Goodman Heat Pump Buying Guide – Prices, Reviews and Tax Credits 2018

Note: Before you dive into the specific brand review, we highly recommend you to read our elaborate Heat Pump Buying Guide in advance, there are several crucial steps you need to take before you even start to think about the brand.

Goodman’s Features

1. Compressors With Lifetime Warranty

One of its unique services is the offer for a lifetime warranty for its compressors. This is quite reassuring for potential clients of the Goodman heat pumps. A faulty compressor could spell doom for a heat pump, in addition to being quite costly to replace. The reason they offer the lifetime warranty is the revolutionary suction accumulator. The primary reason for compressor breakdown is the accumulation of refrigerant in the suction lines. Any refrigerant in liquid form is trapped in this suction accumulator, ensuring trouble-free compressor operation. Other unique features are a gas muffler at the discharge point and a compressor sound blanket. Consequently, one is assured that their heat pump will remain within the noise levels. Most manufacturers claim noise levels can go as low as’ but have no way of assuring clients that.

2. Copper Tube Coils

Today, more and more brands start to use aluminum coils to decrease the cost of manufacture. If your aluminum coils break down, you need to replace the whole coils instead of patching up the hole on the Copper tube. So the repair cost for aluminum coils will be 3-4 times as expensive. Goodman keeps on using the copper tube is good for customers.

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Goodman’s Limitation

No High-end Models

The highest efficient Goodman air conditioner is 18 SEER. In most cases, 16-18 SEER is enough for residential using and long-term saving. However, if you want an 18+ SEER or variable cooling air conditioner, we recommend you to check Trane, Carrier, Lennox or American Standard. The highest SEER for Trane and Carrier is 21, and in 2016 Lennox just launch their 26 SEER XC25 air conditioner.

Model’s Analysis and Recommendation

ModelSEERHSPFCompressorFeaturesCoastal Model
DSZC18189.5Two-stagecompressor Life-time warranty,ComfortNetYes
DSZC16169.5Two-Stagecompressor Life-time warranty, ComfortNetYes
SSZ16169.5Single-Stagecompressor Life-time warrantyNo

Note: “Coastal” models have additional anti-corrosion features to protect it from the ocean-related corrosion.

GSZ Series: The GS series was designed for the budget-minded consumer. The two models in the series provide efficiencies of 15 and 16 SEER respectively, and both units have an HSPF rating of 9. Every unit includes a single-stage Scroll compressor, liquid-line filter drier and suction-line accumulator.

DSZC Series: The DSZC series incorporates all the features in the GSZ series and adds a two-stage compressor and ComfortNet Communications System compatibility. Efficiencies range from 16-18 SEER, and 9.5 HSPF for both models.

Quick Take-Aways

As you can see on the above table, Goodman only have 6 model for heat pumps. DSZC16 is the best seller for Goodman and even got 4.95 stars from Goodman official website reviews. Compressor Lifetime warranty can save you half of possible repair troubles and as we talked before that’s the Goodman unique feature to beat other brands.The two-stage compressor can eliminate constant on/off to keep a stable temperature. Like Trane and Carrier, Goodman has their own Communications System which only appears in DSZC18 and DSZC16. DSZC16 is a good model worth your money.

What Contractor Say About Goodman?

Goodman has one of the most solid reputations in the HVAC market, yet many people don’t know much about them. Amana and Goodman are come from the same company and Goodman has a lower pricing for most models. Goodman is one of our favorite manufacturing companies and has the most hassle-free warranty of all major HVAC products.

-Tim From ASM Air

What Customers Say About Goodman?

Reliable Heating

Most customers were impressed at how good the Goodman was. Most clients, who had installed a Trane or a Carrier, claimed that there was a notable difference in the consistency of heat output. The customer feedback indicated that there was a slight inconsistency in the heat output with other brands. However, it was only noticeable after one had experienced a Goodman.

Impressive Warranty Terms

One of the most outstanding features of the Goodman heat pumps is the impressive warranty terms. After going through a number of customer feedbacks, most were quite impressed by the warranty terms. The company offers a lifetime warranty for its compressor. However, as time goes by, other manufacturers will definitely improve their warranty term.

Goodman Heat Pump Prices By Model

In order to offer an objective and equal comparison, we set the baseline below:

Each model includes: 3 ton outdoor condenser, 1300-1400 cfm air handler, programmable heat pump thermostat.

