Honeywell Air Purifier Reviews and Buying Guide 2021

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Honeywell makes a diverse range of HEPA and standard air filtration air purifiers. It does not produce electrostatic models.

This Honeywell air purifier review and buying guide starts with the top models. If you’re looking for professional recommendations and want to buy an air purifier and get on with your day, that’s easy to do right below.

The Reviews of the top models are followed by our Honeywell Air Purifier Buying Guide that goes in depth on each Series – Its sizes, features, pros, cons and costs.

What’s In This Guide?

Best Honeywell Air Purifiers - Top Picks

What is the best Honeywell air purifier?

Instead of giving you one model, here are 7.

These are the best Honeywell air purifiers in categories that allow you to choose the right one for your needs.

      Image                    Product

Honeywell True HEPA HPA204

  • Filters 99.97% of allergens
  • Lowers VOCs in air
  • High smoke removal rating
  • Energy Star

Best for Allergens

Honeywell True HEPA HPA304

  • Best smoke removal rating
  • Removes 99.97% of allergens
  • Large capacity
  • Certified HEPA filtration

Best for Smoke

Honeywell AirGenius 5

  • Activated Carbon pre-filter for odors
  • Good smoke removal rating
  • 99.9% filtration
  • 5 air cleaning levels

Best for Odors

Honeywell HPA020B Tabletop

  • Up to 80 square feet
  • Compact size
  • Filters 99.97% of allergens
  • Carbon pre-filter

Best for Small Rooms

Honeywell True HEPA HPA030B

  • Up to 170 square feet
  • Filters 99.97% of allergens
  • Reduces VOCs
  • Carbon pre-filter

Best for Medium Rooms

Honeywell HPA300

  • Up to 465 square feet
  • True HEPA 99.97% filtration
  • Activated Carbon pre-filter
  • High-volume pollution removal

Best for Large & Extra Large Rooms

Honeywell Pro HPA600B

  • True HEPA filtration
  • Removes 99.97% of allergens
  • Filtration to 0.1 microns
  • Turbo Clean setting

Best Premium Model

Honeywell Air Purifier Reviews

This section is for you if you’re interested in the details and why we put the models on our list of Honeywell’s best air purifiers.

By the way, we use the same rating scale for models from other brands, so it makes for easy comparison at a glance.

Explaining CADR Scores

Just a quick note before beginning the reviews. All air purifiers are rated for CADR, or Clean Air Delivery Rate, by the Association for Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM). It rates how much air the unit purifies, measured in cubic feet per minute (CFM), for three contaminants – Smoke, Dust and Pollen.

Two things determine CADR: Whether the filter is a true HEPA (better) or not. Secondly, fan speed is the key to how many square feet a unit can clean. Many units have multiple fan speeds, referred to by Honeywell as “cleaning levels”.

When comparing air purifiers designed for the same square feet, the higher CADR number means the unit does a better job.

OK, here are the detailed reviews. Ratings are high for these, because they are the best Honeywell air purifiers.

Best for Allergens

1. Honeywell True HEPA HPA204 with Allergen Remover

All of the True HEPA Honeywell purifiers are excellent choices for removing allergens. It really comes down to the size model and perhaps a few features.

Reason for the Choice: This unit does a great job filtering all pollutants in your home including pollen, dust, smoke and other allergens. It even lowers levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), viruses and bacteria.

Room Size: Up to 310 square feet (e.g. 15x20).

CADR Scores: Smoke 200/Dust 190/Pollen 180.

Features: Three fan/cleaning settings. Turbo cleaning, which is a bit loud but effective for quick de-odorizing. Electronic controls. 2/4/8 hour timer.

Features Rating: 4 – Everything but a remote or Bluetooth

Filter Rating: 5 – It’s a certified HEPA air filter and has a pre-filter too.

Efficiency Rating: 5 – Energy Star

Quality Rating– The 5 year warranty is longer than most, showing the good quality of the unit.

Overall Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Best for Smoke

2. Honeywell True HEPA HPA304 Whole Room

This unit combines powerful air purification with capacity for a large room or small apartment.

