Best Air Purifier for Pets Review and Buying Guide 2021

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Pets quickly become beloved members of the family, but they bring with them fur and dander that can cause allergic reactions.

The key to co-existence free of sneezing and wheezing is a quality air purifier designed for households with pets.

The next step is to choose a pet air purifier that is the right size for the area you want it to clean. One with the performance features you prefer is also important. This guide is your source for making a buying decision on a pet air purifier you’ll be very happy with.

Top Picks: Air Purifiers for Pets

We’ve compiled a list of the best air purifiers for pets. They’re of various sizes, with a range of features. As a result, you’ll be able to choose one that fits your space, your budget and your lifestyle.

Note: You can always choose a larger unit than you need, if it has the features you want. For example, if you want the air purifier for 250 square feet, there’s no problem choosing one for 300, 400, 500 square feet, etc. However, going smaller than you need isn’t a good idea.  

      Image                    Product

Renpho Air Purifier

  • Designed to remove allergens
  • 4-stage filtering
  • Air quality sensor
  • 300 square feet

Best Overall

Air Choice 3-in-1 Air Purifier

  • 3 fan speeds
  • Detects pollutants
  • Adjusts automatically
  • 160 square feet

Best for Bedrooms

Winix HR900

  • 5-stage air cleaning 
  • Washable filter for fur
  • True HEPA filtration
  • 300 square feet

for Medium Rooms

Honeywell HPA300

  • 4 purifying levels
  • Excellent for pet dander
  • Cleans air 5Xs/hour
  • Up to 465 square feet

for Large Rooms

TruSens Air Purifier Z-3000

  • 360-degree filtering
  • Air quality sensor
  • UV for germs & viruses
  • 700 square feet

for Extra Large Areas

Inofia Air Purifier

  • Filters fur and dander
  • Sensor adjusts 5 fans speeds
  • WiFi
  • Highly rated
  • Up to 1300 square feet

Best for Apartment

Levoit Vista 200

  • Pre-filter for fur
  • Carbon filter for pet odors
  • True HEPA
  • Up to 160 square feet

Best Affordable

Pet Air Pu​​​rifier Reviews

Here are the details of each model including information about their filtration, pros, cons and user reviews.

Use the link to read more user reviews, see the current price or make a purchase.

Ratings note: Our ratings tend to be lower than what you’ll find on sites like Amazon or on the manufacturer website.

That’s because we rate for quality and warranty, two things many users don’t consider when they write their review, usually a few days or a month after receiving the air purifier.

Best Overall

#1 Renpho Air Purifier for Pets and Allergies RP-AP001

This is one of the highest rated air purifiers for any purpose. It covers all the bases, offering excellent value for the cost. We’d like to see a longer warranty, but otherwise, it is an excellent choice.

Reason it is on the List: The Renpho air purifier is designed with pet owners in mind – and the pet fur, pet dander and potential pet odors they deal with daily. It is ideal for pet owners and the price is very competitive.

Most helpful user reviews:

  • Best pro: “I have two cats and a long-hair dog. Within minutes, the sensor light turned yellow, as it sensed dirty air. The unit sped up the fan, and I left. When I came home a few hours later, the bedroom smelled fresh and the pre-filter was already collecting fur. I’ve slept without allergy symptoms since then after not getting a good night’s sleep since spring started.”
  • Best con: “A remote would be nice. Then I could turn it on without even having to go into the room where my girlfriend’s cat usually is. I sometimes start sneezing immediately when I go in there.”  

Room Size: Up to 300 square feet (15x20, e.g.)


  •  4 filtration stages
  • 3 fan stages
  • Sensor monitors air quality and automatically adjusts fan speed to meet the need
  • 2/4/8-hour timer
  • Child lock
  • Sleep Mode for quiet air cleaning at night or during baby’s nap time
  • Dirty filter notification light
  • NO ozone

Features Rating: 4.5 – No remote, otherwise, it has everything.

