Top 20 HVAC and Real Estate Blogs Homeowners Need to Read

As a homeowner, you have a lot of responsibilities. Heating, plumbing, electrical, the lawn, all of these areas are your responsibility. Unlike those that rent their home, when something goes wrong, you can’t simply call the landlord to have the issue resolved, it’s up to you to either fix it or get it fixed. While some household issues are relatively inexpensive and simple, some can be extremely costly and complex, such as your home’s HVAC system.

In this article, we are going to introduce you to 18 blogs regarding HVAC and HVAC topics that, as a homeowner, you simply can’t afford to miss. Whether you want to know how to maintain your system or where to find a guide for the best possible replacement units, these blogs will have answers to your questions.

Top 20 HVAC & Real Estate Blogs For Homeowners List:

All furnace filters are the same, right? Think again. Just like humans rely on the quality of the air we breathe, so do our furnaces. With that said, using a quality air filter for your furnace is not only crucial for getting the optimal performance out of your furnace, it is also crucial for ensuring we are breathing cleaner air. Along with air filters, this site also goes into great detail about various types of heating and cooling systems. In addition to providing the homeowner with great informational resources, it also has a great design and easy-to-use interface.

By the way, Central HTG has the best design and user experience which is rare in the HVAC industry blog.​

Regardless of your HVAC, you can find the answer fin one of the many blogs posted on They cover topics from air conditioning, boilers, and digital controls, to oil heat, thermostats, and water heaters. These posts have all been created by professionals in the HVAC and related industries so you know you are going to get reputable information. To make finding your desired topic easier, they have all of their blogs listed in alphabetical indexes. In addition to quality blog content, they also have a section that reviews specific HVAC components and systems.

PickHvac provides you with a plethora of information on all things HVAC. Their site is easy to navigate and is laid out in a manner that makes finding the exact topic you are looking for fast and simple. They also have a wide variety of reviews that have been completed by professional HVAC technicians. From locating a buying guide for a new heat pump to tips on selecting the right HVAC contractor, PickHvac will have information for any HVAC questions you may have.

Airconditioning Arizona Blog is one of great blogs bringing us a lot of inspiration for new blog post. It started from 2012 by Rich Morgan where you can find many answers from HVAC buying guide, basic knowledge, maintenance tips, tax credit to air quality suggestions. Thanks Rich, keep doing great work and being one of great knowledge resources for homeowners. By the way, hope you can post a great guest post for our readers one day, our audiences will benefit a lot from HVAC experts like you.

Four Seasons Heating and Cooling provides the homeowner with valuable information that can be used to help reduce heating and cooling costs. The also cover tips on how to prepare your heating and cooling system for the changing seasons, as well as covering some of the most current trends in HVAC mechanical issues and how to prevent them. Along with mechanical and electrical issues, they have also included a variety of blogs that cover safety issues, such as carbon monoxide safety.

The blogs you find on provide you with an abundance of information regarding your HVAC system. The website does a great job at connecting the homeowner and business owner with resources, tips, and references that can be used to help avoid costly HVAC repairs. The blogs are updated with current information from professionals in the field so all of the information you gain from these blogs can be trusted. In addition to HVAC maintenance blogs, you can also find topics on home improvements, identifying potentially dangerous hacks, and reviews on HVAC products. has an extensive inventory of useful blogs. While you can find the standard information on homeowner maintenance tips, you can also find either extremely useful information about your HVAC. These topics include how to prepare your unit for a snow storm, and understanding heating and cooling efficiency ratings. Along with these posts, you can also find information about the safety of your HVAC, like air quality, for example. Sila covers a large area so you can rest assured knowing the information being provided is reputable and trustworthy.

Homeowners and business owners can find a huge selection of posts that cover a wide range of HVAC topics. Just about any question you could possibly come up with can be answered by one of these expertly created blogs. There are topics on maintenance, green energy, how your pets can have an impact on your indoor air quality, as well as how your heating system itself can impact indoor air quality. They also cover the different types of heating methods so you can find the best heating source for your home and for the area in which you live.

If you reside in a predominantly warm environment, such as Florida, you don’t want to miss these blogs from Along with can’t-miss information on maintaining your system, cutting cooling costs, and troubleshooting information, you can also find topics that will help to reduce humidity in your home and mold in your ventilation. They also provide information on health concerns that stem from not properly maintaining your HVAC unit or system. If you are in a warm and humid environment, you need to read these insightful blogs. provides home and business owners with plenty of valuable information for getting the most out of your HVAC system. They help guide you to finding a new, high-efficiency unit, how to maintain your system, and also how you can save money on your heating and cooling costs. In addition to HVAC topics, this site also provides great posts on electrical and plumbing issues such as how to insulate your pipes correctly and how you can cut back on your electric bill.

Want to know how you can use your central air to fight the flu? How about preventing your heat pump from icing up in the winter? These are just two examples of the useful posts you can find on Their “Knowledge Center” has a large selection of references, blogs, and other materials to help you with your HVAC and HVAC related issues. They also provide a useful review of some of the most popular names in the HVAC industry.

Apart from Nanaimo local info, it offers insightful information on various markets around the country, including factors that affect property values. It uses graphics and other visuals to help break down complex information for the average homeowner or investor. We really like the "Myths of Real Estate" category of this blog.

This site has a lot to offer the homeowner in terms of great advice. They have posts that cover everything from finding the right system for your home, to steps you need to take before lighting the fireplace for the first time in the winter. In addition to HVAC topics, they also cover topics in the electrical and plumbing industry. You can find out how to pick the right electrician for your needs as well as common electrical issues during the winter months. Having problems with clogged pipes? This site has you covered. This will probably be one of the most comprehensive sites a homeowner could ever need.

The blogs you find on Binsky Home Service will cover just about any HVAC question you may have. And, with over 75 years in the industry, you know that the information provided is trustworthy. You can find topics that cover reasons why your furnace is not heating as it should, why your air conditioning is leaking water, and even why your thermostat lost power.

Irving has become one of the most recognizable names in northern New England as a trusted company in the energy industry. On their site, you can find a variety of energy-related posts that include ways to cut energy costs, how to winterize your system, how to make your home more energy efficient, as well as safety tips for your home and heating systems. is one of the most comprehensive sites you can find for heating and cooling information. You can find comparisons of popular heat pump models, information on the different types of heat pumps, even information on geothermal heat and heating your pool. If you are a homeowner and use a heat pump, you have to check out the posts on this site.

While Sherlock Holmes was one of the greatest sleuths in literature, is one of the best sources of information for the homeowner. They cover a wide range of topics regarding just about everything there is to know about your HVAC system. They also cover topics on plumbing issues. You can find information on how to prevent your pipes from freezing in the winter, how to prevent wasting air in your ducts, as well as how to determine if your home has the correct amount of water heaters.


As a homeowner, and having to bear the responsibilities of maintaining your home and all of the systems it entails, you can never have too much information. We hope you have enjoyed reviewing this list of valuable information sources and that they help you with any HVAC issues you may be having or are trying to prevent. A little knowledge can go a long way, with all of the knowledge provided on these sites, we are confident you will find the answer to any question you may have. With some a little researching and reading, no HVAC issue will feel overwhelming and you will be better equipped in dealing with an issue if it should arise.

Homeowners, if you have come across any good HVAC blogs or resource, just leave a comment below and we can add more useful resource in this post!

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