Best Air Purifiers for Mold Reviews and Buying Guide 2021

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Mold is a more than just a musty smell. It is a living organism that presents a genuine health risk to people and pets.

You already know that. We just want you to know that we take mold seriously and worked to find the very best air cleaners for mold available today.

This guide will help you filter mold out of the air you breathe plus find and fix the source of mold in your home.

The best filter for mold is a True HEPA filter. By itself, a True HEPA filter will remove 99.97% of mold spores and other pollutants. These filters are almost always assisted by activated charcoal filters that absorb the gases given off by mold that are the musty smell associated with mold and mildew.

There are several effective enhanced methods of destroying mold, such as germicidal light sources, ionization and cutting-edge PECO technology. Many of the top air purifiers for mold use one or more of them.

We discuss your options below, so you can select a mold air purifier with just True HEPA or one that has added technology that might improve its mold-fighting effectiveness.

What’s In This Guide?

Top Picks: Air Purifiers for Mold

We’ve divided the top picks into the type of filters and technology they use to trap and destroy mold. There are also two models with True HEPA and activated carbon only – no extra technology for those that prefer simple air purification.

      Image                    Product

Pure Enrichment PureZone 3-in-1

  • True HEPA + Carbon
  • UV-C kills mold & more
  • 2/4/8-hour timer
  • Up to 200 s.f.


Germ Guardian Air Purifier

  • True HEPA + Carbon
  • Great for odors
  • Up to 167 s.f.


Air Choice Air Purifier for Mold

  • Air quality sensor
  • 3 fan speeds
  • Ions catch mold & more
  • Up to 322 s.f.

HEPA + Ions

Air Oasis iAdapt Air Purifier

  • UV-C kills mold
  • Great for VOCs
  • NO ozone
  • 3 sizes up to 600 s.f.  

HEPA + UV + Ionizer

InvisiClean Claro IC-4524

  • Air quality sensor
  • Captures mold
  • Kills germs
  • Up to 375 s.f.

HEPA + UV + Ionizer


  • Destroys mold & allergens
  • Super-quiet
  • WiFi
  • Up to 600 s.f.

PECO Air Purifier

Levoit LV-PUR131S

  • Sensor adjusts fan speed
  • 3 filters
  • Smart-home ready
  • Up to 360 s.f.

Just HEPA Air Purifiers

Best Mold Air Purifiers Reviews

Here are more details about the top air purifiers for mold, other allergens and airborne pollutants in your home.

Note: Our ratings are often lower than those found on Amazon.

This is because we consider the long-term quality of the air purifier and the length of its warranty, two things many verified purchasers do not consider unless an air purifier breaks down soon after the purchase.


#1 Pure Enrichment PureZone 3-in-1 True HEPA with UV-C Air Sanitizer

UV-C is proven to be safe for use in your home. The details are discussed in our Buying Guide below.

This compact air purifier packs a lot of performance and convenience features.

Reason it is on the List: A True HEPA filter and UV-C light (Ultraviolet C frequency light) form a proven combination to remove mold spores, pollen, dust and other common pollutants from the air. The activated carbon filter helps with musty smells caused by mold.

Most helpful user reviews:

  • Best pro: “Mold developed in our wall after a roof leak. The wall has been repaired, but the house still smelled like mold and gave me an allergic reaction. This air purifier put an end to the smell and the sneezing in less than one week.”
  • Best con: “I’d say the room size should be about 175 feet. The fan is OK, but not strong enough for large rooms.”

Room Size: Rated for up to 200 square feet (14x14, e.g.)


  • 3 fan speeds
  • 2/4/8-hour timer
  • Dirty filter light
  • UV germicidal light

Features Rating: 4 – The only thing missing is a remote or WiFi control.

Filter Rating: 5 – True HEPA / UV-C germicidal light and an activated carbon pre-filter

Quality Rating: 5 – We’re impressed with its quality, and it gets tremendous reviews from thousands of verified purchasers.

Warranty Rating: 5 – The warranty is for 5 years, one of the longest warranties available.

Overall Rating: 4.75 out of 5


#2 Germ Guardian True HEPA with UV-C Sanitizer 

This is a great deal on two powerful room air purifiers. It’s ideal for 2 bedrooms, a bedroom and office, or similar arrangement. Putting two air purifiers in different zones of one large space makes sense too.

Reason it is on the List: The HEPA filter captures most mold spores and other pollutants The UV-C germicidal light kills mold, viruses and bacteria. The titanium dioxide coating also reduces VOCs.

