Trane Furnace Prices – How Much Does Trane Furnace Cost?

An installed Trane furnace costs $3,500 to more than $10,000. Trane’s most commonly sold furnaces run about $6,500 installed.

How does Pick HVAC know Trane furnace prices? Trane tells us.

Trane might be the only major furnace manufacturer to advertise installed Trane furnace prices on its website. And we commend the company for doing this. There is far too little transparency in the HVAC equipment industry. We can’t find others, and we keep close tabs on them. Trane doesn’t publish all furnace prices, but it shares enough of them to give us a clear understanding of Trane furnace prices for installed units.

Furnaces and Furnace costs | 2021 Gas & Oil Home Furnaces | Trane® Heating

Most homeowners don’t know what the price of a furnace installed will be until a salesperson is in their home giving them a sales pitch. And then they have to repeat that process a few times to compare Trane furnace prices to Carrier furnace prices or Lennox prices.

We make that process easy in a couple ways explained in this post.

Trane Furnace Price List 2021 / 2022

Here’s the price list.

ModelInstalled CostEfficiencyHeating Stages
S8X1$3,500 - $6,0000.8Single-stage
S8B1$3,700 - $5,9000.8Single-stage
S8X2$3,900 - $7,2000.8Two-stage
XV80$4,400 - $7,7000.8Two-stage
S9B1$4,700 - $7,5500.92Single-stage
XC80$4,950 - $8,1000.8Two-stage
S9X1$5,100 - $8,2000.96Single-stage
L9X1$5,300 - $8,6500.95Single-stage
S9X2$5,500 - $9,3000.96Two-stage
S9V2$5,900 - $10,1500.96Two-stage
S9V2-VS$6,400 - $10,2000.97Two-stage
XC95M$6,850 - $11,5000.973Variable

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Trane Sells the Furnace Plus Installation

Like most manufacturers, Trane sells its furnaces through dealers that also install them. It’s a package deal.

You can’t buy a Trane furnace from a local or online seller the way you can most Goodman furnaces and a few Rheem and other low-cost brands.

Sure, you’ll find a few on eBay, but they’re not sold by a certified Trane dealer. And the unit might not have a warranty worth the paper it is printed on. Trane, just like Lennox, Carrier, Heil, etc., won’t honor a furnace warranty on a unit that isn’t installed by a certified Trane dealer. It’s the way they protect the profits for dealers willing to “push” Trane products.

Don’t get us wrong there – Trane furnaces are among the highest rated in terms of their service record and customer satisfaction. Here is what respected consumer information group Consumer Reports said a couple years ago. “Of the seven brands that rate well for reliability, two—American Standard and Trane—receive a top rating of Excellent for owner satisfaction, which reflects how likely members are to recommend the brand to friends or family.”

The link might not get you to the article if you don’t have a CR paid account. But take Pick HVAC’s word for it. And we concur, by the way, based on the large amount of consumer data and feedback we receive.

Info Tip: Trane and American Standard furnaces are identical in all but the name. Both are manufactured by Ingersoll-Rand.

Oh, you might want to know who the other 5 well-respected brands are? CR says, “Four of the top brands earn a Very Good rating for owner satisfaction: Bryant, Carrier, Rheem, and Rudd. But even though Payne stands out for its predicted reliability, it earns only a Good rating for owner satisfaction.”

In that list, Bryant and Carrier are identical. Rheem and Ruud are identical. And Payne is a Carrier – though Payne doesn’t sell the super-efficient variable-capacity gas furnaces also called modulating furnaces.

Trane Furnaces Prices by Stages of Efficiency

We have completed gas furnace cost reviews for other major brands like Carrier Gas Furnace Prices and Lennox Gas Furnace Prices.

OK, let’s dig deeper into Trane furnace prices to assist you in your buying decision.

Cost Tip: Operating Cost is the money spent to run a gas furnace based on its size and the cost of natural gas in your area. You can compare operating costs for furnaces of various efficiencies, 80% and 90% to 97% for Trane using the Pick HVAC Gas Furnace Operating Cost Calculator. When operating cost is compared with upfront furnace cost, you can determine how long it will take to be paid back for buying a more efficient furnace – and whether it is worth it.

  • 80% Trane Furnace: $3,500 to $8,100
  • 90%-95% Trane Furnace: $4,700 – $8,650
  • 96% – 97.3% Trane Furnace: $5,100 – $11,500
80% FurnaceInstalled CostEfficiencyHeating Stages
S8X1$3,500 - $6,00080%Single-stage
S8B1$3,700 - $5,90080%Single-stage
S8X2$3,900 - $7,20080%Two-stage
XV80$4,400 - $7,70080%Two-stage
XC80$4,950 - $8,10080%Two-stage
90%-95% FurnaceInstalled CostEfficiencyHeating Stages
S9B1$4,700 - $7,55092%Single-stage
L9X1$5,300 - $8,65095%Single-stage
96%-97.3% FurnaceInstalled CostEfficiencyHeating Stages
S9X1$5,100 - $8,20096%Single-stage
S9X2$5,500 - $9,30096%Two-stage
S9V2$5,900 - $10,15096%Two-stage
S9V2-VS$6,400 - $10,20097%Two-stage
XC95M$6,850 - $11,50097%Variable

Trane Gas Furnace Prices by Stages of Heating

Here’s a quick primer of stages of heating with pros and cons.

