Bosch Geothermal Heat Pump Cost and Reviews 2022

Bosch is a large, multinational company with world headquarters in Germany, US headquarters and production facilities in Fort Lauderdale, FL, and locations in 150 countries. While not a pioneer of geothermal, Bosch has made a major investment in the technology and other energy-efficient HVAC products such as tankless water heaters. This guide includes an overview of the Bosch geothermal heat pump lineup including specifications and efficiency information for each series. Bosch geothermal heat pump prices are found below, so you can compare performance and price of Bosch models with other geothermal heat pump brands we’ve reviewed including:

We’ve completed a Geothermal Heat Pump Buyer’s Guide with a wealth of general information about this energy-efficient HVAC system type. Finally, proper installation of a geothermal heat pump is just as important as quality equipment. We can help you find an experienced, prescreened installer where you live.

Introduction to Bosch Geothermal Heat Pumps

Bosch makes one of the largest lineups of geothermal heat pumps – Package and split systems, water-to-air and water-to-water/hydronic systems. More than half the series are certified by Energy Star. This makes them eligible for the geothermal federal tax credit of 30% and might also qualify for energy rebates from your energy company, which can be located on its site or searched here.

SeriesEfficiencyEnergy StarSystemDHWCapacityPerformanceBlower Motor
Greensource CDi Series SM30 EER/4.7 COPYesPackageOptional26-72MBHTwo-stageVariable-speed ECM
Greensource CDi Series SM Split33 EER/5.1 COPYesSplitOptional24-70MBHTwo-stageVariable-speed ECM
Grensource Si Series CE28 EER/4.5 COPYesPackageOptional24-72MBHTwo-stageVariable-speed ECM
Greensource i Series BP 28 EER/4.6 COPYesPackageOptional6-72MBHSingle-stageSingle-speed ECM
Greensource i Series SV 17.7 EER/5.2 COPNoPackageNo18-72MBHSingle-stageSingle-speed ECM
Greensource i Series SV Split15.7 EER/4.4 COPNoSplitNo18-72MBHSingle-stageVariable-speed ECM
Greensource i Series SL20 EER/4.8 COPNoPackageNo72-120MBHSingle-stageSingle-speed
Greensource CDi Series TW14.7 EER/4.7 COPYesPackageYes24-72MBHSingle-stageN/A
Greensource CDi Series TW14.7 EER/4.7 COPYesPackageYes120MBH2-stageN/A


  • MBH = 1,000 BTU/hour, so a 60MBH geothermal heat pump creates 60,000 BTU/hour or removes 60,000 BTU/hour of heat.
  • DHW = Domestic hot water. Many Bosch geothermal heat pumps can be outfitted with optional equipment to make extra hot water to be used in your home.

Bosch Geothermal Heat Pumps Features Analysis

Bosch packaged geothermal heat pumps are available in upflow, horizontal and downflow configurations to meet installation requirements.

Variable-speed blower motors help maintain consistent heating and air conditioning. They change speeds throughout the cycle, starting slow to ensure that untreated air isn’t pushed into your living space, and they run at full speed during the peak of the cycle before slowing down again as the cycle ends. The electrically commutated motors (ECM) use far less energy than conventional motors. They are also constant cubic foot/minute (CFM) motors that keep airflow constant for balanced temperatures and better dehumidification in cooling mode.

The Bosch TW Series water-to-water (hydronic) systems are high-volume heat pumps that create enough hot water for hydronic heating, domestic hot water and additional purposes like outdoor ice melt from the roof or driveway.

Most Bosch geothermal heat pumps include high-density compressor blankets that offer superior noise control.

Bosch Geothermal Heat Pump Prices

These prices for Bosch geothermal heat pumps do not include installation. Costs have become more competitive, and current geothermal heat pump installation cost is $10,000 to $25,000 based on the size of the loop system and whether it is a horizontal loop (less costly) or a vertical loop (more costly). Use these Bosch geothermal heat pump prices to compare with the other brands we’ve reviewed.

  • Bosch Greensource CDi Series SM price: $5,500-$8,300
  • Bosch Greensource CDi Series SM Split price: $2,700-$5,600
  • Bosch Grensource Si Series CE price: $4,400-$6,500
  • Bosch Greensource i Series BP price: $1,800-$5,300
  • Bosch Greensource i Series SV price: $3,300-$5,600
  • Bosch Greensource i Series SV Split price: 2,200-$4,300
  • Bosch Greensource i Series SL price: $2,900-$5,200
  • Bosch Greensource CDi Series TW price: $4,400-$7,100
  • Bosch Greensource CDi Series TW 10-ton price: $10,600

Keep in mind that if you choose a split system, you’ll have to pair it with a Bosch air handler or one you already own. Some geothermal heat pumps work with existing furnaces too. Expect to spend $1,250 to $2,400 for an air handler – more if it is equipped with an internal heat strip.

We suggest that you get estimates from several local geothermal heat pump installers to determine which ones have a proven track record installing the type you want. This is too costly an investment to leave to poorly trained, inexperienced installers. More contractors want a piece of the expanding opportunity pie created by the rapid rise in popularity of geothermal heat pumps. Once you get local estimates, you can negotiate a competitive price for the work. After you have a geothermal heat pump installed, feel free to return to use the Share Your HVAC Price tab to let others know about the system you installed and what it cost. Our social media share buttons are also easy to use, if you think your friends and followers would benefit from this information.

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