6 Hacks Of Choosing an HVAC Contractor

1. Telephone bid without visiting your house is not enough

When it comes to selecting an experienced and qualified HVAC contractor, you first have to consider many factors associated with selection of a contractor. Among the factors to consider include whether you are aware of the levels of ducting, checking whether there is ever room has a proper amount of registers and many others. Estimation and giving of bids by HVAC contactors cannot be done through a telephone conversation, because there are many things such a contractor is supposed to undertake first. You should be careful of contractors who do not want to visit your premises since there is a high possibility that they are either inexperienced or just brokers who want to get a kick back from other contractors. According to air conditioning expertise, it is prudent for a contractor to survey a given home before arriving at estimates and giving out their bids. This is because, by thoroughly inspecting your house, such a contractor is able to check all parts before embarking on installing or repairing an air conditioner in your house.

2. Never replace old unit with the same model

2Different air conditioning units have different life spans. Averagely, an air conditioning unit takes between ten to fifteen years before it is worn out. One air conditioning unit manufactured in 1990 is not similar to a 2005 air conditioning unit. An HVAC contractor, who is properly trained and experienced, will give many recommendations aimed at bringing your house to the current standards, thereby increasing your home’s efficiency. All Systems Mechanical always keeps their inventory at minimum levels. There are those contractors who want you to buy their old conditioning models simply because they want to get rid of their high inventory. The company customizes their air conditioners for your house. In addition, we use the most recent units that are efficient in terms of energy consumption. In case you are not staying around Los Angeles, ensure that your air conditioning technician buys a new air conditioning system for your home, rather than use an old inventory. It is very difficult to get a similar system that is required for your house by relying on a warehouse; moreover, AC units are not always the same. Therefore, it is essential for you to choose a proper size instead of choosing the model and make.

3. HVAC contractor must has a license from the Contractors’ State License Board.

Contractors License Sample

Many things may be jeopardized if you choose to work with unlicensed contractors. A legitimate HVAC contractor should get a valid license, this is the only way you will ensure you have chosen the right contract to undertake the installation process for your air conditioning system. An HVAC contractor is usually licensed so that they can handle gas lines, electrical and other plumbing applications. In California, cases of unlicensed contractors are rampant, therefore you should ensure you have checked whether the contractor you are about to contract is licensed. Installation of such things as installation of gas lines and refrigerant require proper disposals and this can be done by only a qualified technician. One has to be an expert in order to get proper licensing. A contractor who does not have a license, then it means such a person is not authorized to install or repair air conditioning systems. In order to identify a proper and qualified contractor, you should find out whether such a contractor has a valid license with a proper number which is clearly marked on the contractors’ literature and websites

4. You should get a written estimate or bid from your HVAC contractor

Although it is not bad to give out a contract orally, it is important that when you enter into a contract, it should be through writing. This helps when one of the parties forfeits the agreement and it can be used in a court of law should such incidences occur. For example, a contractor may not carry out the installation or repair an air conditioning system as required. Generally, you should get a contract in writing .A contractor who is reputable should insist on a bid through writing, which they will adhere to. A written contract includes all things that should be done by the contractor and the price being charged.

5. Be careful with the lowest bidder

low-price-trapIt is advisable that when choosing an HVAC contractor, take note of the contractor who bids highly and those who bid cheaply. From experience, those who bid highly are better placed to install or repair your air conditioning system as opposed to those who bid cheaper. The same applies to our company, we charge highly because we have experienced technicians and therefore our work is worthy paying for. Although this sounds like I am promoting myself, but the reality is that this is the only mechanism of ensuring you get the right contractor to fix the air conditioning system in your house. It is heartening to see a person coming to us to ask for repair services for an air conditioning system fixed barely seven months ago. This was the case in the year 2005, when we had to fix almost thirty percent of air conditioners in most residential homes that were fixed by inexperienced and bogus contractors.

6. Avoid the Only-One-Brand Contractor


Contractors who sell only one type of brand are common in the HVAC market. It is advisable to always be careful of such individuals selling a single type of an air conditioning/heat pump unit. There are some scrupulous individuals who are dishonest when it comes to selling Air conditioning unit brands They might be selling a certain brand, and chances are that they will not tell you of another brand that is better that what they are going to sell you. In this case, you should be careful not to fall in their trap. Just listen carefully to what they have to tell you, and try to figure out whether their answer is honest. However, they are not the legitimate dealers, but they have only signed contracts with the manufacturers to sell on their behalf and eventually get some payment in return and offer them at reduced wholesale prices.


In order to select a proper and qualified HVAC contractor, you have to do a lot of research and thereafter follow your instincts. The above ways of choosing a contractor will be helpful when it comes to choosing a qualified contractor and not based on how cheap they are. By choosing a good contractor, you will ensure that everything else is done smoothly and efficiently. Therefore, you should choose a contractor by doing a lot of research, And not something to be taken lightly.

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