Filter Rating: 5 – Exactly what is needed for pets and the allergies they cause:

  • Pre-filter for pet fur
  • True HEPA for pet dander and many other allergens
  • Activated carbon for pet odors

Quality Rating: 5 – Solid build. Should give you a dependable 5+ years of air cleaning.

Warranty Rating: 3 – A 1-year warranty is shorter than most.

Overall Rating: 4.375 out of 5

If you’d like to pick up an extra filter set, they’re quite affordable and available here.

Best for Bedrooms

#2 3-in-1 True HEPA Air Purifier Reduce Pet Dander by Air Choice

Most air purifiers equipped with an ionizer release ozone, a dangerous irritant to breathing passages.

This one is ozone-free, and you get the benefits of the negatively charged ions that capture pollutants and allergens out of the air.

Reason it is on the List: An excellent fur-trapping pre-filter and True HEPA filter will allow you to breathe fresh air all night. This unit is portable too, so easy to move with you from room to room.

Most helpful user reviews:

  • Best pro: “After two weeks of running this machine, there is far less dust and cat hair loose in the house. And my eyes aren’t itchy and watery. Clean the pre-filter often, and your house will stay clean longer.”
  • Best con: “Worked well for a month. My husband wasn’t sneezing as much and my throat wasn’t irritated. Now, it isn’t helping as much.” [Note we would recommend that this user be diligent about cleaning the pre-filter. It is the filter that traps the “big” stuff. It can clog easily. The value of a pre-filter is that it keeps the true HEPA filter from getting clogged and needed replacement too soon.]

Room Size: Up to 160 square feet.


  • 3-stage air filtration
  • 3-stage fan
  • Filter replacement reminder
  • Easy to operate controls
  • No ozone production

Features Rating: 4 – No remote or timer.

Filter Rating: 5 – Pre-filter, activated charcoal and the added benefit of ozone-free ionization.

Quality Rating: 4 – Very dependable and highly rated by consumers for reliability.

Warranty Rating: 3 – Just 1 year.

Overall Rating: 4 out of 5

Best for Medium Space

#3 Winix HR900 Ultimate Pet True HEPA Air Purifier

You pay a little more for this unit but you receive a lot more – five stages of air purifying plus cutting edge technology and excellent features.

Reason it is on the List: This unit is equipped to remove all pet-related allergens, odors and nuisance fur from the air it serves.

Most helpful user reviews:

  • Best pro: "If you have multiple pets (or one big shedder), this air purifier is a must. We noticed fresher air immediately, and my allergy symptoms started to subside in a couple days."
  • Best con: "The purifier works very well, but the replacement hepa filter is expensive!"

Room Size: Up to 300 square feet.


  • PlasmaWave hydroxyl technology
  • 5 separate means of air filtering
  • Air quality sensor, odor quality sensor and Auto Mode – When pollutants are present, the sensors detect them and set the fan to the right speed to quickly remove them
  • Auto Mode override
  • Energy Star certified for energy efficiency

Features Rating: 4 – There should be a remote and a timer at this price.

Filter Rating: 5 – Outstanding, versatile air cleaning. In fact, even if you choose not to use PlasmaWave (see below), the 4 other filtration methods deserve a “5” rating.

1. Washable fine-mesh pre-filter to catch large particles that gives longer life to your True HEPA filter.

2. Ultimate Pet Pre-Filter that catches pet hair, dander and larger particles.

3. Advanced Odor Control ™ carbon filter.

4. True HEPA.

5. PlasmaWave technology: The unit emits safe hydroxyls that bind with pollutants and change their chemical makeup into ordinary, harmless molecules.

Note: A small amount of ozone is created when PlasmaWave is On. If you have asthma, or if the PlasmaWave mode causes irritation to your breathing passages, do not use the mode.

Quality Rating: 5 – Excellent materials and dependability.

Warranty Rating: 3 – The warranty covers the machine for just one year.

