Gas Pack (Packaged System) Prices and Buying Guide

How much does a gas pack cost? What exactly is a gas pack? What are gas pack pros and cons?

These questions and more are answered in this gas pack price guide. It will assist you in researching gas/electric package units to decide which is best for your residential or business application. Read on to research:

You find detail here that others don’t offer. We’re HVAC pros with years of experience in the market, so we have comprehensive knowledge and experience to share.

Gas Packs vs Heat Pumps

The term gas pack is short for gas/electric packaged unit. The name indicates that it heats with gas and air cools with electricity – that is, electricity that runs a central air conditioner. The key is that there are two separate components for the two functions, heating and cooling.

A heat pump has no furnace. Instead, a single condensing unit provides heating in winter and air conditioning in summer. This is accomplished with a reversal valve that changes the direction and performance of the refrigerant. In AC mode, the refrigerant collects heat indoors and disperses it outdoors. It does the opposite in heat mode. The main disadvantage of a heat pump vs. a gas pack is that heat pumps become ineffective in drawing heat from the air when temperatures are below freezing. Therefore, a standard gas pack or a dual fuel gas pack with a heat pump and a furnace, like the Trane model below,  is a better choice in very cold climates.

Gas Pack Pros and Cons

Let’s start by acknowledging that gas packs are not the best choice where a standard gas furnace and AC split system can be installed. Most gas packs are installed where standard split systems aren’t an option because the home or building doesn’t have a basement or when roof mounting is necessary. That’s a given. Now, here are gas/electric package unit pros and cons.

Gas pack pros:

  • Installation is less complex and costly than installation of a split system
  • Because of the design of the gas pack cabinet, repairs are easier, take less time and therefore cost less
  • Gas packs are quieter indoors since the entire system is located outdoors
  • Gas packs cost less than packaged heat pumps and the components used in a split gas/AC system
  • Dual fuel gas packs like the Carrier Performance 15 48VR feature a furnace and a heat pump are available for very cold climates

Gas pack cons:

  • Most gas pack furnaces are only 81% efficient while the most efficient split system furnaces offer 98%-plus efficiency
  • Most gas/electric unit air conditioners are less efficient (up to 20 SEER, but mostly 13-16 SEER) than split system ACs that range from 19-26 SEER
  • Because the entire system is located outdoors, package units are susceptible to weather damage

Top 5 Gas Packs of 2017

What are the best gas packs this year? These five models lead the industry for a combination of energy efficiency and quality. Expect 15+ years of reliable service with these gas/electric package units when they are maintained on a regular basis.

1. Daikin DP16GM gas pack

Daikin is the Japanese HVAC leader that bought Goodman and Amana HVAC several years ago. This well-built gas pack offers 16 SEER cooling and an 81% efficient furnace with two-stage heating and cooling with a variable-speed ECM motor.

2. Maytag PPG2GI iQ Drive M1200 & Westinghouse R6GI iQ Drive gas packs

These Maytag and Westinghouse models are identical gas packs made by Nortek Global brands. The 20 SEER efficiency is the best in the industry with an Energy Star rating that might be eligible for incentives from your utility company. The variable-capacity AC compressor delivers outstanding temperature balance and dehumidification for premium indoor comfort.

3. Carrier Performance 16 gas pack

Model 48VG-B Carrier Performance gas pack offers 16 SEER, two-stage cooling with two-stage heating too. It’s not quite as good with climate control as the Maytag/Westinghouse model, but it is close.

4. Armstrong Air PRPGE16 gas pack

This unit is made by Air Ease too, as both brands are manufactured by Allied Air, a subsidiary of Lennox. This unit has 16 SEER cooling to go with 81% efficient heating, both in two stages for increased climate control.

5. Trane XL16c Earthwise gas pack

This is a dual fuel gas pack which means it features a gas furnace for extreme cold and a heat pump instead of an AC for normal heating and the air conditioning too. That makes it an ideal choice for climates where freezing temperatures are common. The 16 SEER cooling efficiency will keep air conditioning costs under control.

Gas Pack Prices by Brands

Today’s gas pack brands can be categorized as:

  • Standard: Lower cost and 12-18 years of durability
  • Premium: Higher cost and 15-22 years of durability

Below, we’ve listed the gas pack brands available, their niche and gas pack prices for each brand. The wide range of prices reflects that each brand makes gas pack models of differing efficiency, performance and size.

