Danby Dehumidifier Reviews and Buying Guide 2022

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Danby Dehumidifier

Danby has produced a range of home appliances since 1947. While they have expanded into some interesting areas over the years like Smart Mailboxes and Herb Growers, they have a range of HVAC products as well, including ductless split systems, portable air conditioners, and dehumidifiers. In this Danby dehumidifier review, we’re going to break down their systems and tell you what you expect from the brand as a whole.

Danby’s Dehumidifier Collection

22 PPDNo1,500 sq. ft.20"H x 10.2"D x 14.7"W31 lbs.
22 PPDNo1,500 sq. ft.19.7"H x 10.9"D x 15"W35 lbs.
30 PPDNo2,500 sq. ft.19"H x 10.9"D x 15.2"W36 lbs.
30 PPDNo2,000 sq. ft.20.5"H x 9.8"D x 13.8"W35 lbs.
40 PPDNo2,500 sq. ft.19.8"H x 9.6"D x 13"W35 lbs.
40 PPDNo3,000 sq. ft.24"H x 11.8"D x 16"W43 lbs.
50 PPDNo3,000 sq. ft.24"H x 11.8"D x 16"W44 lbs.
50 PPDYes3,000 sq. ft.24"H x 11.5"D x 15"W42 lbs.
50 PPDNo3,000 sq. ft.24"H x 11.5"D x 15"W46 lbs.
50 PPDYes3,000 sq. ft.24"H x 11.6"D x 15.7"W45 lbs.
50 PPDNo3,000 sq. ft.25"H x 12"D x 15.9"W43 lbs.

Danby has one of the more impressive dehumidifier collections on the market, but also one that’s tough to figure out at the moment. That’s because of the recent changes to how dehumidifiers are tested, which has resulted in new ratings for dehumidifier systems.

Some companies have already made the switch, but at this time, Danby has a mix of models available by the new and old standards. With that in mind, our Danby dehumidifier reviews are just going to cover their current DoE models, along with a few popular older models that are still widely available.

20-pint Danby Dehumidifiers

Danby has two dehumidifiers in their lineup under 30 pints with the Danby DDR020BIWDB and Danby DDR020BJWDB. On paper, these DOE models are almost identical, with 0.7-gallon water buckets, two speeds, and a rating of 22 pints per day.

The differences are cosmetic as the DDR020BIWDB has a grill that takes up half the front and a vertical window where the bucket is that allows you to see the water level. The Danby DDR020BJWDB has a more modern design and is a bit shorter but a little heavier with a weight of 33 pounds. You will want to familiarize yourself with those designs as they carry over to the company’s larger models.

30 to 40-pint Danby Dehumidifiers

In this range, there are currently four systems available spread across a number of sites. The smallest from a coverage standpoint is the Danby DDR030EBWDB, with a rating of 2,000 sq. ft. and a capacity of 30 PPD. The Danby DDR030BJWDB DoE is a little wider and has a more modern design. It’s still rated at 30 PPD but can handle areas up to 2,500 square feet according to the company.

The Danby DDR040EBWDB appears to be the same dehumidifier as the Danby DDR030EBWDB but rated at 40 PPD and 2,500 square feet. As for the Danby DDR040BJWDB, it’s larger and heavier than the previous model and has a higher coverage area as well at 3,000 square feet. All these dehumidifiers have the same features found in the 20-pint tier.

50-pint Danby Dehumidifiers

If you need a dehumidifier with an internal pump, the 50-pint class is where you’ll want to turn. There are two systems with pumps in this range, with the sleek black Danby DDR050BLPBDB and the white Danby DDR050EBPWDB. These models have completely different designs, but similar specifications.

The Danby DDR050BLBDB and Danby DDR050EBWDB are variants of those models without the pump. The price difference is minimal, however. The last 50-pint model by current DOE standards is the Danby DDR050EBWDB, which is also their most affordable high-capacity system. All these dehumidifiers are rated for rooms up to 3,000 square feet.

Danby Dehumidifier Features

Dehumidifiers aren’t exciting machines, which means most have a standard array of features and not very many bells & whistles. With Danby, that proves true as the company only produces two dehumidifiers with an internal pump by current DOE standards. Want a Wi-Fi dehumidifier? Well, you’ll want to look elsewhere.

