Dyson Air Purifier Reviews and Buying Guide 2021

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Dyson is a name that gets the attention of consumers that want exceptional quality and performance and are willing to pay more to get it.

The Dyson air purifiers are different. All air purifiers from every brand have fans, but Dyson uses powerful fans that provide cooling in warm weather or when the fireplace glows a little too hot. Not, the “Cool” models are not air conditioners. Just fans.

Other units include a heating element for an air purifier and space heater in one unit.

This Dyson Air Purifier review includes top models, reviews of the top models and a buying guide discussing options, features, pros and cons for each model.

What’s In This Guide?

Best Dyson Air Purifiers – Top Picks

What is the best Dyson air purifier? They’re all quite good, but the best one is the one that serves your purposes.

      Image                    Product

Dyson Pure Cool DP04

  • True HEPA + Carbon
  • Auto response to pollution
  • Removes ultra-fine PM2.5
  • 350° Oscillation
  • Remote/WiFi/Alexa

Best for Allergens & Dust

Dyson Pure Cool Me BP01

  • True HEPA + Carbon
  • 70° Oscillation
  • Desk/table/bed side
  • Jet-focus Airflow
  • LCD Display

Best for Small Rooms

Pure Cool TP04

  • HEPA + Carbon
  • Removes ultra-fine PM2.5
  • 350° Oscillation
  • Remote/WiFi/Alexa

Best for Large Rooms – Cools Only

Pure Hot+Cool HP02 

  • HEPA + Carbon
  • Too Many Features to List
  • WiFi/Alexa/Siri
  • Auto Air Cleaning

Best for Large Rooms – Heats & Cools

Dyson Air Purifier Reviews

There are more details about the models we put on the Best Dyson Air Purifier list in case you’d like to compare them head to head or with those from other premium brands like Winix or affordable yet quality brands like Honeywell.

Best for Allergens & Dust

1. Dyson Pure Cool DP04

To beat allergens in your home, a multi-front attack is needed. That’s what the DP04 delivers using Dyson’s latest allergy-fighting technology.

Reason for the Choice:

  • Sensors detect various allergens and pollutants such as VOCs and dust.
  • Air quality levels are displayed including ultra-fine particulate matter PM2.5 ultra-fine particles and VOCs, classified as PM10.
  • The sealed True HEPA filter removes 99.97% of particles, VOCs, dust, pollen, pet hair and dander and more.
  • Filters 77+ gallons of air per minute.
  • WiFi and Alexa allow you to start the Dyson air purifier in a dirty room while you’re in the fresh air outdoors.

Room Size: Dyson is frustratingly vague about room sizes. The company simply calls this a “Large Room” air purifier.

In our testing, we’re confident it will clean a room very well to 750 square feet (35x20, e.g.).


  • 350-degree oscillation evenly cleans the room
  • High-speed fan with multiple settings pulls air from far corners
  • Pollution sensing and reporting, so you understand indoor air quality (IAQ) in your home
  • WiFi and App for monitoring and controlling the unit
  • Backward airflow mode purifies without cooling
  • Nighttime dim display
  • Remote
  • Alexa & Smart Home

Features Rating: 5 – Everything for performance and convenience.

Filter Rating: 4.5 – True HEPA and Carbon. There’s no pre-filter to extend the life of the HEPA filter.

Efficiency Rating: 3 – Due to the more powerful fan, this unit uses more electricity than most air purifiers and is not Energy Star certified.

Quality Rating: 4 – With these prices, it should be a 5, but some users find that their fan fails before the warranty period or is louder than expected.

Overall Rating: 4.125 out of 5

Best for Small Rooms

2. Dyson Pure Cool Me BP01

This unit is designed to purify the air immediately surrounding you while optionally keeping you cool too.

Reason for the Choice: Well, it’s the ONLY small-space Dyson, but it has worthy filtration and performance features too.

Room Size: Less than 100 square feet.


  • Focused airflow for personal cooling
  • Customize strength of each air jet with the adjustable dome
  • 70-degree oscillation
  • Sleep timer from 15 minutes to 9 hours
  • Remote
  • 4 attractive color combinations

Features Rating: 4.5 – About average for personal models – no remote, WiFi or fine-tuned control panel.

Filter Rating: 4.5 – HEPA and activated carbon, but no pre-filter.

Efficiency Rating: 4 – Not Energy Star certified.

Quality Rating: 4 – A surprising number of units, by Dyson standards, have mechanical issues. The problem models are about 10% of all. The warranty is just 2 years.

Overall Rating: 4.25 out of 5

Here’s what’s in the box and how it works.

Best for Large Rooms – Cools Only

3. Dyson Pure Cool TP04

Dyson claims this is “The only purifying tower fan to clean a whole room properly.”

That’s probably right, but there are so few of this type of appliance.

Reason for the Choice: The TP04 has sensors that detect a pollution event – for example, something is burning in the oven or the window has been left open and dirty urban air has filled the room.  

The sensors choose the right fan speed to clean the air, pulling the air into the dual filters for treatment and purification.

Room Size: Large room.