Most helpful user reviews:

  • Best pro: “I moved across the country and had to buy a home sight unseen except for pictures. The pics didn’t show the mold smell, right? After replacing moldy carpet, the musty smell of mold lingered until I fired up these powerful little air purifiers. I very happy with the results and def. recommend the Germ Guardian brand.”
  • Best con: “It is a little noisier than the Honeywell it replaces but seems to work well.”

Room Size: Up to 167 square feet each, or a total of about 340 square feet. In a large space, placing one smaller air purifier on each side of the room usually cleans more thoroughly than having just one larger air purifier.


  • Ultraviolet C germicidal light
  • 4 total cleaning stages
  • 3 fan speeds
  • Filters air 4 times per hour in rooms less than 170 square feet
  • Energy Star certified for energy efficiency

Features Rating: 4 – No remote or timer, but otherwise very good.

Filter Rating: 5  True HEPA, Pre-filter, Activated carbon filter,UV-C germ-killing light.

Quality Rating: 4 – Very dependable appliance that should last at least 5 years even with heavy use.

Warranty Rating: 4 – A 3-year warranty is longer than most. The best warranties are 5 years or longer.

Overall Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Just need One? Here is the link to a single Germ Guardian AC4825 rather than the 2-pack above.

Need a Different Size? Germ Guardian makes UV-C air purifiers for rooms up to 335 square feet. Use the link above and scroll down to the Model Comparison chart to learn more or choose a different size.

HEPA + Ions

#3 True HEPA Air Purifier + Ozone-free Ionizer by Air Choice

This large-room air purifier has good performance features and is sold at a competitive price.

Reason it is on the List: A True HEPA filter is the best means of trapping mold spores and similar pollutants.

The ozone-free ionizer releases negatively charged ions that bond with pollutants making them larger, so easier to trap.  

Most helpful user reviews:

  • Best pro: “Spring mold issues are bad here in Louisiana. My daughter has terrible allergies. This air purifier helps clear her sinuses at night, so she wakes up feeling much better.”
  • Best con: “I had an Air Choice. Not sure it was this model. It started making a loud whining noise after 18 or so months, and the company wouldn’t warranty it. Ticked off.” [As we noted, while there are few mechanical issues, the warranty is short.]

Room Size: Up to 322 square feet (e.g. 15x22)


  • Three ways to clean the air
  • Powerful 3-speed fan
  • Air quality sensor that automatically adjusts fan to the right speed to clean the air. The heavier the mold or other pollution, the higher the fan speed
  • Timer w/ Sleep Mode

Features Rating: 4 – Nice features, but a remote would be helpful for an air purifier for large rooms like this one.

Filter Rating: 5 – Pre-filter, Ionic emissions, True HEPA filter

Quality Rating: 5 – There are very few durability problems reported with this air purifier.

Warranty Rating: 3 – It’s just one year.

Overall Rating: 4.125 out of 5 = We don’t have concerns about quality, but a good air purifier like this one should have a warranty of at least 2 or 3 years.

Other Room Size Options: Air Choice makes highly rated air purifiers for mold.

This one is for 160 square feet with True HEPA and activated carbon, but it does not have an ionizer. Cost is lower.

HEPA + UV + Ionizer

#4 Air Oasis iAdapt Air Purifier with HEPA, Carbon, UVC, Ionizer - WiFi

These units combat stubborn mold with five filtration levels and technologies. If you’re looking for medical-grade air purifier, consider an Air Oasis iAdapt.

The name means that the unit senses indoor air quality and adjusts the fans speed and performance. It “adapts” performance to your air purifying need.

Reason it is on the List: It is the entire package – 3 filters plus UV-C and safe, effective ionization. The activated carbon filter for mold gases and other odors is 2.8lbs, the largest of any air purifier on this list.

Most helpful user reviews:

  • Best pro: “I tested my home and found it had toxic mold from a roof leak since repaired. Two weeks after getting the Air Oasis, I tested the house again. Not a trace of mold.”
  • Best con: “The thing works great, but WiFi connection frequently drop.”

Room Size: Three models: 150/450/600 square feet. Select the link, and choose your size.  


  • 5 purification technologies
  • Air quality sensor automatically adjusts fan/cleaning speed
  • 3 fan speeds
  • Child lockout
  • 2/4/8-hour timer
  • Dirty filter notification
  • WiFi and App for remote monitoring and control

Features Rating: 5 – The best available.

Filter Rating: 5 – Best in class here too.

  • True HEPA stops 99.97% of particles down to 118 millionth of an inch (.3 microns).
  • 2.8-pound activated carbon filter for odors, VOCs and other gases.
  • UVGI germicidal light
  • Two types of ionization – Proprietary bi-polar and AHPCO, or Advanced Hydrated Photocatalytic Oxidation, developed by NASA for the International Space Station.

