Carrier Gas Furnace Buying Guide – Prices, Reviews and Tax Credits

Note: Before you dive into the specific brand review, we highly recommend you to read our elaborate Gas Furnace Buying Guide in advance, there are several crucial steps you need to take before you even start to think about the brand.

Carrier gas furnace is one of PICKHVAC recommendations which is ranked up there with the Trane, Coleman, and Amana. They are twice expensive when compared to other brands like Goodman, Heil and Rheem. Carrier furnace is famous for being reliable and durable. It is a good option if you plan to live in the same house for the next ten years or more. They have one of the best warranties in the market. The Carrier Infinity Series come up with warranties on parts and a lifetime warranty on the body exchanger. Now let’s check some key features of the Carrier gas furnace.



Communication Features to Hook up a Smart Phone (Infinity Series)

This is designed for diagnostic tuning and troubleshooting while the basic models do not have this function. We believe this is bells and whistles for the gas furnace, not very practical for homeowners.

Note: Carrier communicating thermostat is proprietary which means if something goes wrong you can’t buy it in local hardware store. If there is no stock of your corresponding parts, you have to wait 1-3 weeks for the part to be shipped from parts center.

ECM Blowers (Infinity Series and Partial Performance Series)

High-end models have variable speed blowers and more sophisticated controls. This is very practical and can increase the efficiency and comfort at the same time. By the way, you can easily find ECM Blowers in the repair market.

Carrier’s Ideal Humidity system

Most of the Carrier gas furnace brands have the Ideal Humidity system. The system adjusts the humidity in the house along with the temperature depending on the season. This system comes into play during the hot seasons aiding the air conditioner to keep the house cool.

Comfort Heat Technology (unique)

The Comfort heat technology is an intelligently fixed feature with heating cycles. The heating cycles help reduce temperature swings in the house. They help improve the efficiency of the gas furnace and make the house more comfortable.

Model Analysis

SeriesModelAFUEBlower SpeedStage
INFINITY 9859MN798.5VariableModulating
INFINITY 9659TN696.7Variable2
INFINITY 8058CVA80Variable2
PERFORMANCE 9659TP696.7Variable2
PERFORMANCE 8058CTW80Variable1
COMFORT 9559SC58011
COMFORT 9259SC28011

INFINITY series is the high end of all the product line with all the bells and whistles. We always advise homeowners not forget to buy extended labor warranty for highest-end models. In most cases, the labor fee for cutting edge model will be more than you can imagine.

What is the most cost-effective Model For Carrier Furnace?

When you’re looking for the most cost-effective heating, the strategy is to find the balance between furnace cost and energy costs. Let’s use the zone map again to identify efficiency levels for each that strike that balance:
  • Zones 1 & 2 (hot): 80%   Model:Comfort 80, PERFORMANCE 80
  • Zone 3 (warm): 80%    Model:Infinity 80, PERFORMANCE 80
  • Zone 4 (moderate): 90%    Model:PERFORMANCE 90
  • Zone 5 (cool): 90%-93%    Model:PERFORMANCE 90, Comfort 92
  • Zone 6 (cold): 92%-95%    Model:Comfort 92, Comfort 95
  • Zone 7 (very cold): 95% and up   Model:INFINITY 96, INFINITY 98

Important Note:
The high efficiency of the carrier units was as a result of a lawsuit that has now been settled. They had used inferior materials to manufacture critical parts like the condensing heat that could not last the expected lifespan of 20 years. All carrier furnaces manufactured after 2008 were not part of this lawsuit.

Contractor Reviews Quote

The carrier gas furnaces rank with the very best and offer a range of efficiencies and capacities. The carrier just like other brands will only service units they have installed. They also sell service parts to technicians who work for them. This simply means you will pay more for future repairs and servicing. Regular repair guys will charge you less the repair guys from the company.