System Only
System Installed
Goodman DSZC18$2,130$6,050
Goodman DSZC16$1,840$5,470
Goodman GSZ16$1,770$5,390
Goodman GSZ14$1,490$5,225
Goodman  GSZ13$1,125$4,950

Goodman Heat Pump Prices By Size

Before installing your heat pump, a HVAC contractor needs to size your system by “Manual J” calculation. This will take into accounts factors like where you live, how much insulation you have, windows types and directions, and everything else. Then you will get a right sized heat pump unit ranging from 1.5-ton to 5-ton.

Each Unit includes: Goodman DSZC16 3-ton outdoor condenser, 1300-1400 cfm air handler, programmable heat pump thermostat.

Heat Pump Size
Home Size
System Only
System Installed
1.5 ton600-1000 sf$1,240
2 ton1001-1300 sf$1,450
2.5 ton1301-1600 sf$1,650
3 ton1601-1900 sf$1,850
3.5 ton1901-2200 sf$2,160$5,790
4 ton2201-2600 sf$2,550$6,070
5 ton2601-3200 sf$3,060$6,990

Reader Submitted Prices and Feedback

Brand & Model & Size
Home Location
Home Size
$5,000Goodman GSH13Needville, TX2305 sqft
Our system ran perfectly for the first two years after installation. However, it started giving us grief two years later. Since then, we have had the Freon refilled twice. Although it continues to run, the contractor is yet to identify the source of the leak.
$5,300Goodman GPH15MMiami, FL2200 sqft
The Goodman has been quite troublesome. This is primarily due to the inefficiency in getting rid of condensation. Since installation of the system two years ago, I have noticed mold growing in the house. This has been a huge turnoff for me. Am disappointed and I believe Goodman need to fix this problem with the humidity.
$6,200Goodman GPH13Vermillion, KS1900 sqft
Since I installed the system some time back, it has been running quite smoothly. However, it does get a bit noisy when defrosting. About two weeks ago, the entire unit shut down and I called the contractor. He informed me that the fan had to be replaced. However, they did not have it in stocks and it could take weeks for a new one to arrive.
$6,700Goodman SSZ14Clayton, NC2000 sqft
I bought the system about eleven months ago. During that time, it was operating perfectly without any problems. However, three months ago, I noticed the Freon was leaking, which I topped up myself. When the Freon started leaking again, I contacted the customer service and was told to send my warranty card. However, they lost it and claim there is nothing they can do to help me. I feel very disappointed although the system is still working.
$5,100Goodman SSZ16Virginia Beach, VA1800 sqft
Living near the sea, we go through heat pumps quite fast. While other heat pumps typically last only five or six years around here, our last Goodman unit lasted ten years. We have been using this heat pump for three years and we expect to continue using it for a while.
$4,900Goodman GSZ13Blountville, TN2200 sqft
I purchased my Trane XR15 in 2010. I was pulled to it by the low costs and higher efficiency. Since I installed the system, I have had to replace the evaporator coil twice The installation technician commented that the build quality of the Trane has really dropped. However, it still runs efficiently and I would definitely buy a Trane again if I had to.


How to Get the Best Goodman Heat Pump Prices

  • Firstly, keep in mind that installation quality is always the most important thing for heat pump project. So never sacrifice contractor quality for lower price.
  • Secondly, remember to look up the latest tax credit and rebates.
  • Thirdly, ask for at least 3 bids before you make the decision. You can click here to get 3 free estimates for your local contractor, and this estimate already takes rebates and tax credit into consideration and filter unqualified contractors automatically.

Lastly, once you chose the right contractor, remember to use the tactics from this guide: homeowners tactics when negotiating with HVAC dealer to get the final best price.

Feel free to ask any question by leaving a comment, we will answer any question with actionable tips.

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  • Have had Goodman for 8 yr.’s and it has been riddled with problems. I have had repairs yearly, some years more than once. I would never recommend this product.

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      Thanks for submitting your own review, could you tell us your specific model and contractor for installation?

  • Our furnace has been running all the time since we moved in a couple months ago. The inside furnace runs when the outside unit is quite. Is that normal for a heat pump to operate?

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      It is normal when the temp drops down, then the furnace will handle the heating jobs.

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