Overall Rating: 4.25 out of 5

Best for Large Rooms

#4 Honeywell HPA300 Whole Room Air Purifier for Pet Dander and Allergies

This is the best unit from one of the most durable air purifier brands. Honeywell has an excellent track record of reliability and performance.

Reason it is on the List: It removes pet allergens and impurities from large (pet hair) to medium (pet dander) to small (pet odors). The fine-particle filtration removes particles less than 1 100-millionith of an ich. Really.

Most helpful user reviews:

  • Best pro: “We ran this unit for 24 hours in the family room where the dogs bed down. My wife reports that her allergy symptoms are much improved. After the first day, the pre filter was full of fur and dander (dust). Now two months on, I haven’t had a migraine since we started using it. Normally had one 1-2Xs per week.”
  • Best con: “I ran Turbo with the unit on a laminate floor, and it vibrated a bit. Next time, I placed it on a small area rug. No more problem.”

Room Size: Up to 465 square feet.


  • 3 general fan speeds plus Turbo for fast (if a little loud) air cleaning. We recommend, as the user comment above says, that you use Turbo while you’re out of the house or in another part of the house. It’s loud, but you’ll be impressed with how clean the air is when you return
  • Filters air up to 5 times per hour
  • Dirty filter lights
  • 2/4/8-hour timer
  • Light dimmer

Features Rating: 4 – Just needs a remote to be “perfect.”

Filter Rating: 5 – True HEPA is the best defense against pet-related allergies. The pre-filter for fur and large debris and the activated carbon filter for odors give you full air cleaning for pets.

Quality Rating: 5 – Honeywell has proven to be a durable brand.

Warranty Rating: 5 – The 5-year warranty is one of the best available (as you can see from this list).

Overall Rating: 4.75 out of 5

Best for Extra Large Areas

#5 TruSens Air Purifier Z-3000 360 HEPA Filtration with Dupont Filter

This is an innovative, highly rated and effective air purifier for pets.

Reason it is on the List: 1 – Sensor Pod: The sensor is located in a pod that you place some distance from the air purifier. The value of this is that onboard sensors tend to under-estimate the level of pollution in the room, since some of the air immediately around the purifier has just been filtered. 2 – Bi-directional airflow. The cleaned air comes out of the top of the unit in two directions. The value of this is that air is more effectively distributed to far sections of the room.

Most helpful user reviews:

  • Best pro: “TruSens cost a little more than the Honeywell and Levoit we also considered, but what it has done for my health makes it worth every penny – Most allergy symptoms gone. Sleeping much better, so feeling 100% more myself. Fewer headaches. The features are the best I saw, and I did a lot of research.”
  • Best con: “Pet odors at my Mom’s (Crazy Cat Lady) are bad. This unit helps a lot, but after two weeks, not totally removed.” [Note: We recommend keeping the washable pre-filter clean. Also, if your Mom has carpet and, from what it sounds like, an affinity for cats, the carpet might need to be cleaned or replaced. There’s not much any air purifier can do for cat-stained, stinky carpet.]

Room Size: Up to 750 square feet.


  • Remote sensor pod
  • 4 fan speeds
  • 360-degree air intake
  • Dual-direction release of cleaned air for better room coverage
  • Color-coded LED display
  • UV germicidal light
  • 2/4/8/12-hour timer
  • Filter change indicator
  • Night mode (dim light)
  • Energy Star

Features Rating: 5 – Excellent array of performance features.

Filter Rating: 5

1. Washable pre-filter

2. Carbon filter.

3. True HEPA filter.

4. Germicidal UV

Quality Rating: 5 – With care, this well-designed unit built with quality components should give you many years of reliable air purification.

Warranty Rating: 4 – 2 years. Honeywell offers 5 on all its model (but you have to pay shipping to return a unit to Honeywell.)