  • 360-degree filter, both HEPA and carbon, rather than a rectangular filter
  • Sensors detects and responds to poor air quality including the presence of VOCs and very small particles of pollution, viruses or bacteria
  • Remote
  • WiFi and App for monitoring indoor air quality and controlling the air purifier
  • 350-degree oscillation

Features Rating: 5 – Everything for convenience and performance.

Filter Rating: 4.5 – We’d like to see a pre-filter to extend the life of the HEPA.

Efficiency Rating: 4 – Not Energy Star rated.

Quality Rating: 3 – Mediocre. Ratings and reviews are not as high as one would expect from Dyson. The unit is backed by a 2-year warranty. Perhaps that shows a lack of confidence in its durability.

Overall Rating: 4.125 out of 5

Best for Large Rooms – Heats & Cools

4. Pure Hot+Cool HP02

If you like the idea of having warm air blown your way that has first been purified with true HEPA filtration, this unit is one to consider.

Reason for the Choice: A quality space heater plus give filtering of allergens and other pollutants out of the air you breathe.

Room Size: Dyson calls it a “large room” air purifier.


  • Space heater for warmth, fan for cooling
  • 350-degree oscillation
  • Auto Sensors and Mode adjust for optimal air cleaning
  • Nighttime Mode – Quieter and dimmer
  • WiFi & App – Smart Home compatible
  • Jet Focus the heat or fan

Features Rating: 5 – Best in class features.

Filter Rating: 4.5 – It lacks a pre-filter, but does have True HEPA and activated carbon filters.

Efficiency Rating: 3 – Space heaters are not an efficient way to heat large spaces.

Quality Rating: 3 – A high percentage (about 22%) of units either fail or do not live up to performance expectations. Many verified users say it is not worth the money.

Overall Rating: 3.875

Guide Section

Our detailed review of Dyson models will assist you in selecting the right one for your purpose.


Dyson currently makes 7 model, though that that will change as they introduce new air purifiers and discontinue others, as they do with vacuum cleaners.

If you browse Amazon and other sellers, you will find a few Dyson models that are not in production.

Of the currently produced models:

  • 4 are Pure Cool
  • 3 are Pure Hot+Cool

1. They all use True HEPA filters and activated carbon filters to clean the air. To qualify as HEPA, the filter must remove 99.97% of debris 0.3 microns and larger.

The carbon filter, sometimes called activated charcoal, absorbs odor-causing molecules of smoke, pet smells and more.

2. All have Fans. These fans are more powerful than typical air purifier fans. Dyson uses what it calls Air Multiplier technology to create strong streams of air. It is explained in this video for Dyson fans.

3. Pure Hot+Cool models have a space heater element plus the fan.

Dyson Air Purifier Series Pros and Cons

This table shows all the current models and their features. As you can see, Dyson approaches the room size issue differently than most. Probably because of the fans. There are no square footage ratings given – just general room size.


Filter Types

Room Size




Pure Cool Me BP01 - Personal



$300 - $350

2 years


Pure Cool TP01



$400 - $450

2 years


Pure Cool DPO4 



$430 - $475

2 years


Pure Cool TPO4 



$500 - $550

2 years


Pure Hot+Cool HP01



$500 - $535

2 years


Pure Hot+Cool HP02



$500 - $550

2 years


Pure Hot+Cool HP04 



$650 - $730

2 years


* All Dyson air purifiers offer 99.97% filtration of particulates .3 microns and larger.

Cost covers all model sizes in the series.

1. Dyson Pure Cool Air Purifier Series

These units have a fan for cooling, not an air conditioner.

Models and Room Size Rating: There are four models.

Pure Cool Me BP01 is a personal air purifier and fan. It’s really not even rated for a room size, but should serve spaces to about 100 square feet.

Pure Cool TP01 is a large-room air purifier and fan that is not WiFi. It oscillates 70 degrees and has a “Second generation” PM2.5 filter that catches ultra-fine particles.

Pure Cool DP04 is a desktop-size air purifier. Pure Cool TP04 is a tower air purifier. Otherwise, they are identical and suited to large rooms. Features include an Indoor Air Quality/AQ sensor that controls the air purifier’s response with the appropriate fan/cleaning speed. Both use sealed 360-degree glass HEPA filters and oscillate 350 degrees. WiFi, the App and Alexa add convenience.

Filtration: All use True HEPA with an active carbon filter too. None of them use a pre-filter. A pre-filter catches large particles like pet hair, fuzz and dust clumps. Without a pre-filter, these debris goes straight to the main HEPA filter and shortens its effective life.

Since HEPA filters are expensive, it’s costly to get just 3 months from a $50 filter when you could have used it for 6-12 months.

Features: Here’s what you get with these units. See the brief reviews above for details.

  • Outstanding HEPA and active carbon filtration
  • Powerful, innovative fans that can disperse air widely or focus it on your location
  • Air quality sensors and Auto Mode to address pollution
  • Remotes
  • Timers on most models
  • DP04 and TP04 are Dyson WiFi air purifiers

Pros: These are feature-rich, high-performance air purifiers that double as fans/air movers in warm rooms.

All models are Certified Asthma and Allergy friendly by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America.