Air Oasis says this about AHPCO ionization, “It oxidizes and destroys pollutants on a molecular level by shining a UVGI light on our proprietary nano catalyst surface. It destroys pollutants 1000 times smaller than HEPA filters. Any tiny mycotoxins, mold, bacteria, viruses and VOCs that survive the HEPA and carbon filter stages of iAdapt are quickly deactivated by our AHPCO™ and our broad-spectrum UV lamp.”

Quality Rating: 5 – High-quality parts and outstanding workmanship.

Warranty Rating: 5 – All three sizes are backed by Lifetime warranties.

Overall Rating: 5 – Our highest rated air purifier for mold and many other allergens, pollutants, viruses and bacteria.

Choose your Size: Select the link to learn more and see current prices on the Small, Medium and Large Air Oasis air purifiers.

HEPA + UV + Ionizer

#5 InvisiClean Claro IC-4524 - True HEPA, Ionizer, Carbon + UV-C Sanitizer

This 4-stage air purifier offers similar technology to the Air Oasis, but at a lower cost.

Reason it is on the List: Proven to remove and destroy mold spores plus other allergens and highly rated for performance.

Most helpful user reviews:

  • Best pro: “I thought I had chronic fatigue, but discovered it was mold illness. We replaced our oldy moldy basement carpet with laminate and washed the concrete walls. Still felt sick. Got this air purifier and turned it on. Within a week, I felt 90% better and am slowly going to 100%!”
  • Best con: “The fan is LOUD on the highest speed! Couldn’t sleep with it on.” [Note from PickHVAC, the highest speed is often a “turbo” speed. And yes, Turbo can be loud regardless of brand. We recommend using it for short periods of time, like after cooking bacon or fish and you want the smell gone. A good opting is to leave your home or the room for a few hours while it powerfully purifies the air.]

Room Size: Large rooms up to 375 square feet (almost 20x20, e.g.)


  • UV-C germicidal
  • Ionizer (can be turned On/Off)
  • 4 fan/cleaning speeds
  • Air quality sensor
  • Auto Mode automatically adjusts air purifier performance to improve indoor air
  • UV bulb notification for when the bulb needs replacement
  • 8-hour Timer
  • Sleep Mode
  • Display shows IAQ, temperature, humidity and more

Features Rating: 5 – This mold air purifier is loaded!

Filter Rating: 5 – True HEPA, Thick activated carbon, Optional ionizer, Germicidal UV light

Quality Rating: 5 – Excellent materials and design.

Warranty Rating: 4 – A warranty of 3 years is good, though not great.

Overall Rating: 4.75

PECO Air Purifier

#6 Molekule Air Purifier

Molekule air purifier uses proprietary photo electrochemical oxidation, or PECO, to break down mold and other allergens at the molecular level.

According to Molekule literature, “A chemical reaction occurs when a nanoparticle-coated filter is activated by light, breaking down harmful pollutants to their most basic molecular components.”

Reason it is on the List: The filter has been independently tested numerous times. The results show that it is effective in:

  • Destroying mold spores many other pollutants
  • Breaking down VOCs into harmless molecules like carbon dioxide, water and trace elements.

Most helpful user reviews:

  • Best pro: “As a research scientist (not affiliated with Molekule), I can tell you that PECO technology works. It destroys mold – mold literally disintegrates into harmless substances and disappears.”
  • Best con: “It definitely helps with mold and pollen. But I’m not sure I notice an improvement over the $200 Winix model I used to have.”

Room Size: Up to 600 square feet


  • Auto-air purifying mode
  • 3-speed fan including fast-cleaning Boost
  • Light dimmer and “Dark Mode
    WiFi and App

Features Rating: 4 – This is a “set it and forget it” air purifier. It doesn’t have a lot of features to adjust.

Note: In “Dark Mode,” you won’t get photo electrochemical oxidation. It is the light that activates the technology.

Filter Rating: 4 – There is no True HEPA filter for particles. The PECO filter is excellent for destroying mold, VOCs and other harmful substances, but the unit doesn’t do as good a job on plain-old dust and pet dander as True HEPA models.

Quality Rating: 4 – We could give this an N/A rating, since the Molekule is so new to the market that its durability is unknown.

The Molekule air purifier shows solid design and build using high-quality parts. It should last 7-10 years, perhaps more, even with heavy use.

Warranty Rating: 4 – The warranty is just 2 years. That’s too short for a machine that costs this much.

Overall Rating: 4 out of 4


#7 Levoit Smart WiFi Air Purifier w/ Alexa LV-PUR131S

This “Amazon’s Choice” air purifier from Levoit has proven mold-fighting and convenience features.