Overall Rating: 4.75 out of 5

Not your Size? This top air purifier for pets is available in two other sizes – 250 square feet and 375 square feet.

To view them, use the same link, and scroll down to the model comparison between the Z-3000, Z-2000 and Z-1000

Best Affordable Pet Air Purifier

#6 Levoit Air Purifier for Home Allergies and Pet Hair Vista 200

Pets – dander – fur – allergies. Oh, and occasional pet odors.

That’s the way it goes in homes with precious pets. The Vista 200 will help.

Reason it is on the List: This compact, stylish air purifier is designed to capture fur, trap dander and also absorb pet odors. It’s 3-stage air purification is very effective.

Most helpful user reviews:

  • Best pro: “Our grandson is allergic to our two cats – to the point it came to getting rid of the cats or not having him in our home. When he’s coming, we put the cats in the basement, and turn on the Vista 200 in our living room. Within a few hours, he can visit without having an allergic reaction. The cats are happy – and so are we.”
  • Best con: “I bought this thinking it would be an upgrade to the Levoit H-132, but it does about the same job. Good, but not better. Not an upgrade.

Note: The Levoit LV-H132 is an excellent air purifier, and worth considering too. We chose the Vista 200 because H132 is older and we’re not sure how long it will be in production. If you want to review it and possibly get one while they’re still available, you can see it here.

Room Size: Up to 200 square feet.


  • 3 filters with different purposes (fur, dander, odors)
  • 2/4/8-hour timer
  • Sleep Mode with light dimmer
  • 3-speed fan allows you to choose the cleaning speed (and noise level)
  • 360-degree air intake
  • Energy Star

Features Rating: 4 – A remote would be nice, but this unit is designed for small rooms, so it’s not essential.

Filter Rating: 5 – True HEPA always gets a 5. This unit also has an activated carbon filter and a washable pre-filter.

Quality Rating: 4 – We expect this unit, which was released in the last couple years, to work reliably for 5 years or more.  

Warranty Rating: 4 – 2 years.

Overall Rating: 4.25 out of 5

Guide Section

What Makes a Good Air Purifier for Pets?

That’s a great question, since air purifiers tend to highlight different filtering capabilities.

There are two key filters essential for pet owners.

1. True HEPA: This is a technical term.

As you shop for air purifiers, you’ll see three terms used that contain the word “HEPA.”

True HEPA: This is the real deal. A True HEPA filter has been tested by independent researchers and measured to stop/trap 99.97% of particles .3 microns and larger.

How big is .3 microns? Well:

  • 1 micron = 40 millionths of an inch – .00003937 inches to be exact.
  • So, .3 microns is .000011811 inches = 118 millionths of an inch.

In a simpler word, Tiny.

OK, but how do those sizes compare to “stuff” floating around our homes?

  • Pet fur can range from 60 to 80 microns
  • Pet dander (which is the same substance as dust) is also 2.5 to 10 microns
  • Bacteria are .2 to 3 microns
  • Pollen ranges from 15 to 200 microns
  • Dust ranges from 2.5 to 10 microns

True HEPA does the job.

HEPA-like or HEPA like: These filters are used in cheap/affordable air purifiers like the basic Holmes models and others.

Most are measured to remove 99% of pollutants down to about 1 micron.

That’s not bad, and if you don’t have allergies or other breathing issues, a HEPA-like filter might be OK.

Our recommendation is that you stick to a True HEPA.

Even if you’re on a budget, there are good True HEPA filters for under $100 / Under $200 / Under $300 – etc., whatever your budget.

For example, the highly rated Levoit Vista 200 is a True HEPA air purifier with good features. Its price is well below $100.

Our top-rated air purifier for pets, the Renpho Air Purifier for Pets and Allergies RP-AP001 is well under $200.

HEPA + plus something else: Some companies add something to the word HEPA to make consumers think they are True HEPA filters. Most are not.

