Haiku Fans Reviews and Cost Guide

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When a company is bold enough to name themselves Big Ass Fans, they have to produce a product that lives up to the name. We’re pleased to say BAF easily accomplishes this feat with a lineup of massive ceiling fans, which includes their luxurious Haiku fans. In our Haiku fan review, we’re going to break down the brand’s lineup, so you’ll know what to expect from this premium brand.

Haiku Fans Collection

Whereas some ceiling fan manufacturers focus on delivering dozens of different models to consumers, Big Ass Fans keeps things simple with their Haiku line. There are only three fans with the Haiku, Haiku L, and the new Haiku UV-C. While that may not sound exciting, these fans are customizable from the airfoils’ size and color to add-ons that add light or Wi-Fi connectivity.

Haiku Indoor Ceiling Fans

The original H series or main Haiku ceiling fan line is available in three different sizes with 52”, 60” or 84” models. There are four hardware finishes with Satin Nickel, Black, White, and Oil-Rubbed Bronze to go along with 10 different airfoil finishes. Those are just the finishes listed on their site, as you can find variants like their Special Edition fan that’s available through Amazon as well. 

Big Ass Fans Haiku Indoor 60″ Smart Ceiling Fan

Big Ass Fans Haiku Indoor 60" Smart Ceiling Fan

  • Color: Black / Caramel Bamboo
  • Brand: Big Ass Fans
  • Item Dimensions: L 60 x W 60 x H 29 inches
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Controller Type: Remote, voice, app

Big Ass Fans Special Edition Haiku Indoor 60″

Special Edition Haiku Indoor

  • Color: Yellow/Black
  • Brand: Big Ass Fans
  • Item Dimensions: L 60 x W 60 x H 29 inches
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Controller Type: Remote Control Included

The airfoils on this system are made from either aircraft-grade aluminum or Moso Bamboo, depending on your preference. They are the company’s “smartest” fans as well, considering they have voice integration, which allows you to control the fan through Google Home, Alexa, or via Ecobee. It comes with a premium remote like other Haiku models, but that’s not the only way you can control this unit.

The indoor version of the Haiku can be controlled from a smartphone or tablet and is the only collection that features SenseMe technology outside of the i6 series. This unique system uses a microprocessor and an array of sensors, which allows you to personalize the settings based on your needs. That includes the ability to turn itself on or off as you enter the room and set a schedule through the mobile app.

Haiku Outdoor Ceiling Fans

Big Ass Fans outdoor Haiku ceiling fan resembles their indoor model, but with some key differences. The same four hardware finishes are available, but the options narrow with airfoil finishes to eight hues. That includes wood-like patterns like Cocoa and Driftwood, although the blades on their outdoor fans are only made from aircraft-grade aluminum.

This allows the airfoils to hold up outdoors, and the components on this system are made from stainless steel as well. The system itself has an IPX2 rating, which is good for outdoor use on covered patios and porches. Their outdoor models are available in the same sizes and have the same mounting profiles but aren’t nearly as smart as the indoor Haiku fans.

Every Haiku outdoor fan comes with a premium remote control and the same modes as their high-end fans aside from Fan Eco mode. They only have standard controls, however, so you won’t get features like SenseMe, voice integration, or mobile connectivity. Downlight kits are available for this series, but there are no other extras at this time.

Big Ass Fans Haiku Outdoor 60″ Ceiling Fan

Big Ass Fans Haiku Outdoor 60" Ceiling Fan

  • Color: Black / Cocoa Woodgrain
  • Brand: Big Ass Fans
  • Item Dimensions: L 60 x W 60 x H 29 inches
  • Controller Type: Remote Control
  • Mounting Type: Wall Mount

Haiku L Series Fans

The Haiku L Series fans are the company’s budget-friendly line. While they are half the price of their premium systems, they are only available in two sizes with a 44” or 52” ceiling fan. While you can’t pick up the massive 80” model from this lineup, this fan does have something the other models lack.

Aside from the price, the biggest draw to this system is the integrated LED light. That’s something only available as an add-on with their regular Haiku lineup and a welcome addition on the L series. The light comes with 16 dimmable levels and has a color temp of 2700K. It’s rated for more than 50,000 hours of usage and has an output of up to 1,280 lumens.

While the light is a nice touch, there are only two color options with black or white. The airfoils are made from a durable hybrid resin and will match the hardware. This can only be installed with the company’s universal mounting system. It comes with a standard IR remote but can be upgraded for additional connectivity through a Wi-Fi module. There are also packages available with the module included.

Big Ass Fans Haiku L Smart Ceiling Fan, 52″

Big Ass Fans Haiku L Smart Ceiling Fan

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Big Ass Fans
  • Item Dimensions: L 52 x W 52 x H 11.5 inches
  • Material: Hybrid Resin
  • Controller Type: Amazon Echo, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa

Haiku UV-C Technology 

One of the newest systems from Big Ass Fans was designed with the COVID-19 in mind but is an excellent all-around choice if you suffer from allergies or are concerned about airborne germs in your home. Their Clean Air System can destroy pathogens before they spread while providing you with clean indoor air.