Reason it is on the List: The True HEPA filter. A genuine HEPA filter is the best way to trap mold and pollutants.

Most helpful user reviews:

  • Best pro: “My mold allergies are terrible, and I live in an old apartment building with who-knows-what in the walls. I set up this unit in my home office, and after two workdays, my head was clear and I was symptom-free. Getting a second one for the bedroom, so I can wake up feeling great too.”
  • Best con: “Mine doesn’t automatically power up to a higher fan speed when there are obvious strong odors like burnt crust. I sometimes have to manually turn up the fan speed. A slight hassle, but it gets rid of odors when I do.”

Room Size: Up to 360 square feet.


  • Air quality sensor
  • Auto-clean mode. When on, the unit senses the quality of the air and choose the appropriate fan speed to clean it
  • Multiple fan speeds
  • 12-hour timer/scheduler
  • Sleep Mode runs quietly
  • Works with Alexa (just added)
  • Energy Star certified

Features Rating: 5 – They speak for themselves.

Filter Rating: 5 – True HEPA and an activated carbon filter capture mold spores and much more plus remove the musty smell of mold.

Quality Rating: 4 – A small number (about 4%) have early mechanical issues. However, Levoit has a good return/replace policy.

Warranty Rating: 4 – The warranty is 2 years. While average, there are longer warranties available.

Overall Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Guide Section

Mold is everywhere.

In fact, it' s not “mold,” but “molds,” since there are many types.

However, mold spores usually are not a problem unless they come in contact with surface or material that is continually wet. Then, mold spores grown and multiply.

Are you Allergic to Mold?

The US Environmental Protection Agency explains mold allergies in its page on Mold and Health.

“Molds produce allergens (substances that can cause allergic reactions) and irritants. Inhaling or touching mold or mold spores may cause allergic reactions in sensitive individuals. Allergic responses include hay fever-type symptoms, such as sneezing, runny nose, red eyes, and skin rash.”

The EPA says the reaction can be immediate or take time to manifest.

If you have asthma, an attack can be triggered by an allergic reaction to mold. The reaction can be quite severe.

Pets are Susceptible Too

Pet MD reminds us that pets can suffer allergic reactions or long-term illness due to mold.

This Slideshow from Pet MD will help you understand whether your cat, dog, rabbit or other pet is suffering from mold and its affects. The information includes symptoms of mold allergies to look for in pets.

What Makes a Good Air Purifier for Mold?

That’s a good question because various air purifiers have differing technologies.

We recommend True HEPA plus a secondary means of filtering or destroying mold.

1. True HEPA

This is a technical term. Look for both words “True HEPA.”

  • HEPA is not True HEPA
  • HEPA-like and HEPA-type are definitely not True HEPA
  • Pleated media is not true HEPA

The cheaper Holmes brand and other inexpensive air purifiers use HEPA-type filters. They might be OK for fairly clean homes without mold, but if you have mold, then a True HEPA filter is the best way to trap it.

Even expensive Alen air purifiers use HEPA-type filters. To us, it doesn’t make sense to spend $200+ and not get a True HEPA filter!

The Molekule, as good as it might be at destroying mold stuck to the PECO filter, doesn’t use a True HEPA filter. It’s a HEPA-type filter, and some mold gets through it and past the PECO filter, circulating back into your home.

2. UV Light

UV-C (C spectrum) and other ultraviolet light is known to kill mold, bacteria and viruses.

In most cases, the UV lightbulb is inside or behind the HEPA filter, so its light isn’t visible (not that it would be harmful).

3. Ionization

First, a warning: Cheap ionizing air purifiers usually emit ozone, and ozone should be avoided. Even the highly rated Winix air purifiers, which are not cheap, emit a very small amount of ozone.

Ozone is known to irritate breathing passages at low levels. At high levels, it will damage tissue in the passages. Ozone can be very dangerous to those with asthma. The EPA has a page with good links.

OK, now a discussion of safe ion air purifiers. Better ionizing air purifiers do not emit or produce ozone. Be sure the literature makes it very clear that the air purifier is ozone-free.

From our Best Air Purifier for Mold list, the Air Oasis iAdapt and VisiClean Claro models produce non-ozone ions. The ions have a negative charge. This causes mold spores and other pollutants to be attracted to them, and the two substances bond.

Once bonded, the new substance is larger and easier to trap.

4. PECO – Photo electrochemical oxidation

This technology is safe and patented by the makers of the Molekule air purifier.

See our Molekule Air Purifier Review and Buying Guide for complete details on the technology.

