Soleus Dehumidifier Reviews and Buying Guide 2022

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Soleus Dehumidifier

Soleus Air isn’t a new name in the AC world, although they are a brand consumers may not be familiar with. If you are in the market for a new dehumidifier for your home, they are a brand you’ve likely encountered considering their products are sold through several major retailers online and locally. In our Soleus dehumidifier review, we are going to let you know what to expect from the company’s current collection of systems.

Soleus Company History

Soleus has been in business since 1997 when they began producing split air systems and compressors for commercial use. In the years since their inception, they have grown considerably while introducing technologies like reflective heating to the United States.

At this time, the company makes several air purifiers, packaged terminal air conditioners, window-based systems, and dehumidifiers. They even have a purifier that uses UV lighting and ionization to purify your shoes. While their dehumidifier lineup isn’t quite as high-tech, they have brought interesting systems to the market.

Soleus Dehumidifier Collection

At this time, Soleus has around a dozen dehumidifiers for sale. Most appear to be older models, however, and several were listed as low stock. In other words, the models listed in this review are subject to change at any time.

20 to 45-pint Soleus Dehumidifiers

ModelCapacitySpeedsAirflowNoise LevelWi-FiInternal PumpBucket Size
DSJ-25E-0125 PPD3101/116/131 CFM49-53dBNoNo8.5
DSJ-35E-0135 PPD3101/116/131 CFM49-53dBNoNo8.5
DS1-30-01B30 PPD3UnknownUnknownNoNo8.5
HCT-D45E-A45 PPD3UnknownUnknownNoNo8.5

Soleus currently has four dehumidifiers sized between 20 and 45-pints. There are a few discontinued models as well that are still floating around through some retailers, but you won’t find those model numbers in our table.

From the company’s official site, you’ll find two models with the Soleus DSJ-25E-01 and the Soleus DSJ-35E-01. Both have the same design with a control panel on top featuring an adjustable humidistat with the same basic features and specifications as well. That includes an 8.5-pint water bucket and three speed settings with an airflow rating of 101, 116, and 131 CFM.

The Soleus DSJ-25E-01 is listed at 25 PPD by the new standards, while the DSJ-35E-01 is 35 PPD, but was previously classified as a 45 pints per day system. While those are the two lowest capacity dehumidifiers on their official site, you’ll find the Soleus DS1-30-01B and the HCT-D45E-A at a variety of retailers. They appear to be older models and are very similar as well despite one key difference.

Soleus has the HCT-D45E-A rated at 45 pints, while the DS1-30-01B is listed at 30 PPD. As there has been no clarification by the company on the capacity compared to their new models, we assume these are actually rated at 20 to 25 pints per day by the current standards. Both of these dehumidifiers have the same size bucket, but the Soleus DS1-30-01B has Congo branding, and the HCT-D45E-A has a TCL logo on the front.

50 to 70-pint Soleus Dehumidifiers

ModelListed CapacitySpeedsAirflowNoise LevelWi-FiInternal PumpBucket Size
DSJ-50E-0150 PPD3151/168/188 CFM49-53dBNoNo16.9
DSJ-50EIP-0150 PPD3151/168/188 CFM49-53dBNoNo14.8
DSX-70EMW-0170 PPD3UnknownUnknownYesNo8.5
DSX-70EMW-0170 PPD3UnknownUnknownYes16.9
DS1-70EIP-101B70 PPD3320 CFM on high53dBNoYes14.8

If you need a larger dehumidifier, Soleus has around a half-dozen models to choose from in the 50 to 70-pint range. We also noticed a familiar trend as the company has two models listed on their website that have been adjusted to the current DOE dehumidifier standards.

The Soleus DSJ-50E-01 and DSJ-50EIP-01 have both been dialed down to 50 PPD from 70 PPD. Both have the exact same specifications as well with the same design as the other DSJ systems, but with a considerably higher speed range. The DSJ-50E-01 also has a slightly larger bucket at 16.9-pints. From a specification standpoint, that system is in-line with the Soleus DSX-70EIPMW-01.

Both have the same size bucket and are roughly the same dimensions and weight. There’s a slight difference in the design, but the most significant change is the addition of Wi-Fi and an internal pump. It’s also listed at 70 PPM by the old standards. The Soleus DSX-70EMW-01 is a variant of that model, with all the same features, including Wi-Fi, but without the internal pump.

Last but not least is the Soleus DS1-70EIP-101B. It’s a slick, two-toned unit in Black and White, although there’s a White and Grey variant in the DS1-70EIP-101 as well. It is also rated at 70 pints under the previous system. It has a built-in pump, a water bucket rated at 14.8 pints, and can handle rooms between 800 and 1,200 square feet.

High Capacity Soleus Dehumidifiers

ModelListed CapacitySpeedsAirflowNoise LevelWi-FiInternal PumpBucket Size
DS2-95IP-201B95 PPD3323 CFM on high60dBNoYes13 pints
DS2-110IP-210110 PPD3UnknownUnknownNoYes17.6 pints
DMG-135-60135 PPD3470/529/588 CFM61dBNoYes0.5 gallons

When it comes to dehumidifiers over 70 PPD, there are a handful of options from Soleus. The smallest is the DS2-95IP-201B. It’s another older model that can be tough to find, just like the Soleus DS2-110IP-210. This dehumidifier is listed at 100 pints per day and has a built-in pump. It’s distinctive from the rest of their lineup because of its style, and the large 17.6-pint bucket.