All Danby dehumidifiers come with a 24-hour timer and an automatic restart feature. That’s a perk if the power goes out, and we’re big fans of any HVAC equipment that comes with a washable filter. There is an indicator light to let you know when it’s time to wash the filter, and another to notify you when the bucket is full.

The automatic defrost feature will kick on when the temperature drops below 41 degrees Fahrenheit. Other standard features across their lineup include caster wheels, dual fan speeds, and continuous drainage. We were unable to find specifications on the water bucket size on the majority of their systems. That said, most of the smaller models have 6.3-pint buckets, and several of the 50-pint models are listed with 14.3-pint water tanks.

Danby Dehumidifier Reviews

Danby’s dehumidifiers aren’t as widely reviewed as models from companies like Frigidaire, but there were still hundreds of consumer reviews for our team to dig through. During our research, we found the company’s 30 and 50-pint models are the most highly regarded from a consumer standpoint.

Homeowners found Danby’s systems easy to setup and energy-efficient. While we were unable to find any details on decibel levels, noise didn’t seem to be an issue despite a few random complaints. We did notice several Danby dehumidifier reviews stated the water bucket could be challenging to remove at times. That seems to be because of the design of the bucket, however, as it doesn’t have a flat bottom.

Danby Dehumidifiers Replacement Parts

At this time, Danby has over 60 dehumidifiers models listed on the company’s parts site. That is impressive, especially when you consider it covers several years’ worth, which includes older systems and variants.

You can find a water switch tank for the old DDR255 or pick up a display board assembly, control box, or top cover for the Danby DDR070BBPBDB. While there were far too many products for our team to go through, their parts section is a breeze to browse.

Danby Dehumidifiers Warranties

Danby offers the same warranty for all of their dehumidifiers, so you’ll get 2 years coverage on parts and labor. For the company’s certified refurbished products, functional parts of the machine are guaranteed for 12 months. Plastic parts are covered for 30 days, and any service repairs will need to be handled through one of the company’s service depots.

The Pros of Danby Dehumidifiers

Compared to other brands, we feel that Danby’s systems are a little more budget-friendly. While none of their systems stand out when it comes to design, they all perform well based on consumer reviews and provide excellent value for the cost.

Danby has more replacement parts available than other brands with a few exceptions, which is a huge bonus as well. We also like the fact they sell certified refurbished systems direct to the public at a discount along with blemished dehumidifiers.

Danby Dehumidifier Cons

No company is perfect, so there are a few cons to consider with Danby dehumidifiers. While we were unable to find a CFM rating on any of their systems, they only have two standard speeds. Their dehumidifiers are also light on features considering they don’t have any connected models and only a few dehumidifiers with an internal pump.  

Danby Dehumidifier Pricing and Availability 

If you’re interested in purchasing a Danby dehumidifier, there are a handful of options for their current DOE systems. At this time, those are available direct from Danby, Sylvane, or through Home Depot. We’ve found several of their newer models scattered across sites like Amazon, Costo, and Target as well. Pricing depends on where you decide to purchase the dehumidifier. Again, we think their systems are slightly cheaper than other brands for the same size system on average.

Danby Dehumidifier FAQ  

Q: Does Danby make any dehumidifiers over 50-pints?

A: By current DOE standards, 50-pint systems are currently the highest capacity machines they produce. There are some older models listed at 70 pints, but the removal rate is 50 by the new standards.

Q: Are Danby dehumidifiers Energy Star certified?

A: Yes. All of the dehumidifiers in the company’s catalog are listed as Energy Star certified.

Q: What is the operating range of a Danby dehumidifier?

A: According to the company, its systems will operate between 41° to 60°F.

Q: Is the full bucket alert visual or audible on dehumidifiers from Danby?

A: Danby dehumidifiers will beep and flash when the bucket is full.

Q: What size Danby dehumidifier should I buy for a bedroom?

A: In most cases, you would want a system in the 20 to 30-pint range, although it depends on the conditions in that room and how large it is. If you need help finding the right size dehumidifier for your home, check out our dehumidifier sizing guide.

Q: What type of hose do I need to use the continuous draining option on the company’s dehumidifiers?

A: A standard size garden hose can be attached to the back of the dehumidifier.

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