Reason for the Choice: This unit is equipped with an activated charcoal pre-filter that traps smoke and odor. The True HEPA filter traps everything larger than .03 microns.

Room Size: Up to 465 square feet (e.g. about 20x24)

CADR Scores: Smoke 300/Dust 320/Pollen 300.

Features: Pre-filter and HEPA filter. Three cleaning levels plus Turbo for powerful and quick air purification, for example, to remove cooking odor. Electronic filter replacement reminder. Timer: 2/4/8 hours.

Features Rating: 4

Filter Rating: 5 – Multiple filters remove a wide range of pollutants.

Efficiency Rating– Energy Star

Quality Rating: 4 – Very good. Backed by a 5-year rating.

Overall Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Best for Odors

3. Honeywell AirGenius 5 Odor Reducer Tower

This is an oscillating air purifier with a compact footprint due to the tower design.

Reason for the Choice: The activated Charcoal pre-filter is the key to absorbing odors out of the air, freshening any room in just a few minutes.

Room Size: Up to 250 square feet (e.g. a room about 14x18)

CADR Scores: Smoke 161/Dust 160/Pollen 170.

Features: Choose the odor-reducing pre-filter or optional permanent/washable standard pre-filter. Five air-cleaning levels. Accent lighting with low/medium/high settings. Dirty filter indicator. Oscillating. 2-12 hour timer.

Features Rating: 5 – The most features of any air purifier in its class. No Bluetooth, however.  

Filter Rating: 4 – While the carbon pre-filter is excellent, the main filter for particles is not HEPA-rated.

Efficiency Rating: 5 – Energy Star

Quality Rating: 4 – Very good, and covered with the Honeywell 5-year warranty.

Overall Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Best for Small Rooms

4. Honeywell HPA020B Tabletop

This highly rated compact air purifier is ideal for a bathroom, den, small office or small bedroom.

Reason for the Choice: Certified HEPA filtration plus a pre-filter traps 99.97% of pollutants plus odors. It’s sized for small rooms.

Room Size: Up to 80 square feet (e.g. 8x10).

CADR Scores: Smoke 53/Dust 63/Pollen 53.

Features: True HEPA filter. Pre-filter for odors. Dirty filter notification. 3 air cleaning levels.

Features Rating: 4 – No timer. The controls are very basic.

Filter Rating: 5 – A HEPA filter and pre-filter are the best combination.

Efficiency Rating: 5 – Energy Star certified.

Quality Rating: 4 – Good durability with a 5-year warranty.

Overall Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Best for Medium Rooms

5. Honeywell True HEPA HPA030B Tower

The tower design of this unit means it has a small footprint. That makes it ideal for rooms without a lot of open floor space. The filter is certified HEPA, and it reduces allergens, viruses, bacteria and VOCs by up to 99.97%.

Reason for the Choice: This is a feature-rich air purifier rated to clean the air in small and medium rooms 5 times per hour.

Room Size: Up to 170 square feet (e.g. about 12x14).

CADR Scores: Smoke 110/Dust 124/Pollen 117.

Features: LED controls. Three levels of air cleaning. Pre-filter.

Features Rating: – No timer, and no oscillation. Disposable (expensive) filters must be periodically replaced.

Filter Rating: – HEPA main filter plus activated carbon pre-filter is the best air cleaning combination.

Efficiency Rating: – Energy Star

Quality Rating: 4 – Very reliable air purifier.

Overall Rating: 4.25 out of 5

Best for Large & Extra Large Rooms

6. Honeywell HPA300Whole Room

This large room air purifier covers a lot of territory, and it cleans the air really well. It is the right size for a small apartment, bedroom suite, recreation room and office suite

Reason for the Choice: Tremendous filtration with a carbon pre-filter for odors plus a certified HEPA main filter. Together they remove 99%+ of allergens, viruses, bacteria and VOCs (volatile organic compounds in many building materials).

Room Size: Up to 465 square feet, (e.g. 20x23).