The best-know example is Alen. It is worth mentioning that Alen air purifiers are generally highly rated. But most users are surprised to find that they don’t use True HEPA filters.

Alen uses language that sounds like True HEPA – for instance, HEPA Pure, HEPA Silver and HEPA Plus. They are all HEPA type filters, and not True HEPA.

In fact, on the product page for one Alen air purifier, the word “HEPA” is used more than 60 times. But “HEPA type” is used just once. That’s deceptive marketing.

The bottom line is that if you need the best air purifier for pets, it is going to have a True HEPA filter.

What are the Best Air Purifiers for Pets?

We’ve compiled a list:

  • Renpho Air Purifier for Pets and Allergies RP-AP001
  • 3-in-1 True HEPA Air Purifiers Reduce Pet Dander by Air Choice
  • Winix HR900 Ultimate Pet True HEPA Air Purifier
  • Honeywell HPA300 Whole Room Air Purifier
  • TruSens Air Purifier Z-3000 360 HEPA Filtration with Dupont Filter
  • Inofia Air Purifier with True HEPA Air Filter, Wi-Fi Intelligent Control
  • Levoit Air Purifier for Home Allergies and Pet Hair Vista 200

See the upper sections of this page for brief overviews and full reviews of these models. The information will help you choose one right for your room size, the features you want and your budget.

Best Air Purifier Features for Pets

Some features are more important when you have pets, pet allergies, pet odors and pets with breathing issues.

1. True HEPA: We’ve covered this. It’s worth repeating.

2. Pre-filter: Pets shed as much or more than humans. A pre-filter is the first line of defense against fur and hair. Ideally, it will be washable, which saves you cost and, in the long run, hassle.

The pre-filter catches the big stuff, so the HEPA is free to capture the really tiny pet allergens and pollutants.

3. Activated carbon or charcoal: Carbon and charcoal refer to the same material when discussing air purification.

An activated carbon/charcoal filter has a negative charge ideal for attracting, trapping and absorbing molecules that generally cause odors – The litter box, pet accidents, carpet, wet pets and pets that are outside much of the time.

4. Sensor/Auto Mode: We are big fans of air purifiers that monitor the air using sensors and then automatically adjust fan speed to the pollution level – higher the pollution, the fasert the fan has to run.

5. Turbo Mode: This is a super-high fan speed that moves the maximum amount of air the unit is capable of. Turbo on most models is loud. You won’t want to be around an air purifier on Turbo. But it gets the job done. We recommend moving to another part of the house or going shopping etc. while Turbo runs for a few hours.

Nice but Not Essential:

  • timer allows you to control when the machine runs
  • remote means you don’t have to get off the couch…unless you left the remote on the other side of the room : )
  • WiFi air purifiers have both timers and remotes, and they offer you added convenience of monitoring and controlling your air purifier from any smart device with the app
  • Ionizers or other technologies like hydroxyls have potential, but it is unclear whether they make a significant difference

Tips for Reducing Pet Fur, Dander and Allergens

We covered these at length on our Best Air Purifiers for Allergies page.

See the page here. 

But here is a summary, which will give most readers the information they want.

1. Choose hard flooring. It is easy to clean and won’t trap pet fur, dander or allergens. Find a flooring that is certified to be “Low-VOC Flooring.”  

2. Vacuum often with a HEPA vacuum. Vacuum carpet vigorously. Choose a Hard-Floor vacuum for hard surfaces.

3. Choose low-VOC flooring. Linoleum, genuine wood, stone, ceramic tile and porcelain tile are low-VOC certified.

4. Change your furnace filter often.

5. Use a high-MERV filter, if OK for your furnace. The MERV rating measures the filter’s density. The higher the number, the more defense for now.  We recommend a MERV rating of at least 8.

NOTE: Before installing a high-MERV filter, check with a furnace technician.

6. Choose radiant heat. Blowers, even when the furnace has a filter, can blow allergens all over your home.

7. Don’t allow smoking in the house.

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