Gas Pack Prices List by Brands (Without Installation)

Armstrong/Ducane/Air EaseStandard
Day and NightStandard$2,375-4,750
Trane/American StandardPremium$3,200-$5,950

Note on Heil: Day & Night, Comfortmaker, Keep Rite, Tempstar and Arcoaire are sister brands of Heil that make the same or a similar lineup of gas packaged units.

Note on Maytag: Westinghouse, NuTone, Tappan, Broan and Frigidaire are sister brands of Maytag that make the same or a similar lineup of gas packs.

Installation Costs and Extras

How much does it cost to install a gas pack? Here is an itemized list of costs and ranges.

Basic gas pack installation: Costs here cover removing an existing gas pack and installing the new unit with the same sheet metal connection to the home or building ductwork. Installation on a roof (highest cost) costs more than installation in a crawl space (moderate cost) or on the ground (lowest cost).

$1,850-$3,000 | Installation of a single-stage gas pack

$2,100-$3,175 | Installation of a two-stage or variable-capacity gas pack

Sheet metal connections: If the new gas pack has a different capacity or sometimes even if it’s a different brand, a new sheet metal connection from the unit to the ductwork will have to be manufactured and installed.

$125-$200 | Fabrication and installation of a sheet metal connection

Ductwork: When a gas pack is installed in new construction, ductwork must be run from the unit to the home or building and throughout the structure.

$8-$13.50 | Ductwork and grates per linear foot

Ductwork repair: Existing ductwork often has leaks and gaps that needs to be repaired with mastic and/or insulated wrap.

$2-$4 | Cost of ductwork repair per linear foot

Permit and Inspection: Contact your local building department to see whether you need a permit for your gas pack installation. If you do, one or two inspections will take place. Some utility companies offer them free, but you’ll probably have to pay for yours.

$0-$150 | Gas pack installation permit and inspection

Thermostat: If this is a new HVAC system, you’ll need a thermostat to run it. If it’s a replacement system, you might want to upgrade your thermostat, also called a control, to improve your system’s performance and to minimize heating and air conditioning costs with the use of a programmable control. A Wi-Fi model, either from the manufacturer of your gas pack or from a quality company like Nest or ecobee, adds convenience for controlling your HVAC system. Learn more about replacing and choosing a control in our Thermostat Buying Guide.

$12-$100 | Non-programmable thermostat

$15-$124 | Basic programmable thermostat

$135-$500 | Wi-Fi programmable thermostat

Factors Affecting Gas Pack Cost

How large the unit is, its quality and how efficient it heats and cools are obvious cost factors, as we’ve shown above. There are a few others to be aware of that you might not have considered.

Where the gas pack is installed: Installation on a roof (highest cost) costs more than installation in a crawl space (moderate cost) or on the ground (lowest cost).

What time of year it is installed: In climates where winter installation isn’t possible or recommended, then late winter/early spring and late summer are the times when HVAC installers are less busy and more willing to offer competitive pricing. In milder climates, late winter is a very good time to get competitive pricing.

How many estimates you receive: There’s plenty of data to show that getting several estimates for the gas pack and installation is the best way to find competitive prices. Let the companies know they’re competing for the work, and they’ll give you the best prices they can, especially if it’s not a busy time of year for them. Just keep in mind that low-cost installation isn’t the most important goal – it’s finding a qualified installer with good experience. That comes with getting several estimates too. Feel free to use our Free Local Quote offer to get no-cost, no-obligation estimates from several of the best pre-screened installers in your area.

Choosing Size and Efficiency

What size gas pack do you need? The important factors are your home, including its size, and your climate. In short, the larger your home is and the harsher your climate, the larger required gas pack will be.

In terms of efficiency, you don’t have any choice for heating, since gas pack furnaces are all 80% or 81% efficient, unlike split system gas furnaces that range from 80% to 98% efficient. Your SEER range is limited to. Most models are in the range from 13 SEER to 16 SEER, with the Maytag model mentioned above the only unit higher with 20 SEER. The warmer and longer your summers are, the higher the SEER rating should be on the unit you choose.