CADR Scores: Smoke 300/Dust 320/Pollen 300.

Features: Three levels of cleaning plus Turbo for very fast air cleaning and odor removal. Dirty filter notification. Control panel lighting Bright/Dim/Off. Timer, 2/4/8 hours.

Features Rating: 5 – The features allow you to customize air purification in your home or business.

Filter Rating: 5 – HEPA main filter plus carbon pre-filter for odor removal.

Efficiency Rating: 5 – Certified Energy Star.

Quality Rating: 4 – Good reliability backed with 5 years of warranty coverage.

Overall Rating: 4.75 out of 5

Best Premium Model

7. Honeywell Pro Series HPA600B

What do you get for the much higher price tag? Better features, a metal cabinet and probably better durability. It is also quieter. The filtration rates are about the same as more affordable Honeywell air purifiers of the same size, the HPA204 above, for example.  This high-performance, high-quality model is Honeywell’s best air purifier. It cleans the air 5 times per hour when properly sized for the space.

Reason for the Choice: It cleans the air with a HEPA/charcoal filter combination for the removal of 99.97% of allergens and other pollutants like bacteria, viruses and VOCs.

Room Size: Up to 325 square feet (e.g. 18x18).

CADR Scores: Smoke 210/Dust 184/Pollen 205.

Features: Dual carbon and HEPA filtration. 2/4/8 hour timer. Touchscreen controls. Air quality monitor with particle and VOC sensor. Four cleaning levels plus Turbo cleaning for fast removal of odors. Anti-microbial materials prohibit bacteria growth. Casters for easily moving the unit. Control panel dimmer. Dirty filter light.

Features Rating: 5 – It has just about every feature available in air purifiers. The Pro Series HPA600B is easy and convenient to use.

Filter Rating: – Activated charcoal/carbon plus HEPA.

Efficiency Rating: 5 – The unit is certified by Energy Star.

Quality Rating: 5 – Honeywell got this one right. The quality of the materials and the durability of the air purifier are best-in-class.

Overall Rating: 5 out of 5

Guide Section

This guide will assist you in choosing the right Honeywell air purifier for your purposes.

If you’re looking for more general buying information, see our Air Purifier Reviews and Buying Guide, a comprehensive report covering air purifier types, features to consider and how to get the most from the air purifier you buy.


Honeywell makes one of the largest lineups of filtration air purifiers. Honeywell does not make ionic or electrostatic air purifiers.

Most units purify air with a pre-filter and main filter.

Pre-filters: Most use a carbon pre-filter, also called activated charcoal filter. It traps large particles and is good at removing particles that cause odors. Activated charcoal filters must be replaced every two to four months depending on how frequently you use your air purifier.

A few of the models, and we’ll note them below, have a permanent pre-filter. The benefit is that it can be removed and rinsed/washed, rather than replaced. This saves you the cost of replacement pre-filters. The downside is that the filter doesn’t do as good a job on odors. Some units come with both a permanent filter and a charcoal filter, giving you an option for which better suits your purposes.

Main filters: Top models from all brands use HEPA filters. The acronym stands for High Efficiency Particulate Air filtration. Manufacturers can’t just slap the HEPA term on any filter. The filter must meet US DOE standards, which defines a HEPA filter this way: “High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) Filter: A throwaway, extended-medium, dry type filter with a rigid casing enclosing the full depth of the pleats. The filter shall exhibit a minimum efficiency of 99.97% when tested with an aerosol of 0.3 micrometer diameter.”

The term “True HEPA” is used in the industry to define a genuine HEPA filter.

Honeywell uses what it calls “HEPA-like” filters in a few models. It’s a meaningless term since there is no filtration standard. The one’s Honeywell uses trap 99% of particulates, which isn’t bad, but not as good as a true HEPA. The reason for using non-HEPA filters is cost, of course. The air purifiers with “HEPA-like” filters cost a little less.

Honeywell Air Purifier Series Pros and Cons

The brand offers several series and a few single units. Here they are. Detailed reviews of each series follow the table.