It works. In fact, PECO destroys mold. Gone. Like it never existed.

However, there is no True HEPA filter in a Molekule air purifier.

If you buy a Molekule, we recommend also running an energy-efficient Energy Star air purifier with a True HEPA filter. You’ll be getting the best of both technologies.

The Renpho Air Purifier for Pets & Allergies (and Mold) is an ideal choice. It’s reasonably priced and a proven winner with True HEPA and four total stages of air filtration.

For other affordable True HEPA air purifiers, see our Honeywell Air Purifier Reviews and Holmes Air Purifier Reviews.

What are the Best Air Purifiers for Mold?

We’ve listed them above. You’ll also find brief summaries of their features and full, detailed reviews of each one.

#1 Pure Enrichment PureZone 3-in-1 True HEPA Air Purifier Plus UV-C Air Sanitizer

#2 Germ Guardian True HEPA Filter Air Purifier UV-C Sanitizer Eliminates Germs, Mold, Odors AC48252PK (2-pack)

#3 Air Purifier for Home with True HEPA Air Filter + Ozone-free Ionizer for Mold by Air Choice

#4 Air Oasis iAdapt Air Purifier for Mold and Allergies with HEPA, Carbon, UVC, Ionizer

#5 InvisiClean Claro IC-4524 Air Purifier - 4 in 1 True HEPA, Ionizer, Carbon + UV-C Sanitizer for Mold

#6 Molekule

#7 Levoit Smart WiFi Air Purifier for Allergies, Mold, Pollen and Dust w/ Alexa LV-PUR131S

What Else is Important in a Mold Air Purifier?

There are a couple things you’ll be glad your air cleaner for mold has.

1. Activated carbon, aka activated charcoal: Activated carbon/charcoal is given a negative charge, so that it attracts nasty odor-causing particles and even gases. It will get rid of the musty smell associated with molds.

2. Washable pre-filter: The advantage of a washable filter is it eliminates replacement cost (and filters are the biggest expense of an air purifier.) The pre-filter traps pet dander, so it won’t clog the main filters preventing them from trapping more mold.

3. Sensor/Auto Mode: It’s great if your air purifier knows that mold has blown in from outside or made its way up from the basement and kicks into high gear before you start sneezing or having an attack.

4. Turbo: We’ve talked about a high-speed fan that cleans the air quickly. Again, when there is an influx of mold, for any reason, Turbo fan mode will help get rid of it quickly.

The Source of Growing Mold

It is essential to understand why mold is growing in your home or workplace. Determine the cause and find a solution, or your air purifier for mold won’t have the positive impact it should. Mold and its impact will continue to be a problem.

Here is a list of common sources of mold, their solution and who to call to repair the issue.

Roof and siding leaks: When water gets beneath roofing and behind siding, mold is almost certain. Call a contractor that specializes in home exteriors.

The roof shingles, metal or other material will be removed. The wet roof sheathing will be allowed to dry or, if rot has already started, replaced. Then new roofing can be put on. The same strategy works when mold behind siding is the issue.

Poorly vented attic space: Attics need ventilation to get rid of stale air that is moist and/or hot. If you see mold on top-floor ceilings, call a roofing contractor to look for roof or siding leaks in the attic. If there are none, the problem is almost certainly bad ventilation.

Leaky pipes: If mold appears on lower-floor walls or ceilings, a leaking pipe is probably the cause. Call a plumber to locate and repair the leak.

Dirty air conditioner coils or wrong AC size: Do you see mold in your ductwork? Do you smell it when the furnace is blowing during an AC or heat cycle? Mold in the ductwork is usually caused by a dirty indoor coil.

The coil gets very cold, and humidity condenses into water droplets on it. When the coil is also caked with dust, dander and pet hair, mold starts growing. The coil should be thoroughly cleaned. Contact an HVAC technician for this job.

If you have the coil cleaned and the problem persists, your AC or heat pump is likely too big. We won’t go into the technical aspects, but when the unit is too large for the home, moisture can build up in ducts. Moisture + dust and debris = a good environment for mold growth. When your AC coil is cleaned, ask the technician to determine if the air conditioner is the right size. If not, consider replacement. It can be expensive, but remember that the mold can take a costly toll on your health.

A damp basement: If your basement is constantly damp but there are no foundation leaks, a dehumidifier might be the answer. If not, consider calling a basement contractor to add ventilation and/or damp-proof your basement in other ways.

Floods: This one is obvious. If any part of your home has been flooded, then you know you have to get rid of all saturated building materials (flooring, drywall, etc.) and belongings damaged by the water.  

Call your insurance agent first, and then you’ll get the go-ahead to contact a contractor to make repairs.

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