6 Best High Efficiency Wood Burning Stoves

The page features the most efficient wood stove models available today – up to 85% efficient, meaning that much of the heat created can be used to warm your home, while only 15% of it is lost. High Efficiency Wood Stoves Any wood stove that has been built since 1988 is required by the Environmental … Read more

Wood Stove Installation Cost & Price List 2022

This is your complete guide to wood stove prices for the stoves plus installation if you plan to hire someone for that part of the project. There are comprehensive wood stove prices below including price lists for the top wood stove brands. On the side of this page and in links, you’ll find much more … Read more

How Many BTU Wood Stove for 500-4,000 sqft Homes (Calculator)

What size wood stove do you need for a 2000 square foot home? A larger or smaller house? That’s the kind of question addressed in this Wood Stove BTU Calculator and Guide that includes a handy reference chart for homes from “tiny home” size to estate size. First, check out the calculator. Below it are … Read more

Top 7 Small Wood Stoves for Tiny House, Garage, RV and Bedroom

The best small wood burning stoves are made with quality materials, are easy to light, burn hot and thoroughly and are easy to clean. In this mini wood stove guide, we review the best small wood burning stove models. Most make ideal tiny house wood stove units, but can be used in a range of … Read more

Lopi Wood Stove Reviews and Prices 2022

This Lopi Wood Stove review will look at the brand’s cast iron and steel wood burning stoves and fireplace inserts including each model’s specifications, features, and prices. Lopi Wood Stove Review Lopi, located in Mukilteo, Washington, has been making premium wood stoves for over 40 years. According to its website, Lopi has a reputation for … Read more

Pellet Stove vs Wood Stove: Pros & Cons Comparison

Most North American homeowners would enjoy the opportunity to ask themselves the question, “Should I buy a wood stove or a pellet stove to heat my home?” If you are one of the lucky ones who needs to know the Wood vs. Pellet distinction, here’s the buying guide you’re looking for. It contains pros and … Read more

Best Portable Wood Stove for Camping

An outdoor wood stove that is portable, lightweight and burns multiple fuel types is a great piece of equipment for backpacking, day hikes, taking to the state park or beach, or simply using on your patio or in the backyard. We’ve got the best portable outdoor wood stoves in a range of categories from minimalist, … Read more

2022 Best 9 Wood Stoves For 500-4,000 Sq Ft Homes

How We Chose the Best Wood Stoves Here is an overview of the criteria for selecting the top wood stoves. Quality – The quality of the materials and workmanship are essential. There are a lot of stoves with impressive features and good looks, but they lack quality, so we don’t consider them. Performance – These stoves do … Read more

Best and Worst Firewood for Wood Stove or Fireplace

Not all wood burns the same or is equally good for your wood stove or fireplace. This guide to the best wood to use in a wood stove or fireplace addresses the best wood to use and other types to avoid. Hardwood is generally better to use for firewood, though there are a significant number … Read more

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