Room Sizes




Energy Star


HEPA & Carbon

80-465 s.f.



5 years


True HEPA Bluetooth

HEPA & Carbonv

465 s.f.



5 years

True HEPA Professional

HEPA & Carbon

325 s.f.



5 years



Non-HEPA & Carbon

150-250 s.f.



5 years

Yes 4

AirGenius Bluetooth

Non-HEPA & Carbon

260 s.f.



5 years



Non-HEPA & Carbon

62-170 s.f.



5 years


* Energy Star: All Series are Energy Star certified.

Warranty: All Models have a 5-year warranty

CADR is Clean Air Deliver Rate. We list the CADR for Smoke removal.

Cost covers all models in the series, from lowest to highest room size rating.

1. True HEPA Air Purifier with Allergen Remover Series

We rate this as the top Honeywell air purifier series for value – great performance at a fair price. These are basic, affordable air purifiers that clean the air very well.

This large series is one of Honeywell’s best-selling air purifier lines.

Models and Room Size Rating: There are four sizes. The smallest is called a Tabletop model. Square footage ratings are: 80, 155, 310 and 465.

Three of the sizes come in Black or White.

Filtration: A true HEPA main filter and an activated charcoal pre-filter. Both are replaceable.

Features: Most series models include:

  • Electronic controls
  • Control panel light options – Bright, Dim and Off
  • 3 cleaning levels/fan speeds including Turbo, which is loud but useful for quick removal of odors such as cooking odors
  • Timer with 2/4/8 hour options
  • Filter replacement notification

The tabletop model is fairly basic, with a manual control knob. It does have an electronic filter replacement indicator, aka a dirty filter light.

Pros: Excellent CADR scores for Smoke, Dust and Pollen filtration. Pre-filter for odors. Models for any room size from very small to very large. Easy to use. Features offer good performance and convenience.

Cons: Turbo mode is loud, but it isn’t designed for constant use. Replacement filters are expensive, but that’s true of all brands. This series doesn’t use washable filters.

Best Use: These are the most versatile Honeywell air purifiers. Choose the right size for your space, from a very small bedroom or storage room to a small apartment.

2. True HEPA Series Bluetooth Smart Air Purifier

There is just one size. It is much like the standard True HEPA Series above. It is designed for large rooms up to 465 square feet.

Here’s how it differs:

  • Works with Bluetooth Smart version 4.0 Android and Apple devices – range is 30 feet
  • Free app offers all control functions
  • Touchscreen controls
  • Timer is 1-18 hours

Best Use: Obviously, it’s the Bluetooth control that sets this unit apart. Besides the convenience of Bluetooth, this unit is ideal for those with physical challenges that would benefit from remote control. 

3. True HEPA Professional

This unit also comes in just one size, with a rating up to 325 square feet. It uses a genuine HEPA main filter and carbon pre-filter like the standard True HEPA Series.

Here’s how it differs:  

  • Has an air quality monitor with particle and VOC sensors
  • Touchscreen controls
  • Five total cleaning levels
  • Caster wheels
  • Metal housing rather than plastic
  • Antimicrobial coating

Is the high cost worth it? This is built to be a workhorse air purifier, allowing constant or nearly constant use over a long period.

If you have the need to constant, high-efficiency filtration, then it might be worth paying for. Otherwise, for more general air purification, it isn’t a good value.

Best Use: Constant use in large areas with significant levels in air pollution and allergens.

4. AirGenius 3, 4 & 5

These Tower-style units are numbered to show how many cleaning levels they have – meaning how many speeds the fan has.

Models and Room Size Rating: Here are your options and the space they serve.

AirGenius 3: 225 square feet

AirGenius (Compact) 4: 150 square feet

AirGenius 4: 250 square feet

AirGenius 5: 250 square feet

Filtration: These units do not contain true HEPA filters. Instead, they are HEPA-like filters that remove up to 99.9% (instead of 99.97%) of particles.