Single-stage Heating

The furnace runs at 100% capacity when on. The motor is often a single-speed/fixed-speed motor. These are affordable units, and some like the Trane L9X1 at 95% and Trane S9X1 at 96% AFUE efficiency can be quite efficient. This significantly reduces operating costs.

The disadvantages to single-stage heating include these:

Potential temperature swings when the furnace runs at full-blast and then shuts off, only to start at full-blast again when heat is needed.

Cool air coming out of the vents/grates at the start and end of a cycle.

AC Mode: When the HVAC system includes central air conditioning, a single-stage system won’t remove as much humidity from the air as a two-stage or variable-capacity system.

Two-stage Heating

The furnace gas valve has two settings, low-fire of about 65% or 70% capacity and high-fire of 100% capacity. When the lower setting is enough to keep the thermostat satisfied, the furnace will run on that stage. It’s quieter and more comfortable too. When a lot of heat is needed, it will run on high. Most two-stage models have multi-speed or variable-speed blowers to produce more comfortable heating.  In addition, if the system has air conditioning, then dehumidification is better – so your air feels drier. This means you can set the thermostat a few degrees higher and be just as comfortable.

You also have options for efficiency rating.

The downside is higher cost for most two-stage furnaces.

Some of Trane’s most popular gas furnaces, like the 80% efficient XV80 and XC80 plus the more efficient S9X2 (96%) and S9V2-VS (97%) are two-stage furnaces.

Variable-capacity Heating

Trane makes only one model in this category, the XC95m. It is pricey, but delivers the most comfortable heating with very little temperature fluctuation. It also does a great job of removing humidity from a home during muggy summer weather.

Single-stage FurnaceInstalled CostEfficiency
S8X1$3,500 - $6,00080%
S8B1$3,700 - $5,90080%
S9B1$4,700 - $7,55092%
S9X1$5,100 - $8,20096%
L9X1$5,300 - $8,65095%
Two-stage FurnaceInstalled CostEfficiency
S8X2$3,900 - $7,20080%
XV80$4,400 - $7,70080%
XC80$4,950 - $8,10080%
S9X2$5,500 - $9,30096%
S9V2$5,900 - $10,15096%
S9V2-VS$6,400 - $10,20097%
Variable FurnaceInstalled CostEfficiency
XC95M$6,850 - $11,50097.30%

Trane Furnace Prices Cost Factors

Here are the main factors affecting Trane furnace cost. Most are pretty straightforward.

  • Furnace Size – Most Trane furnace series are produced in sizes from 40,000 to 120,000 BTUs. If you’re considering AC size in terms of tons, Trane furnaces range from 2 to 5-ton capacity.
  • Efficiency – When the size and performance are similar, the more efficient furnace will generally cost most, unless it is a single-stage vs 2-stage model. Trane 90% and higher furnaces are equipped with a secondary heat exchanger that transfers additional usable heat into your home’s ductwork, and the additional equipment boosts the cost.
  • Performance – It is equipment cost here too. Two-stage and variable capacity furnaces have gas valves that are more expensive. And they have variable-speed ECM blowers that also raise the cost.
  • Where you Live – The difference in the cost of the same Trane furnace in Chicago compared with Dallas can be $1,500 or more. There’s little explanation for this, other than dealer competition since the cost of living is similar in those areas.

Trane Furnace Warranties

Trane’s warranties are considered good though not great. The heat exchanger warranty on all Trane furnaces is “lifetime.” That means if the heat exchanger ever cracks and leaks, Trane will replace the heat exchanger. But you will pay the labor, and that almost certainly means you’ll replace the furnace instead of just the heat exchanger. This is especially true if the furnace is more than 12-15 years old and has already had repair issues.

The parts warranty is 10 years.

Both these warranties are about standard for the industry. And so is the clause that the homeowner, not the manufacturer, pays for the labor. See our HVAC Warranty Guide for details every consumer should know about.

Price Rebates on Trane Furnaces

The federal government is no longer offering gas furnace tax credits for Energy Star certified furnaces.

However, your local energy provider might very well offer energy cost rebates.

In fact, as we look at Trane furnace rebates in Michigan as one example, there are rebates available from around $300 to $550 depending on the furnace and the size you select. No, it’s not an enormous rebate, but it’s worth considering when deciding between furnaces of various efficiency levels.

Get the Best Prices on a Trane Furnace

Get estimates from several competing dealers.

That’s the key to the best price on a Trane. For convenience, you might like to use our Free Local Quotes form or the toll-free number on this page to start the process. You’ll receive Trane prices – and pricing on other brands for comparison – from licensed, insured and experienced installers where you live. The service is free, and there is no obligation.

However you get your estimates, ask the installers all the questions you have about Trane and comparable brands. That’s your opportunity to get information, guidance and all the answers you want.

And before you choose an installer, it makes sense to check out their reviews on Google and other sites like the Better Business Bureau.

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