American Standard Heat Pump Prices, Reviews and Buying Guide 2018

american standard heat pump buying guide

Note: Before you dive into the specific brand review, we highly recommend you to read our elaborate Heat Pump Buying Guide in advance, there are several crucial steps you need to take before you even start to think about the brand.

When choosing a heat pump for heating purposes in your home, you need a reliable company to provide you with such. Having been in the HVAC industry for quite a long while, American Standard (shared same company with Trane) is a reliable source of heating as well as cooling units for your indoor comfort. With more than a hundred years in the heating and cooling industry, American standard has build comfort behind their name and remained relevant in the market. As a result, the company has been scooping awards year after year.

What’s the Difference? Trane VS American Standard

We frequently received the emails asking how to choose between very similar Trane and American models. The answer is that you can choose either one. Trane and AS are 99% identical for similar models. The only difference is that Trane offers some exclusive highest-end models(like XV20i) with very high SEER and cutting edge features. If you are the regular reader of our website, you already know that we never recommend highest-end models for any brand. So for the most models of Trane and AS, there is no big difference. However, if the both quotes come from the same contractor, you can choose the cheaper one. If the quotes are from different contractors, comparing the contractor’s reputation and qualification is more important than the price itself.

Exclusive Features

AccuComfort Technology

The American standard platinum series of heat pumps are equipped with an AccuComfort technology. The technology allows for more than one stage cooling and heating unit to over and over again regulate and operate at a more proficient speed for it to keep up with the desired comfort level.

Acculink Communicating System

The Acculink communication technology available on American Standard heat pumps offers an effortless to use and placate enhancing capabilities. This is due to the modish touch-screen display LCD. This communication system provides an additional advantage concerning ease of control and comfort as compared to non-programmable thermostats.

Exclusive Compressor

The interesting thing is nearly all other brands use Copland Scroll compressors and only American Standard(and Trane) insist on using their own self-designed compressors. According to contractor’s feedback, we found the Trane’s compressors can perform efficiently with a lower noise level. However, the bad thing is the higher replacement and repair fee. You can easily find any Copland compressor on your local market. You need to pay the extra exclusive fee for exclusive service.

Variable Speed Motor(only for high-end model)

With a variable speed motor on both the indoor and the outdoor unit, air is kept at a constant velocity. This effect maximizes energy savings and at the same time lowers the cool drafts.Additionally, the variable speed blower lowers the level of noise coming from the unit when it is running at maximum speed. We highly recommend choosing the model with this features($400-$800 more than single speed).

Model Analysis

ModelSEERCompressorVariable-Speed FanCommunicating
Platinum 2021VariableYesYes
Platinum 1818VariableYesYes
Gold 1717Two-StageNONO
Silver 1617Single-StageNONO
Silver 1516Single-StageNONO
Silver 1413Single-StageNONO

Best Selling Models Ratings

Silver XI Heat Pump

This series of heat pumps are among the cheapest models manufactured by American Standard. The heat pumps are available in tons of between 1.5 and 5 ton capacity. The prices differ depending on the number of ton. These series of heat pumps have a SEER rating of 14 and an HSPF of 9.2. The heat pumps are energy star rated and offer high efficiency and maximum comfort to the homeowner.

Platinum  16

This energy star rated model offers two-stage heating for maximum comfort at home. Like all other heat pumps models from American Standard, this series of heat pumps operate without noise and are a good choice to many homeowners. The units are available at affordable prices. The model is among the most durable heat pumps in the HVAC market. Equipped with a seer rating of 19 and a HSPF of 9.2, the heat pumps offer high efficiency and save a considerable amount in electric bills. The warranty on these series of heat pump is twelve years on compressor and ten years on other parts.

American Standard Quality From Feedback

According to 2014 Report, American Standard dominate both AC and heat pump Fewer Repairs Rankings.

heat pump less repair

American Standard Contractor Feedback

American Standard and Trane are 99% identical for shared models while you can enjoy a lower price compared with famous Trane. Although the units are a little pricey, the heat pumps offer high level of efficiency. The units are available in different marketing platforms and all a homeowner has to do is to order. Most complaints from homeowners about American Standard heat pumps are as a result of poor installation. Bad installation cause the un-balance of refrigerants which lead the constant breaks in 2-5 years. Consumers should allow a qualified HVAC technician to do the installation process I order to avoid future complications.  –Charles from Washington Comfort

American Standard Heat Pump Prices By Model

In order to offer an objective and equal comparison, we set the baseline below:

Each model includes: 3-ton outdoor condenser, 1300-1400 CFM air handler, programmable heat pump thermostat.

American Standard Models
System Only
System Installed
Platinum 20$4,540
Platinum 18$3,745
Gold 17$3,355
Silver 16$2,790
Silver 15$2,450$7,090
Silver 14$2,055$6,475

American Standard Heat Pump Prices By Size

Before installing your heat pump, a HVAC contractor needs to size your system by “Manual J” calculation. This will take into accounts factors like where you live, how much insulation you have, windows types and directions, and everything else. Then you will get a right sized heat pump unit ranging from 1.5-ton to 5-ton.

Each Unit includes: American Standard 16 SEER 3-ton outdoor condenser, Trane 1300-1400 cfm air handler, programmable thermostat.

Heat Pump Size
Home Size
System Only
System Installed
1.5 ton600-1000 sf$2,040
2 ton1001-1300 sf$2,250
2.5 ton1301-1600 sf$2,450
3 ton1601-1900 sf$2,750
3.5 ton1901-2200 sf$3,360$8,090
4 ton2201-2600 sf$3,450$8,470
5 ton2601-3200 sf$3,860$9,390

How to Get the Best American Standard Heat Pump Prices?

  • Firstly, keep in mind that installation quality is always the most important thing for heat pump project. So never sacrifice contractor quality for lower price.
  • Secondly, remember to look up the latest tax credit and rebates.
  • Thirdly, ask for at least 3 bids before you make the decision. You can click here to get 3 free estimates for your local contractor, and this estimate already take rebates and tax credit into consideration and filter unqualified contractors automatically.

At last, once you chose the right contractor, remember to use the tactics from this guide: homeowners tactics when negotiating with HVAC dealer to get the final best price.

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