Features: There’s a good assortment of features offered:

  • Washable permanent main filters cut down on cost, so they do not require replacing annually like HEPA filters.
  • Two pre-filters are included – a washable permanent filter and a carbon filter that requires replacement. You can only use one of the filters at a time.
  • 3, 4 or 5 fan speeds.
  • Dirty filter light.
  • Touch-control buttons.
  • AirGenius 4 & 5 have timers.
  • The compact AirGenius 4 has oscillating action to pull air from a wider range.

Pros: The Tower design has a smaller footprint. They move enough air to clean all the air in a room 5 times per hour. The option of two pre-filters allows you to focus on particle removal (washable filter) or odor reduction (charcoal filter).

Cons: The filters aren’t true HEPA, so you’re not getting quite as high a level of filtration. Tower air purifiers can be tipped over more easily than other styles.

Best Use: When you want the tower design that takes up less floor space, an AirGenius is a good option. They’re popular in small bedrooms with large beds, dorm rooms, home offices with tight spacing and similar locations.

5. AirGenius 6 Bluetooth

The top-of-the-line AirGenius has 6 fan-speed cleaning levels for very thorough cleaning.

It is Bluetooth enabled to work with your Android or Apple that are compatible with Bluetooth Smart v. 4.0. Range is 30 feet.

The free app allows you to monitor and control all functions and receives dirty filter and allergen alert notifications too.  

Models and Room Size Rating: There is one model, and it is rated for 260 square feet.

Filtration: Non-HEPA filter removes up to 99.9% of pollutants.

Features: The options are a step up from the standard AirGenius:

  • Bluetooth and app
  • Manual operation too
  • Allergen alerts in your zip code via Accu-Weather and the app
  • Proximity sensor turns the unit on when it detects your phone is in range (feature can be turned off)
  • VOC sensor tells you when dangerous volatile organic chemicals are in the air
  • 1-18 hour timer
  • Optional oscillation

Pros: Bluetooth is very convenient. This unit has a lot of performance features not found on some other models.

Cons: Non-HEPA filtration, higher cost.

Best Use: If you like gadgets and/or have difficulty getting up to turn on/off the unit or adjust performance, then you will get good use from a Bluetooth enabled AirGenius.

6. QuietClean

This series of Tower-style air purifiers is most similar to the AirGenius line. It uses permanent washable main filters.

Models and Room Size Ratings: There are 3 models. The Compact version serves 62 square feet. The other two are rated for 170 square feet.

Filtration: 99.9%, not HEPA-level 99.97%.

Features: Features vary a bit, so we’ll try to keep them clear.

  • 2 air cleaning levels/fan speeds on the Compact version with knob control
  • Oscillation (optional) on the other two with electronic control and dirty filter indicator light
  • 3 speeds/air cleaning levels on the 170 square feet models

Pros: Permanent washable main filter saves replacement cost. The units designed for 170 square feet have pre-filters.

Cons: Non-HEPA. The compact unit doesn’t come with a pre-filter installed, but there is a place for it and you can purchase one.

Best Use: The Compact version is affordable and does just very basic air purifying. It’s a cheap choice if your air is relatively clean from vacuuming and dusting, but you have a dog, cat, rabbit, etc. The other versions offer better overall filtration with a pre-filter and the Honeywell filter. They’re a pretty good choice wherever a Tower air purifier with oscillation is desired.

Comparing Honeywell Air Purifiers to Other Top Brands

Honeywell offers a better range of air purifiers than most brands. The range is from cheap/affordable to mid-range. The best Honeywell air purifiers in these niches are considered among the best available. User scores are quite high.

True HEPA: ALL models have genuine HEPA filters. HEPA is the best way to filter pollutants whether you spend under $100 or more than a million.

Good Value: You could spend two or three times more, but likely wouldn’t get remarkably better air purification.

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The Bottom Line

If you prefer proven, comprehensive air purifying, then Honeywell probably has a very good air purifier for you.

When you enjoy new technology, then a Dyson or Molekule might be more intriguing and inviting for use than Honeywell.

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