A Quick Guide Of How To Use PICKHVAC

Most homeowners prefer to dive into brands reviews directly before they research any appliance. It’s totally another story for HVAC system.

First, you need to know which HVAC unit is proper for your own situation. Here is a quick guide that helps you check out if the current choice in your mind is right: Which HVAC unit is Best For Me?

Once you know your target, let’s move on and read one of our detailed buying guides below:

If you are interested or want to be more professional in terms like  “Communicating VS Non-Communicating”, “Two-Stage VS Singal Stage”, Just move to HVAC FAQ Parts. If you don’t have time, you can skip this part and move on.

Now is it time to compare different brands? Definitely No. Here is a quote by a reputable California contractor.

Most units found in the HVAC market have 90% similar internal components. A good example is Ruud, which is made by Rheem. There are some others which even share one assembly line, like Trane and American Standard. The brand name therefore does not necessarily matter as long as the unit is reliable and performs as expected. The major cause of failure of many units is poor installation. A homeowner thus must make sure that the unit installation is done by a qualified HVAC contractor. So I personally suggest homeowners take more time on contractor research.


As he said, we suggest homeowners spend 25% research time on what you need(you already know if you finish the above steps), 50% time on local contractors and 25% time on brands comparing. Here is the most important guide you need to read carefully: 7 Hacks of Choosing HVAC Contractor

The next part is choosing a brand. There are more than 50 HVAC brands in the market and we just narrow them down to top 10 brands. Take your time and compare features of each brand to choose your desired HVAC system.

Heat Pump Brand ReviewsTrane   Lennox   Carrier  Ruud  Goodman   Amana   Rheem   York    Bryant   Coleman   Armstrong   Heil   Maytag   American Standard

Gas Furnace Brand ReviewsLennox   Trane   Amana   Carrier   Heil   Ruud   Coleman   Rheem   Armstrong   Goodman

Central Air Conditioner Brand ReviewsTrane   Lennox   Carrier   Ruud   Goodman   Amana   Rheem   York    Bryant   Armstrong   Heil

How to Save Money on the Right HVAC unit and Proper Installation

These tips will ensure safe installation, quality performance of the HVAC unit and a competitive price for you:

  • Ask friends and family members for recommendations
  • Put together a list of 3-4 companies that you hear good things about
  • Call each one or check their website to learn about their experience and reputation
  • Check Google Plus and Yelp reviews to learn more
  • Get written estimates from several local contractors. Check their references, license and insurance.
  • Choose the contractor that offers the best balance of experience and fair price.

This process takes weeks to a month. If you don’t have that much time or don’t want the hassle, you can use a reliable service that will provide you with written estimates in just a few days. The contractors that pay to be part of the service are pre-screened for experience, licensing and insurance. They know they’re competing for the work, so they deliver competitive quotes. There is no cost to you for using the referral service, and you are not obligated to use any of the companies for your new furnace.

Now it’s time to graduate and thanks for your reading. If you are satisfied with our guide, share it with more people. If you have  signed a contract with you local contractor, we will be more than happy if you could take some time to click here and submit your installation price. Your generosity and valuable information will definitely help more readers. Again, always remember the installation is the most important part in all HVAC project.

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