Haiku UV-C Technology

The UVGI Clean Air System from Big Ass Fans is available for commercial and residential applications, although it’s only an option on the regular indoor Haiku fan, not the other versions. The ingenious design uses a UV-C light installed above the blades in an area called the disinfection zone. As air passes through this area, UV-C rays kill up to 99.9% of pathogens and bacteria before returning air to the area below.

Haiku Fan Build Quality

While it can be a problem to determine what parts some manufacturers use in their fans, that isn’t the case with the Haiku lineup. All of these fans have hand-balanced airfoils, whether they’re made from Moso bamboo, hybrid resin, or aluminum. The permanent-magnet motor is quiet and efficient due to its brushless nature as well.

The outdoor variant is arguably the most well-built as it’s made from stainless steel and aluminum, but all of their Haiku fans have solid warranties. The high-end indoor Haiku and budget-friendly Haiku L come with a 5-year guarantee. The Outdoor Haiku fan has a 3-year warranty but will last just as long as the indoor models when properly maintained.

Haiku Fan Features

Every Haiku fan comes with a standard set of features, some of which vary depending on whether you purchase a connected model or not. All three versions have seven speeds and produce an ample amount of airflow. The 84” Haiku is rated at over 19,000 CFM at max power, while the 52” Haiku L is listed at 5,204 CFM on high.

Haiku fans also have three modes with Sleep, Whoosh, and a Timer. Sleep Mode decreases the fan speed every hour over an 8-hour period before finally shutting itself off. It’s a timed mode, although you can use the timer itself to set the fan to run for a certain length of time. As for Whoosh Mode, it mimics a natural breeze by adjusting the speed of the fan.

All of these modes are standard, while Fan Eco is on the company’s smarter fans. The company’s Clean Air System is available on the 52”, 60”, and 84” versions of the Haiku, but you’ll need to contact the company for further details on those systems. 

Haiku Fan Installation

Ceiling fans are challenging for most homeowners to install, especially if you are uncomfortable with wiring. While the Haiku line is lightweight for their size, they are still larger than a standard ceiling fan and not necessarily something you’ll want to take on yourself. Homeowners that installed the system themselves felt the wiring could have been cleaner and easier to deal with. The video below gives you a good idea of what to expect from a low-profile installation.

If you are uncomfortable installing a ceiling fan or prefer to let a pro handle the job, you can use a handyman service, an installer from a big box store, or choose a professional installation through Big Ass Fans. The company offers a factory-certified installation service from qualified technicians that are trained specifically for their products. You’ll need to ask for a quote to use this service but may get an electrical warranty upgrade.

Haiku Fans Pricing and Availability

It’s safe to say that Big Ass Fans doesn’t have any cheap products, as both the indoor and outdoor versions of the Haiku start at around a grand. On average, you can expect to pay around $1,300 for the 52” and 60” models depending on the airfoils and finish. The Haiku L has a more reasonable price tag but is still triple the price of a solid traditional ceiling fan.

As Haiku fans are popular, they are easy to find online but can be tough to track down locally. Home Depot and a few other retailers may have them in stock, but we found a far superior selection online. That includes specialty shops and Amazon, where the company has an official storefront that includes most of their products.

With that in mind, the 80” variants can be challenging to find, so you will want to go to the official source for those. You can buy direct from the company if you want a full range of options, including the ability to customize your fan from top to bottom.

Haiku Fan Reviews

While we haven’t gone hands-on with one of Big Ass Fans Haiku models, there has been a wealth of consumer feedback for the company’s premium and L series fans. The jury is still out on the UV-C series, however, as it’s a newer release that’s hard to find given the global pandemic and its ability to combat the Covid virus.

When it comes to the company’s flagship fan, consumers have been pleased with the features, including the connectivity options. Most people found the system extremely simple to connect compared to other smart models, despite a few complaints of spotty network connectivity.

The only significant complaint with this model is the price, but many of those gripes were for models that didn’t have Wi-Fi. There were a number of homeowners that felt it was too noisy, however and thought the blades “chopped” the air instead of gently slicing through it. Factors like an improper installation can affect the noise level, but it’s something to keep in mind nonetheless.

With the Haiku L, we still noticed some complaints with noise levels on high, but everyone loved the integrated LED light and the overall features. Pricing was a bit of a sore spot with some homeowners because of the airfoils compared to the ones on premium or outdoor models. In a nutshell, people love the features and style of the Haiku fans but feel they could be cheaper across the board.


We’re always intrigued by powerful ceiling fans, especially ones as stylish as the Haiku collection. They are the most versatile ceiling fan on the market, and models with SenseMe tech are certainly smarter than what you’ll find from the competition. Are Haiku fans worth the price? That all depends on your budget and what you’re looking for from a ceiling fan. If you’re looking for a new ceiling fan, but prefer something cheaper, be sure to check out our list of the best ceiling fans.

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