The WiFi models make air purification much easier. Just use the app to monitor air quality while you’re not home, and if need, turn on the unit to clean the air before you get there.

Cons: There are two key issues—Cost and Durability.

These are among the most expensive air purifiers we’ve reviewed. What do you get for the extra money? A fan for cooling. That’s what it boils down to. The filtration isn’t better than what you get from most Honeywell or similar models at half the cost.

The old saying is that the more parts something has, the more there is that can go wrong. This seems to fit some Dyson models.

Read reviews for specifics, but a startlingly high percentage have problems – mechanical issues, don’t perform as expected, have trouble with WiFi connectivity, whine loudly or don’t blow very hard (as rated by the user).

Oh, and no pre-filters.

Best UseAs noted, these are certified by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation to help people with those breathing issues.

Other brands do too, but still, that’s the best use for Dyson models – to remove allergens like dust, smoke, pollen and mold from the air you breathe. The work less well on tough odors.

If you’ve enjoyed using a Dyson vacuum or other appliance and like gadget-rich appliances, then sure, you might really like a Dyson air purifier with a fan.

Otherwise, browse our other reviews for brands like Honeywell, which offers solid air purifiers that don’t double as anything else or Winix that really does make technologically impressive air purifiers. If you’ve now decided what you really want is a cheap but functional air purifier, then see our Holmes Review, and select a True HEPA Holmes model.

2. Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Air Purifier Series

These units include a space heater-type element plus or minus 1,500 watts of heat, depending on the model. That’s a very common heating element watt rating.

It’s a combination of air purification, heat and a fan. It’s not off the mark to compare these units to an oscillating tower space heater that happens to contain an air purifier.

Models and Room Size Ratings: There are three models. Before we give them, they are all rated for “Large Rooms”. Dyson doesn’t rate them for specific square footage.

HP01 is the model w/o WiFi. It oscillates just 70 degrees, but that’s not too bad if you place it in a corner. It does come with a remote. A replacement filter is in the box along with a control.

HP02 is also called Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Link. The “Link” means it is WiFi enabled with an App for easy monitoring and control using a smart device. In fact, it is the HP01 with WiFi. Everything else is the same.

At 24” tall, it’s suitable for use on a table, countertop or other above-ground location.

HP04 is the top of the line. It’s also a WiFi air purifier. The HP04 has Alexa voice control. It oscillates 350 degrees for better heat dispersal.

Filtration: True HEPA main filters are supported by active carbon filters that do a better job absorbing odor-causing molecules from smoke, cooking and pets.

There is no pre-filter, and that is a mistake, in our professional opinion. A pre-filter traps large debris that will clog the HEPA filter. Pre-filters are usually washable, so there’s no expense to replace them. A good pre-filter will double the life of your $40-$65 HEPA replacement filter.


  • Heater elements
  • High-speed, adjustable fans
  • Timers on some models
  • Remotes
  • WiFi and Alexa where noted above

Pros: We’ll summarize these from the Dyson Pure Cool Air Purifier Series, since they are the same.

  • Excellent filtration
  • Good for those with asthma, allergies, COPD and similar
  • Lots of convenience and performance features like WiFi and Amazon Alexa

Cons: Again, a summary of the same issues.

  • Cost is higher than most – you’re paying for a decent/good air purifier plus a fan and some innovative features.
  • Problems – Too many Dyson Hot+Cool air purifiers have mechanical or performance issues.

Best UseIf you have had a good experience with a Dyson product in the past and the price tag of these units don’t scare you off, you will probably enjoy a Dyson air purifier. Read ratings and reviews before you buy.

Important Note on Authorized Sellers

We understand that some of the Dyson Pure Cool air purifiers and Dyson Hot+Cool air purifiers with bad reviews on Amazon and elsewhere are fake Dyson products. All popular consumer products get ripped off by manufacturers of cheap fakes.

For this reason – Dyson won’t honor warranty claims from non-authorized sellers.

We support that, since many of those units are fake.

Dyson shouldn’t have to pay to have a knock-off unit shipped to them, examine it to immediately find it’s a fake, try to prove that to the customer, ship the fake unit back to the customer (who will refuse to pay shipping at that point), etc.

Key Point: Amazon is an Authorized Seller.

But some of the sellers on Amazon are not authorized sellers. You can’t be sure that what you get from them is a genuine Dyson.

Sorry for all the bold lettering, but this might save you the kind of headache too many buyers experience.

Do not buy a Dyson on Amazon unless the product is either Sold By Amazon (best protection) or Fulfilled or Shipped by Amazon (still OK in most cases).

Always check the Return Policy of the Seller. Don’t buy anything you’re not sure you can return in a reasonable amount of time and get your money back with little hassle.

Comparing Dyson to Other Top Brands

Dyson certainly wins the features/accessories battle. It’s powerful cooling fan and heat element for warming set Dyson air purifiers apart from the crowd.

But the bottom line is that you can get cheaper heat from a space heater and more affordable cooling from a $20 box fan or oscillating table fan. If you want to combine features with heating/cooling options for convenience, you can’t go wrong with Dyson.

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