Central AC Size(Btu), SEER, Cost 3-in-1 Calculator

1)In what state is your home or project located?

2)Your Home Size (sf)?




Note For Recommended Size: 
This is an estimated size according to your location’s climate and home size.

The real size is the result of factors related to your home’s construction. In short, homes with more insulation, energy-efficient windows and doors and light-colored roofing need fewer Btu’s of cooling. For more info, you can read: How to Choose Right Ton (Size) for Your Home

Note For Recommended SEER:
This is an estimated SEER which is proper for your location’s climate and home size. The real and proper SEER will change according to the following factors:

Moist air is harder to cool, so if high humidity is common in your area, then getting a more efficient (higher SEER) AC Units will reduce energy costs and make your home more comfortable.The longer you intend to live in your current home, the more cost-effective a very efficient central air conditioner will be because its higher cost will be recouped when spread over more years.For more info, you can read: What Efficiency (SEER) is Right for You?

Note For Estimate Cost:

This is an estimated average price based on above size and SEER. Price will change according to your location, house’s insulation and contractor quality. If you want to get an accurate local price, you can use our free estimate tool.

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