Are WiFi Thermostat Worth My Money?

Though it’s still a new product to the world of HVAC systems and accessories, the WiFi enabled thermostat has already been welcomed into many homes and for good reason. The additional benefits that a WiFi thermostat offers over its traditional counterpart may not seem immediately impactful, but it’s this new technology that has many homeowners cutting costs and saving on their energy bills.


If you sometimes forget to adjust your thermostat settings before leaving the house, you’re not alone. Especially if you’re in and out all day long, finding a consistent temperature to leave your thermostat set to is hard to do without wasting energy when you’re not home. The WiFi enabled thermostat solves this problem by allowing homeowners to control it from nearly anywhere, even when they’re away, through the use of a mobile device, like a smartphone or tablet. Rather than using up energy while you’re gone, the WiFi thermostat ensures you won’t be wasting your money heating or cooling an empty home.


With a number of different WiFi thermostats on the market, it can be difficult to find the one right for your current system. While it’s a good idea to consult with a professional, there are a few things to know that will make the decision a little easier. Most homes in the U.S. are equipped with Common Wire (C Wire), that provides low-voltage power to the thermostat. Most WiFi thermostats will need this wire for it to run correctly, though it’s not always the case. Some systems also use high-voltage thermostats. Due to the nature of their power use, most WiFi thermostats won’t be compatible with a voltage over 24 volts. If you still need further information, most thermostat providers have a compatibility checker directly on their website.


Though WiFi enabled thermostats are much more sophisticated than a traditional thermostat, they’re generally easy to install, even without the help of a contractor. In fact, you’ll likely find the installation instructions right on its accompanying app once it’s been downloaded to your smartphone or tablet for a simple and seamless transition.

Who Benefits From the Use of a WiFi Enabled Thermostat?

Although most everyone can stand to gain from the benefits of a WiFi thermostat, if you spend a lot of time at home or don’t mind checking in on it, you may be fine with your existing programmable thermostat, saving you the cost of the upgrade. This is also true for the tech illiterate or those who don’t use mobile devices. For most people, however, there are no drawbacks to the purchase of a new WiFi enabled thermostat.

If you’re interested in reaping the benefits of a more customizable thermostat, WiFi ability can offer a unique interactive experience. For those who aren’t always home to set it, a WiFi thermostat allows for the portability of its controls remotely from a smartphone, tablet or computer. This convenience has further benefits, too, and can help you save energy daily that results in reduced heating and cooling costs. To find a model that best suits your home’s needs, talk to a professional or research online to ensure you find one that’s compatible with your system.

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