Cooling Btu Calculator: How Many Btu Cooling Do I Need?

How Many BTU Cooling Do I Need? The btu per square foot cooling rule of thumb is 20 BTU for the size of the cooling area. For example, a 400 square foot room should have an 8,000 BTU AC for optimal cooling. A 2,000 square foot home is best served by air conditioning with around … Read more

Heating Annual Cost Comparison: Heat Pump vs Furnace vs Heater

In most regions of the country, a heat pump is the most efficient way to heat your home. A heat pump doesn’t make heat, like a furnace does. It gathers heat outside and pumps it into your home using refrigerant. However, heat pumps aren’t the ideal heating solution in very cold climates. In order of … Read more

Propane VS Electric Heat Calculator (Running Cost & Savings Comparison)

What is Less Expensive to Use…..Propane or Electric Heat? What is the difference in running costs and savings between using propane compared to electric heat? Both energy sources have been rising in cost. So, is propane cheaper than electricity as a fuel to heat your home? Use the Pick HVAC Propane vs Electricity Comparison Calculator … Read more

kW To BTU Converter Calculator: How Many BTU in a kW

This page features a couple calculators and Tables showing to quickly assist you in converting kilowatts to BTU. Why would you want to convert kW to BTU per hour, or kW = BTU/hour? Cooling and heating capacity are often listed by kW, so to determine how powerful the unit is, converting kW to BTU is … Read more

Propane BTU Calculator: How Much Propane Does a Heater Use?

Our Propane BTU Calculator tells you how much propane heaters and furnaces of different sizes use per hour / day / month when running at full capacity. The first step is to know the heating capacity of your heater or furnace. It should be listed on the appliance or can be found online with a … Read more

BTU To kW Converter Calculator

There are times it is important to know how many kilowatts (kW) or watts a piece of heating or cooling equipment is using when all you know is the BTU output of the unit. The conversion from BTU to kW is really quite straightforward depending on the type of equipment you own. We have two … Read more

Heating Btu Calculator – How Many Btu Per Square Foot Do I Need?

How many btu to heat 1000 sq ft? How many square feet will 30,000 BTU heat? You can get more accurate answers thourgh our BTU heating calculator. Our goal is to help you determine the right size furnace/heater for your heating requirements. It is based on the needed heating BTU per square foot for most … Read more

Convert EER To COP & COP To EER (Calculator + Table)

Converting EER to COP and COP to EER are straightforward calculations. This Convert EER to COP and Convert COP to EER Guide includes easy-to-use calculators and conversion charts already completed for you. Convert EER to COP EER, or Energy Efficient Ratio, and COP, or Coefficient of Performance, are both used of geothermal heat pumps and … Read more Protection Status