While that’s a brief overview of determining gas pack size and efficiency. However, there is much more involved, and getting the capacity right should be left to an HVAC professional with expertise in doing load calculations. We’ve covered this topic in detail in two other posts:

Gas Furnace Buying Guide

…and our

Central Air Conditioner Buying Guide

Submitted Gas Pack Prices

Brand & Model & Size
Home Location
Home Size
$9,900Daikin DP16GMLos Angeles2800 sqft
After a long search for the perfect gas pack, I settled for the DP16GM Daikin gas pack. For me, it is the best choice to install a standard furnace gas and the system AC split as I found the installation less costly and very easy as well. It has a really brilliant design that allowed me to make fast and easy repairs when needed. Before making the purchase, I was somewhat worried that it would not be efficient.

On the contrary, I found it more than 90 % efficient and resistant to weather damage. Even though I stored it outside, the package units remained in great condition provided I conducted some maintenance routines as required. I now have an amazing gas unit and during cold climate, my home is heated efficiently. I confidently recommend this product to anyone who wants great heating and also cooling benefits as well.

$7,500Maytag M1200College Station, TX2800 sqft
My husband and I felt like a load had been lifted off our chests after purchasing the Maytag PPG2 DriveI IQ M1200 gas pack. The model according to us is the perfect in the market. It delivers a well-maintained temperature balance both indoors and the home’s surrounding. We feel really relieved as our guests feel comfortable visiting our home since it is not too chilly or too hot.

Many people have asked me how I landed a really amazing gas pack installed. It is quiet and very cheap. We can happily say that we have benefited from this installation and families looking for the favorite gas pack should definitely have this model installed and enjoy the benefits in the comfort of your own home.

$12,200Trane XL16cFlagler City, FL3200 sqft
My home is situated in a very hot place and I often search for a product that will provide the best cooling effect considering my large family. I settled for the Trane XL16c wise gas pack. The lack of an AC did not convince me that much as I prefer gas packs with an AC. The unit has both its pros and cons and I was not inclined to really love it or dislike it at all.

Installing it was quite easy and affordable but I found its maintenance quite costly as the weather conditions seemed harsh for the unit. I am not sure whether I can confidently recommend it but maybe with time, I will see more benefits. On the other hand, I cannot say that this is not beneficial as it has helped me cool my house and it did not cost a whole load of money.

$7,100Carrier PerformancePhoenix, AZ2300 sqft
I had the 48VG-B Performance Carrier gas pack installed over eight months ago. I am extremely impressed with the benefits and I am sure I won’t be changing my mind anytime soon. It has two-stage cooling and two-stage heating too. Being well versed when it comes to installation of cooling and heating systems, I know I have the knowledge required in this field and I’m not mistaken when I make my final judgment.

I can proudly say the gas pack installation is highly beneficial and maintenance is easy and quite affordable to many. The model according to me is the most reliable in the industry and I recommend it to anyone looking forward to a great purchase as well as the installation regarding cooling and heating unit.

$6,150Armstrong PRPGE16Chicago, IL2200 sqft
After spending a ton of money having the Armstrong Air PRPGE16 installed, I expected to enjoy several benefits but this was not the case. Unfortunately, I felt a little disappointed as I had to repair it quite a number of times. The gas pack does provide cooling and heating when necessary, but even though it is stored outside, I still found it noisy.

I have had to call maintenance experts to check on the unit as it was not as fully efficient as advertised. It turns out the installation was not perfectly done but once this is fixed, I look forward to enjoying the full benefits I desire. I would only recommend this product if you have done extensive research and have highly qualified experts to install it properly.

$7,250Trane XL15cLos Angeles, CA1600 sqft
Great packaged system and save a lot of space for our new house. Running for 2 years and works great.
$11,600Trane XL14c 5 tonHouston, TX3500 sqft
Replaced my old Lennox packaged system with a Trane. Not that efficient but pretty quiet when outdoor unit working.

How to Get the Best Gas Pack Prices?

  • Firstly, keep in mind that installation quality is always the most important thing for residential HVAC project. So never sacrifice contractor quality for lower price.
  • Secondly, remember to look up the latest tax credit and rebates as we talked above.
  • Thirdly, ask for at least 3 bids before you make the decision. You can click here to get 3 free estimates for you local contractor, and this estimate already takes rebates and tax credit into consideration and filter unqualified contractors automatically.

At last, once you chose the right contractor, remember to use the tactics from this guide: Homeowners Tactics When Negotiating with HVAC Dealer to get the final best price.

Thanks for researching gas packs using our Gas Pack Buyers Guide! If the information has been useful, please pass it along to your friends and followers!

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