Gas Furnace Basics and Main Parts Introduction

Split Or Packaged:

While there could be many attributes that could play a role when buying a gas furnace, there are two important aspects that should be kept in mind, type and size. There are basically two variants as far as gas furnaces or concerned split or packaged. Both have their unique features and advantages and the end use would determine as to which the better option is. For small sized homes, offices or other such places it would be better to go in for split units. This will be less expensive when compared to packaged units. However, when it comes to heating up reasonably large spaces exceeding around 1500 square feet a packaged unit could be a better solution.

Size (Capacity) of the Furnace Matters:

Another important aspect when it comes to gas furnace buying guide is the size and capacity. Having too small a furnace would most certainly compromise on the quality of heating. At the same time too big a furnace would be a waste on energy and the costs will go up. Hence the right balance should be struck between cost and size. As ordinary end users the required knowledge and expertise might not be there. It would always be better to take the help of professionals who would be better equipped to deal with it. However, this does not mean that it should not be repaired, overhauled or serviced. The customer should know where to draw the line between continued repairs and new replacements. The best way forward would be to take the help and assistance of a good professional.

Efficiency Of the Furnace Matters:

It would not be a bad idea to do a quick estimation of the gas furnace and find out its efficiency levels. The BTU of heat dispersed per square feet is an important yardstick when measuring the efficiency of these heaters. As a rule of the thumb, a mid-sized home of around 2,000 square feet would need around 50,000 to 60,000 BTU. This could be provided by any electric furnace. But when a good quality gas furnace is chosen it could do the job just with 53,000 to 60,000 BTU which certainly will save on energy cost and increase efficiency all around.

The Main Components Of A Gas Furnace

The decision to repair, or replace a gas furnace would also depend on the condition of the various moving and fixed parts. The list is quite big and it would not be possible to list down each and every one of them. However, it would be pertinent to look at a few critical and important components which are very crucial for the proper running of a gas furnace. It could form a useful gas furnace buying guide for end use customers.

Blowers: When buying a gas furnace it is very important to have a closer look at the blowers. They play a big role in ensuring that the heat is evenly spread across the entire area where the system is used. The blowers get activated once the desired heat levels are reached. Actually there are two popular blowers in the gas furnace industry: ECM blower and PSC blower. For more detailed information you can read our previous article: ECM Fan Motors vs. PSC Motors

Heat Exchangers: The heat exchangers usually are a set of coils that are repeatedly looped. This is done through the air flow inside the gas furnace. This might look a complicated and difficult term. However when put in simple words, it is a component which actually heats the cold air that is sent inside the entire heating system.

Air Filtration Equipment: When choosing a gas furnace heater, we certainly want the air that we breathe to be pure and of the best quality. Towards this objective it is very important to choose the right air filtration components for your gas furnace. Quite often this component is overlooked and we find that the entire closed space is filled with dust and debris. It could lead to a lot of health challenges and therefore should be given the importance it deserves. The air filters should be replaced as and when needed lest the inmates suffer from breathing problems and other skin related complications.

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