In the commercial class, there is the Soleus DMG-135-60. It’s a unit you push around and rated to handle up to 135 pints per day. While it has a small 0.53-gallon bucket, it has a built-in pump with 19 feet of lift. It also has the best airflow rate at 588 CFM on high and 470 CFM on low.

Soleus Dehumidifier Features

Soleus, like all dehumidifier manufacturers, produces their systems with a standard set of features. They also include a few unique technologies in their machines, which helps set their collection apart from similar brands.

My Home Mode

One of the top questions we get from our readers is in regards to humidity levels and how they should set up a new dehumidifier in their homes. That can be an issue for new homeowners or companies that produce complicated systems. Well, that won’t be a problem thanks to a feature from Soleus called My Home Mode.

Simply put, My Home Mode is an interesting feature that allows you to use preprogrammed settings for humidity levels in your home. Those modes cover popular areas for dehumidifiers, including basements, bedrooms, and living areas. While you can still set the humidity level manually, the My Home settings will help take the guesswork out of things.

Tri-Pat Certified

When an item or appliance item runs continuously for long periods of time, the chance for failure can grow. If that happens with a dehumidifier, you could end up with an unforeseen explosion of moisture in your home or even a damaged machine. Soleus kept those factors in mind when designing their Tri-Pat safety system.

Tri-Pat certified dehumidifiers have a temperature sensor that shuts things down if the system begins to overheat. To keep that from happening, the compressor will take a short 3-minute break after 6 hours of continuous operation. There’s also electrical protection in the circuit board that can turn your unit off if something is amiss

In addition to those flagship features, all Soleus dehumidifiers we found come with three speeds and a washable filter. There are alerts for the bucket and filter as well, along with standard features like auto defrost. Select models from Soleus have Wi-Fi, and the company produces several models with internal pumps as well.

Soleus Dehumidifier Reviews

While Soleus has a solid lineup of systems on paper, consumer reviews tell a very different tale with this brand. We found that they have below-average ratings on most of their dehumidifiers with a few exceptions.

After digging a bit deeper, we discovered that the Soleus reviews are fairly lopsided on some models and a mixed bag with others. On several of the high capacity models, we noticed the number of 5-star reviews were split about evenly with consumers that give the product 1 to 2 stars.

One of the biggest issues appears to be the bucket sensor. There were also several complaints because of warranty issues where Soleus referred consumers to an entirely different company. That could come down to a problem with older machines, but it’s something to keep in mind nonetheless.

Reviews on newer models are sparse, to say the least, which makes it tough to draw a conclusion on the company’s more recent dehumidifiers.

Soleus Dehumidifiers Replacement Parts and Warranties

You can find an abundance of replacement parts from companies like GE and Frigidaire, but you may have trouble tracking down parts for a Soleus dehumidifier. We were unable to locate any companies that carry parts for their machine, and there are no listings on the company’s official website.

If you do have an issue with a Soleus dehumidifier and know what part you need, you can contact the company directly through their parts department. You will need proof of purchase, however, including the name and date of the place you purchased it from.

Soleus provides consumers with a standard 1-year warranty on all their dehumidifiers regardless of the capacity. Given the negative reviews on customer support, an extended warranty is worth considering with their systems.

Pros and Cons of Soleus Dehumidifiers

Purchasing a new dehumidifier can be a time consuming and frustrating process. There are hundreds of models on the market at any given time, and most manufacturers have at least a half-dozen in their collection. When stuck between systems, weighing the pros and cons of a brand can quickly help you narrow the field.

Soleus Dehumidifier Pros

Pricing is an advantage to going with Soleus. Their dehumidifiers are competitively priced, and we found a variety of models on sale. Their systems will look good in any room, and they are one of only a few companies to provide models with an internal pump and Wi-Fi. We’re also fans of their easy to use preprogrammed settings for Home Mode and the fact they are relatively easy to find online or locally compared to some brands.

Soleus Dehumidifier Cons

The biggest problem with the company in our eyes are poor reviews. While you have to take some with a dose of salt, the fact they are spread across most of the company’s dehumidifiers doesn’t bode well for a brand. In a nutshell, there aren’t many reviews in general, and there are too many negatives one to ignore.

Soleus Dehumidifier Pricing and Availability 

As mentioned, Soleus has several affordable machines, although the price can vary wildly from one site to the next. We notice price differences as much as $50 in some cases, but also found plenty of older dehumidifiers on sale at a deep discount.

Whether you prefer to shop locally or online, there are a lot of options at your disposal if you purchase a Soleus dehumidifier. We found models available through Amazon, Wal-mart, and Home Depot, both locally and online. Given the popularity of those stores, you shouldn’t have a problem tracking a dehumidifier down from the company.

Soleus Dehumidifier FAQ 

Q: If I am unhappy with my Soleus dehumidifier, how do I obtain a refund?

A: You’ll need to handle that through the company where you purchased your dehumidifier.

Q: What size Soleus dehumidifier should I use in a finished below-grade basement?

A: It depends on how large the room is and the moisture level. If you’re not sure which size is right for your home, check out our dehumidifier sizing guide.

Q: Can I purchase a dehumidifier directly from Soleus?

A: At this time, no. The company only sells its systems through retailers and not directly to the public.

Q: Will I be able to place a Soleus dehumidifier in a bedroom, or will it be too noisy?

A: In most cases, it shouldn’t be an issue, although everyone’s noise tolerance is different when they are asleep. Most of the company’s dehumidifiers are around 50 decibels, which is about as loud as a refrigerator running in the background.

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