained through research and our industry contacts. Note that installation costs are not included. Depending on the type of loop system installed, system capacity and other factors, installation ranges from $10,000 to $25,000 with an average cost of about $19,000.

  • Carrier Infinity GC geothermal heat pump price: $5,200-$8,400
  • Carrier Infinity GZ geothermal heat pump price: $2,900-$6,400
  • Carrier Performance GP geothermal heat pump price: $3,400-$6,600
  • Carrier Performance GW geothermal heat pump price: $2,800-$4,900
  • Carrier Comfort GB Geothermal heat pump price: $2,300-$5,500

Geothermal heat pump installation has become more competitive as interest in green heating rapidly increases. These means two things:

  1. Installation costs are more reasonable than they once were
  2. There are more inexperienced installers in the market

The best price on installation shouldn’t be your highest priority. A system poorly installed will cost you more than you saved due to lower efficiency and more repairs than expected. We recommend getting estimates from several reputable, prescreened contractors in your area. Ask them about their experience installing the type of system you want, and don’t be afraid to ask for references. The company should be licensed, insured and bonded too.

If this Carrier geothermal heat pump pricing guide has been of help, consider sharing it on social media. And if you’ve had a geothermal system installed recently, other readers want to hear about it. Use our Share an HVAC Price form to share the details!

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