Carrier Gas Furnace Prices By Model

We need to set an equal baseline before we can list the prices for each Carrier model. In this list, each furnace includes the same parameters: 70,000-75,000 btu with 1000 cfm blower which is proper for a mid-sized home of around 2,000 square feet, 10 year warranty exclude labor fee.
The Unit Only price is the online wholesale price without shipping fee. The Unit Installation Cost include gas furnace unit, all the material for the house and labor fee.

Unit Only
Unit Installed Cost
Infinity 98 GREENSPEED 59MN7 $1,850
Infinity 96 59TN6 $1,700
Infinity 80 58CVA $1,500
Performance 96 59TP6 $1,650 $4,100
Performance Boost 90 59SP5 $1,800 $3,450
Performance 90 59SP2 $1,200 $2,650
Performance 80 58CTW $920 $1,950
Performance Boost 80 58PHB $1,450 $2,450

Carrier Gas Furnace Submitted Prices

Brand & Model & Size
Home Location
Home Size
$2,869 Carrier infinity ICS Seattle 3050 sqft
I purchased the Infinity ICS. It, unfortunately, hasn’t been as efficient and didn’t come any close to my expectations. Its warranty being not comprehensive at all has made me incur a lot of costs from the constant repairs of some parts. It also stops working during winter. Not efficient at all yet expensive.
AU$3,999 Infinity 80 CV A070-12 Melbourne 2300 sqft
I tend to believe every issue experienced by carrier users arise due to poor installation. The installing technician should have a good understanding of the machines parts and their functionality. This will minimize future malfunctions that may arise. Otherwise, my Carrier Infinity 80 has never had any issues for the time I have used it. I will definitely go for another carrier furnace if need be not forgetting the same competent installer.
$2,850 Carrier Performance 95 Chicago 1900 sqft
I have been using this carrier performance furnace for almost ten years now. It has a high efficiency. Since then I have never faced any negative issue arising from its functionality. It also has reduced our rate of consuming gas and electricity which altogether have surpassed its purchasing cost. Best choice ever made.
$1,690 Performance Boost 80 Sacramento 3200 sqft
Our old furnace, which we had initially purchased, started having frequent failures. We had to find a quick alternative since winter was nearing. I chose to go for the career performance boost 80 58CTA. So far it has been quite efficient. It serves the entire house despite being quite big because different parts of the equipment which cover different rooms separately. I do not regret the amount of money spent on the furnace which I was reluctant to do at first. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a furnace.
$2,900  Comfort 93 HVCU-042 Unknown 2900 sqft
My wife and I arrived at a decision to purchase the carrier comfort 92 being the best among other brands from which we were choosing from. We have been following all the instruction s as stated in the manual and advice by the technician. We have the filters changed as frequently as possible. Despite changing the motors the machine collapsed. I contacted their customer who however didn’t seem concerned because the warranty period was expired. I would advise against purchase of this equipment as its service was short-lived.
$2,189 58DLA045-08 Philadelphia N/A
When I needed to replace my furnace I was really out of budget. It was really evident I needed to research about the best equipment. I decided to go for carrier comfort 80. I never regret this decision. The heating bills aren’t as high as I expected them to be which in turn increased my savings. I am yet to do any repairs on this model, and I don’t expect to do any repairs soon. If I am to buy again, I will, of course, buy Goodman again although the prices are a bit high

How to Get the Best Carrier Gas Furnace Prices?

  • Firstly, keep in mind that installation quality is always the most important thing for gas furnace project. So never sacrifice contractor quality for lower price.
  • Secondly, remember to look up the latest tax credit and rebates.
  • Thirdly, ask for at least 3 bids before you make the decision. You can click here to get 3 free estimates for you local contractor, and this estimate already takes rebates and tax credit into consideration and filter unqualified contractors automatically.

At last, once you chose the right contractor, remember to use the tactics from this guide: homeowners tactics when negotiating with HVAC dealer to get the final best price.

Feel free to ask any question by leaving a comment, we will answer any question with actionable tips.

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